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Published: Jul 16, 2012, 3:00pm

Our family has a passion for movies. We don't get to do it often because we have a toddler, but when we get the chance, we love going to the movie theater to watch a good one.

Which one to choose? The Movie Tavern is on 1960 headed West in a strip center behind Olive Garden. It has easy access that we really like. Easy to park and not far to walk and usually no lines to wait in. Deerbrook AMC is inside Deerbrook Mall in the food court. We know if we go there, most of the time we will have to drive for a while to find a parking spot and have to walk a pretty good ways to even get to the entrance of the mall. Once in the mall we travel up the escalator and walk through the food court battling through the crowds of people. The Movie Tavern is just so much more convenient!

Like to snack at the movies? Well who doesn't right? I know we do. Deerbrook AMC offers goodies such as popcorn, candy, nachos, hot dogs, pickles, slushies and sodas. We all know how pricy those items are but we still buy them of course because what is a movie without snacks? The Movie Tavern scores points here as well. They offer a full menu filled with hamburgers, loaded nachos, chicken strips, fried pickles, milk shakes, mixed drinks, beer and the list goes on and on. We end up spending the same amount at either place, the difference is you get better food and more variety at The Movie Tavern. However at AMC the location is right on the food court so eating there before your movie can be quite fun to do!

I can't forget to mention the price of admission. The Movie Tavern is cheaper on their ticket prices but at the same time their movie selection is less than the selection at Deerbrook AMC. They don't have as many screens as AMC so they just can't offer the same variety of movie showings. There have been many times we would have liked to have gone to The Movie Tavern but the movie we wanted to see wasn't showing so we drove on over to AMC. At Deerbrook AMC they have all the new movies out to see and many different movie showtimes to fit your schedule. Both theatres offer 2D or 3D when applicable.

To conclude, both theaters have their strong points and low points but our favorite is The Movie Tavern. Of course we still love Deerbrook AMC but they should really lower their ticket prices and maybe expand their menu!

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