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Published: Apr 13, 2012, 12:01am

Still trying to figure out ways to make some extra money? Spring Cleaning is a great way to organize your home and put extra cash in your wallet when you're in a tight budget. Now is the time to open the windows and let the fresh cool air in while digging through the closets, pantries, and drawers getting rid of built up clutter.

Sometimes organizing is hard to throw junk away, especially when it is still good junk! The saying, "one man's junk is another man's treasure" will help clear space of your unwanted items. Start off by making three piles: Sell, Donate, Trash. An easy way of knowing if the item needs to be tossed is to ask yourself: When will be the next time I use it? If you cannot come up with a few times in the next several months this might be a good indication to place your item in the sell or donate pile. Remember to also find out when heavy trash pick-up is so you know when to put your trash at the curb.

Try dusting the item off and take a picture to post on Kingwood Classifieds and see if your neighbors may be searching for the treasure you have come across. This is free and easy to a quick way of making cash to thicken your wallet. Bulk is a fast way to earn quick cash especially when the buyer sees this as a deal with your gently used items such as clothes and toys. Now is a great time to make some extra money back.

You can check the Kingwood Villages and Homeowners Association page and see when you're Annual Yard Sale is approaching or call your Home Owners Association to see what your community allows. Check out your deed restrictions and the rules about a yard sale in your neighborhood.

In a big hurry of getting extra cash faster? Call the local pawn shops to see if they want your item such as any tools in the garage you no longer use. Websites such as EBay and Craigslist for listing your goodies, just remember to be careful when meeting. Make sure it's a public place with many people around because safety comes first.

Now roll up your sleeves and look forward to earning some extra cash while Spring Cleaning. You never know how much this can help your budget unless you put in an extra effort to make some extra cash.

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