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Published: Feb 17, 2012, 5:00pm

Kingwood Apartment Dwellers, and do they contribute? Contributor Sande Clark weighs in:

Kingwood home owners can rest easy when it comes to Kingwood Apartment complexes situated in Kingwood.

Most of the Apartment Dwellers here are seniors and families that for many reasons find it suitable to rent instead of purchase. These apartment dwellers want the same things as homeowners such as peace, quiet, safety and a beautiful environment to live in. We also want a clean and safe environment to walk, jog and bike, and do their best to take care of our area, however we do not have authority over management of the property, its outside appearance or its grounds.

Many Apartment residents maintain a higher level of neighborly customs due to the close proximity and variety of neighbors in the apartment community. Apartment Dwellers have jobs and contribute to the economy of Kingwood, and many want to own homes here eventually. The seniors may not want to own a home but surely enjoy the safe atmosphere that is offered here.

There are a number of really great citizens living in local apartment complexes, however, just like a neighborhood, a tenant will move in that is not neighborly, and disrupts the otherwise peaceful apartment status with loud parties, trash build up, and unsightly junk on their patio. Usually when this occurs management will get a number of complaints and the tenants may be asked to leave. These complaints can come from fellow tenants but also can come from any other person in the neighborhoods that surround an apartment complex. Neighborhoods that surround a complex can contact the apartment manager and voice concerns and complaints about certain tenants, increased trash or unsightly apartment appearance, as well as any other issues that affect the community. Tenants may complain about lease related issues, safety issues and repairs to the inside of their apartment. Apartment complexes are usually not proactive but re-active and profit driven. Their goal is profit but they will react to a complaint and try to solve it in the most cost effective manner. However, many will not address a condition unless there is a complaint or a number of complaints about the problem. It is important that all apartment complexes in Kingwood try to keep well maintained and attractive in order to add to our environment, instead of being a negative influence.

As a tenant, I want to be a part of this community and I am willing to do my part. I do so by paying my rent on time and contributing to the community through my spending, paying taxes, voting and picking up after myself and others. If you see an apartment complex that is not in good repair, unsightly and affects the overall community, please contact that apartment complex management and voice your concerns. The tenants will appreciate your support and Kingwood will be a better place for it.

Article by: Sande Clark
A Kingwood faithful resident who is a retired government employee. A mom and grand mom as well as devoted animal lover. I would like to leave the world a little better than what I found it in some small way.
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