Humble, Atascacita and Kingwood communities, we are looking for the “BIGGEST LOSERS.” - Kingwood

By: Andrea Shanahan

Published: Jan 16, 2012, 3:00pm

The participants shown all lost their weight with the help of their local Weight Loss Competitions. In total, they were able to lose 916 pounds!

Local Nutrition and Weight Loss Coaches are teaching folks how to lose weight and help prevent childhood obesity at the same time.

Wellness4You is looking for the local “Biggest Losers.”  They’re offering the community a weight loss challenge with a portion of the proceeds going to help fight childhood obesity.  We not only work through community events but also with corporations to improve employee health to bring down the rising cost of Health Insurance.

Personal Wellness Coach, Andrea Villegas who has been successfully helping and coaching people for 10 years, is running a 12-week educational program designed to help people learn how to lose weight thru good nutrition and keep it off.

The series is currently filling several time slots open each week.  Their most recent challenge is starting Wednesday, January  18th at 1pm and Thursday January 19th at 5:30 pm. Anyone can join at any time.  New Challenges are being scheduled from now throughout the rest of the year.  Villegas said, “Weight loss is a journey and so what’s great about the program is that people can choose to stay on track by joining back-to-back challenges until they have taken off all the weight they want to lose.  That way the coaching and accountability is always there for them and they learn how to make life-changing choices along their journey.”

The cost is $39 per person, of which $4 goes to administrative costs and $10 goes to the Fit Kids Foundation for prevention of childhood obesity, an organization dedicated to end the rise in childhood obesity rates by supporting community-based programs promoting healthy eating and physical activity in schools and communities throughout the country.  The rest of the money will be put in a pot to be awarded to the three “Biggest Weight Losers”.

“What inspired us to help people in the community is we know that obesity is very big in the U.S.”, Villegas said.  Participants come to the Challenge to lose anywhere from 10 lbs to 100 + lbs and are finding that the one-on-one coaching and accountability, along with the 30 minute nutrition class, is critical to their success.  One challenger said, “It’s so easy, all we have to do is go right Online to access each week’s materials and if anyone doesn’t have a computer, their coach makes sure they receive the material.”  The challenge is also a great way to meet other like-minded people in the community who have a huge desire to live a healthy life-style and pass that on to their kids from generation to generation.

Anyone interested in joining may call Andrea at 281-552-8126 or register at   More information is also available at and the Fit Kids Foundation at


What is the Weight Loss Challenge?

  • A 12-week program that EDUCATES  participants about proper nutrition and eating habits that will result in you Losing Weight, keeping it off and being super fit.
  • A Personal Weight Loss Coach to guide them and make sure they achieve your goals
  • Just 45-60 minutes once a week

Simple Mechanics of WLC

  • Classes are free, however there is a one-time contribution of $39.00 -- $10.00 of which we donate to “Fit Kids” (, a non-profit foundation to prevent childhood obesity
  • The rest of the money goes into a pool from which CASH and PRIZES are awarded to Winners
  • Whether you need to lose 10 lbs or 100 lbs you have an EQUAL chance to win!

Losers are Winners!

  • Everyone likes a little friendly competition
  • Competition – Creates committed people – Provides a supportive group  – Creates a fun environment where everyone is motivated… thus ensures SOLID results!

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