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Re: MAGA hats the new racism
posted: 1 hr, 24 mins ago by nycoil
"I think it is absolutely hilarious a campaign slogan has the left in such an uproar. make america great again......one of the most often phrase used to combat it: it has always been great what about hope - did we not have hope before obama? what about change? wait? I thought we have always been great.... campaign slogans are not the gospel of Jesus Christ, Buddha, or any other deity, folks..."
Re: No power in Sherwood trails and beyond .....listen for the b
posted: 1 hr, 24 mins ago by billcherie2
"Power back 6am in Sherwood Trails. Heard a tree fell on line somewhere...."
If any of you hookers are interested...
posted: 1 hr, 24 mins ago by Brat
"If any of you hookers are interested... Babe, my sister and I will be at Brewingz later on to watch the Saints and Rams game. Would like to see some of y'all!!..."
Re: What's your heater set at?
posted: 1 hr, 25 mins ago by ProblemAgain
Re: What's your heater set at?
posted: 1 hr, 27 mins ago by Tumu_
"We're not home.... I think it's off..."
Re: MAGA hats the new racism
posted: 1 hr, 28 mins ago by Fallon
"@bittone, when the press in our country continues to present lies as facts, the divide isn't going away any time soon. When the people that believe the US is a sovereign nation, and a wall is a necessity are portrayed as racists, by the media, there will not be an end to the divide. When politicians, actors, media, the press, and all liberals tell people that voted for Trump they are racist, the divide is no where near ending. When liberals can't accept their flawed candidate lost, there can be no end..."
Re: America's Most Beautiful Natural Attractions
posted: 1 hr, 28 mins ago by ExCTGuyInTX
"@ProblemAgain : And I thought this was going to be a link to the Victoria Secret's Runway Show...."
Re: Who is your favorite boxer?
posted: 1 hr, 30 mins ago by Tumu_
"Who is your favorite boxer? My oldest son is in MMA now. We were talking and I told him that Muhammad Ali was my favorite boxer growing up. His jabs and speed were amazing. Who is your favorite boxer? @Momof2 boyz : I'm from the Mike Tyson era so growing up it was always Mike Tyson..... then as I got a little older I started to realized he lacked a lot of true boxing skills Fights are a pretty big thing at our house...... I liked Marquez and Barrera, now it's probably Canelo, I like..."
Re: Bow Fishing
posted: 1 hr, 30 mins ago by ExCTGuyInTX
"@FoFa : This indeed is much better than what I had come up with. I thought it was going to be a thread about fishing from the bow of the boat with a bow. I'll take a bow with a bow for thinking that...."
Re: MAGA hats the new racism
posted: 1 hr, 30 mins ago by ALetterToElise
"https://www.kingwood .com/message_board/forumi mgs/Kingwood861077717350. jpg Here are several links to videos. The kids were approached by the group:..."
Re: Good morning everyone!
posted: 1 hr, 32 mins ago by magnoliamam
"that's really pitiful......."
Re: MAGA hats the new racism
posted: 1 hr, 33 mins ago by bittone
"@PussInBoots : We are a great nationand have been for 200 years, I dont need a hat to tell this. I dont need a billboard, documentary or anything else to convince me. I have traveled around the world, I have lived in some pretty shitty places and visited some pretty auwesome places, but nowhere in the world are there more extrodinary, patriotic, loving caring people, communities than right here in my own country, own backyard, own community. People that have given so much to help others. People who..."
Re: They must be amateurs
posted: 1 hr, 34 mins ago by ExCTGuyInTX
"@Maisey1 : I have a better idea. After someone drinks red wine, rinse and swallow a glass of white wine. Problem solved...."
Re: Did you see or hear about the March for Life? How about the
posted: 1 hr, 34 mins ago by Fallon
"They are entitled to their opinions. But their opinions have zero to do with any facts on this story. Their pov, when not even there is again, not relevant. The man that was there, and lied not misunderstood, he flat out lied about the what the kids were saying, should be ashamed. Read some papers in KY. The kids had to BEG the local media to report the truth. Wth is wrong with the people in this country when this happens. Read the real truth on twitter, from the kids that were there, and back up the..."
Bow Fishing
posted: 1 hr, 34 mins ago by FoFa
"Bow Fishing Sort of a guy thing? http s://youtu.be/88dXhF5N1io..."


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