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Re: Anti-sex toilets
posted: 2 mins., 29 secs ago by jjapt
"@TXtransplant : Heard that on the radio yesterday! Complete with the same "weight-sensitive floors and 'violent movement' sensors" description. @MarT : Yep, for this, they're Brits! I lived in Wales for awhile many years ago and was warned about the public restrooms in a park there. (Tho in that town it was specifically the men's restroom that had a certain reputation.)..."
Re: Anti-sex toilets
posted: 3 mins., 4 secs ago by frebu
"206k toilets that will probably cost the town three times that with the first lawsuit. For 206k you could pay an officer to guard the damn toilets year round...."
Re: Your thoughts on American Airlines?
posted: 10 mins ago by BostonAC
"To be honest, I haven't flown on an airline that wasn't United or Southwest in the last decade of my life; so my only thoughts on American is that they used to be known for their silver jets, but then they merged with US Airways and they now have a new color scheme, but I basically guess that if I was to ever fly into a hub city of theirs, I'd be willing to fly on American Airlines. Houston being a hub for United is convenient!..."
Re: What's everyone doing tonight, I'm relaxing and Fly Tying
posted: 11 mins ago by Ben1977
"@billcherie2 : Lake Houston as well..."
Re: Check your ac overflow pan......
posted: 20 mins ago by Burnsway
"Check your ac overflow pan...... My drain coming from the ac overflow pan clogged and caused the pan to overflow water onto the ceiling in one of the bedrooms upstairs. The fun never ends around here Pro Tip: make sure your ac drain line isn't clogged so the pan doesn't overflow 🤙 @Tumu_ : was only in this house a month, if that, when it came down in our bathroom. Nothing like having to call your new landlord with in a month of living here, explaining water was leaking from the a..."
Re: I think there is Rick Springfield fan on here!
posted: 45 mins ago by MarT
"More of a Bruce Springsteen fan here!..."
Re: I think there is Rick Springfield fan on here!
posted: 47 mins ago by ET
"I like how you put "fan" instead of "fans"..."
Re: Check your ac overflow pan......
posted: 51 mins ago by WTF
"My pan is new so I seriously doubt it's clogged...."
Re: Leg cramps
posted: 52 mins ago by WTF
"A nice, deep sensual massage that turns into sex..."
Re: Ok so we have killed 7 rats so far that is the good news. T
posted: 54 mins ago by WTF
"200 rats?? Jeezus H. Kryst on a popsicle stick...."
Re: Check your ac overflow pan......
posted: 56 mins ago by eengland
"The tell sign IS the pipe leading outside right? Soon as you see it start dripping, it's a sign the water isn't draining down the inside pipe properly and starting to fill the pan instead...."
Re: Check your ac overflow pan......
posted: 57 mins ago by cody31a
"Yep, had my drain line clogged back in June. And it was clogged REAL good. It filled with water and dumping bleach didn't help because it could not get through the water to reach the algae. Blowing air didn't clear it. Had to snake it and that didn't help much. But it was just enough to allow some concreted bleach powder to mix with the water and reach the clog. After a few days, it cleared it up. I need to go pour more bleach down the drain to make sure it doesn't happen again...."
Re: Happy saturday evening!
posted: 58 mins ago by WTF
"WTF : oh who was playing? @kimm er : Tom Keifer, singer of the 80s band Cinderella Johnny Solinger, singer of the 80s band Skid Row ( he lives in Houston and was pretty good) Electric Radio Kings, guitarist is from the 80s band L.A. Guns (they kinda sucked) The Turnaways, local band that seriously sucked..."
Re: Ok so we have killed 7 rats so far that is the good news. T
posted: 1 hr, 7 mins ago by kimmer
"Ok so we have killed 7 rats so far that is the good news. The bad news they had babies and now I have baby rats ugh. @Donnawis dom : sounds like you need a cat or 2...."


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