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Photo & Video Policy : Community Agreement

Photo & Video Policy : Community Agreement

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This policy affects photos and videos posted on the web site by our members. This policy attempts to maintain the Community atmosphere we work hard to maintain on the site, so that all Kingwood-area residents find is a friendly place to visit.

Photos and Videos posted on should be PG or PG-13.
However, not all PG-13 pictures are acceptable on

Blood / Gore / Violence / Abuse:

Pictures that include gore, violence, serious injuries, or a large amount of blood should not be posted on the forums. This includes images of fake gore (Ex. - from a movie scene). Because you've personally taken the picture does not exclude this rule from applying, for example, do not post photos or videos of: your own injuries, or a bloody picture of an animal you found on the side of the road. This policy applies to both humans and animals. Photos or videos of dead animals should not be posted on the site (aside from obvious photos of traditional meat / food photos). Pictures should not include images of abuse (Ex. - spousal abuse, animal abuse). Depictions of sexual assault or rape will get your account banned. Images of drunk people or unconscious people or sleeping people with things drawn on them, should not be posted (abuse).

Gross Out:

No bodily fluids (including snot, urine, and others). No photos or videos of people using the restroom, even if content is obscured.

Sexual Content:

The following items will likely be removed:
-- Any kind of extreme sexual deviance: necrophilia, bestiality, etc.
-- Real or simulated sexual activity, including groping
-- Sex toys or condoms, even if not used in a provocative manner
-- Anything intentionally created to look like genitalia
-- Pixelated or black-barred nudity
-- Any images of someone who appears they might be underage in an image that could be interpreted as being sexual suggestive (even if fully clothed)
-- Pictures showing skin at the pubic bone area
-- Any unusually exposed or visible sexual body parts (genitals, female nipple), especially in sheer or skin tight clothing.
-- Any nude/unclothed people (even if covered), unless especially well covered. This includes baby photos and other photos even if they are not sexually suggestive.
-- Pics with 2/3rds or more of rear end or breast exposed
-- Almost all sexually suggestive animated gifs
-- Any pic of a person touching him/herself in private areas
-- Photos with close-ups or centered on the breast, butt or groin
-- Person in the process of undressing / stripping


Photos of people or things giving someone the middle finger will be removed.
All guidelines on this page apply to real photos and videos, as well as cartoon or drawn or 3d art or similar images.

Profile Photos: Profile photos are held to a higher standard than photos in posts, above and beyond the guidelines listed above. Profile photo removal is entirely up to the discretion of site moderators. Please do not use controversial or inflammatory photos for your profile photo or they will be removed.

If you have any questions, please contact us for clarification.

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