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14905 Eastex Fwy, Humble, TX  ( Map ) - (832) 766-5651
1424 Northpark Dr., Ste. #20, Kingwood, TX  ( Map ) - (832) 472-5359      Email
15108 Lee Rd., Humble, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 548-2489
17721 US Highway 59 N, Humble, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 540-1820
8331 FM 1960 W, Humble, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 446-1551
1420 FM 1960 E., Humble, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 360-1420
5219 FM Rd 2100, Crosby, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 328-4465
111 Northpines Drive, Kingwood, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 358-0457      Email
2210 FM 1960 E., Humble, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 359-6686      Email
23552 FM 1314 suite 108, porter, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 354-0618      Email
17802 US Highway 59 N, Humble, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 446-7165
22210 Loop 494, Humble, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 441-1100
22210 Loop 494, Suite B, Kingwood, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 358-6188      Email
19447 FM 1485, New Caney, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 689-0400      Email
14001 FM Rd 2100, Crosby, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 328-6535
310 Dennis St., Humble, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 540-6991
401 Hickory St., Cleveland, Texas , TX  ( Map ) - (281) 593-0666      Email
17102 US Highway 59 N, Humble, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 540-2040
818 Higgins St., Humble, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 446-5830

Adam1983's review of Potterosa Cycles & ATV:
10 / 11 / 2011
Adam1983 writes:
"Took my 2007 honda rancher 420 there for a shifting problem, this is when the nightmare began, they had my bike for 4 mths and kept telling me that they couldnt focus all of their time on my bike when i was paying the same labor rates as the other customers, then the tall chubby guy, called and said the ecm(computer) was bad, so they changed it, still not shifting, so then they said the angle sensor was bad, so they changed it, still not shifting, then they came to a conclusion that it had a bad wire running to the starter....really! Then cliff potter called me and said my atv was ready and my total was 731.58. I Took off of the the next saturday to go get it, when i got it home it was not shifting right at all and i had 8 bolts missing, so i called there and talked to the guy who worked on it an he said uhhh well i dont know whats wrong with it, so the following tuesday i took the atv to the honda dealer where i bought the bike from, when i explained everything to the mechanic there he laughed, and said that all of the parts that were changed would have had nothing to doith with the shifting problem. I called and spoke with cliff potter and he told me that he wished i would have brought it back to them and i told him i couldnt wait anoher 4 mths, and i told him about all of the bolts missing and he said he would buy new bolts, and to let him know what honda came up with to let him know and he would take care of me, well hond called and told me the shift motor was bad all along and that it was 216.36 to change it and replace all the bolts that were missing. I told honda to go ahead that potterosa cycle was going to take care of the bill like he told me, well when i called cliff bqck he told me he wasnt paying for anything and that i had no warrenty on the work performed, i instantly contacted a family lawyer to get a suit filed, he and honda both said that i should at least be refunded the 400 and some odd dollars of labor. The lawyer is in the process of getting everything together and honda did give me the broken parts for court, and has even offerd the mechanic to testify on my behalf, i know havr my atv back from the honda dealer and it is working as good as new. I personally would not recommend taking anything to potterosa cycles and atv on fm1485 in new caney tx"
Jb7241986's review of MPH Kingwood:
07 / 19 / 2011
jb7241986 writes:
"This man mike is horrible. I paid 500$ down to have him begin building me a custom rearend for my camaross. I had my car stolen and couldnt do anything with the rear end so we both agred to have him sell it and then refund my deposit. Now 3 months later i try to reach him on his cell phone with calls and texts to no avail he doesnt answer or return my calls. Do not use his business as he is not honest at all the man will rob you blind!!"
Dperry324's review of Fun Cycles of Texas:
06 / 06 / 2010
dperry324 writes:
"This listing is old and has not been updated in years. This business has moved out from the listed address, and cannot be found anywhere locally."

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