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20848 Hwy 59 S., New Caney, TX  ( Map )
(281) 913-7787      Email
2002 Rotary Dr., Humble, TX  ( Map )
(832) 316-5916      Email
Would you like to look naturally beautiful with the most amazing eyes youíve ever had Ė with or without make-up? My custom lash application will highlight your best features, giving you a thicker, darker lash. We also do custom make-up.
1542A Kingwood Dr, Kingwood, TX  ( Map )
(281) 460-4500      Email
So Chocolate offers a delicious chocolate experience with taste, smell and atmosphere. Tasty sweets include the finest chocolates, cakes, cookies, pies, truffles and more. Itís a pleasant, friendly experience with the finest customer service in town.

(281) 851-1974      Email

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