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Re: Did ya see it? (on KWD)     11/24/2016
In 2016 it is a peace sign.  During the Vietnam war in the 60's it was the footprint of the Ameri... More »
Re: Let's all salute the great commander!     11/24/2016
I agree. Lets salute and pray for our new Commander and Chief.  I love the colors of RED, WHITE, an... More »
Re: Big Green Egg     11/21/2016
I bought a Kamado Joe and love it.  I can adjust the temp to the gnats behind and walk away from it... More »
What's the most you've ever won on the lottery?     11/18/2016
I don't play very often but I did win 50.00 buck once.  There is a guy here in our office that won ... More »
Re: Warning....Political thread     11/17/2016
When the president of the U.S. encourages illegal aliens to vote and not to be afraid, nothing surpr... More »
Re: Immigrants getting our jobs     11/16/2016
What a classless first lady.  She's as stupid as the guy she's married to.... More »
What ever happened to that woman     11/16/2016
What ever happened to that woman that was on the Clinton News Network every night  Oh that's right,... More »
Re: 1 thing Rep and Dems agree on     11/13/2016
@ET: Now that lady has her priorities straight.  They're both delicious especially with gravy! ... More »
1 thing Rep and Dems agree on     11/13/2016
We have the best looking 1st lady on the planet!  Like Jimmy Hendricks said "Foxy lady"!!!... More »
Re: Philly Cheesesteak restaurant     11/12/2016
Nope. Closed for good from what I've heard.... More »
Investment     11/11/2016
Since the election, Kleenex stock is probably a great investment right now!  ... More »
Re: Veterans Day     11/11/2016
Now our soldiers can finally do what they were trained to do WITHOUT their hands tied behind their ... More »
Re: Great soup     11/06/2016
Isn't that the one that makes women fart in Kroger?... More »
Re: Met at the grocery store     11/06/2016
Just like the song says  "Love is in the Air" ... More »
Re: Rockets Season Starts Tonight     10/26/2016
@ZMAN: Watching paint dry is more exciting. ... More »
Re: New building     10/26/2016
According to may sources it's a new Costco going in for Kingwood area.... More »
Re: How the Quran replaced the Bible in 2007     10/25/2016
@KevinJ: Why do you say that?   How are Christians a cult?  ... More »
Re: Early Voting In Kingwood     10/24/2016
Vote Republican and vote often!!!  If the undocumented Democrats can do it we can too by golly!!!... More »
Re: Early Voting Begins 10/24/16     10/24/2016
@herron1345: Don't forget about the dozens of others who have mysteriously perished at their ha... More »
Re: This Can't Be Legal     10/18/2016
That can't be sh"t.  I don't see Hillary laying under the bus.  That's 100% proof it is just water... More »

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