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Re: President ...     05/29/2016
And that is one of the differences between a Democrat and a Liberal.  Kennedy wanted to beat the Ru... More »
Re: STEVEN TYLER!!!     05/23/2016
I think that's the same guy I saw on Northpark and 59. Yikes!!... More »
Re: Tax Plan Comparison: Hillary Vs Trump     05/21/2016
99% of Hillary supporters will never see her tax chart...unless you send it over to ADC.  HEE HEE!... More »
Re: The GOP is imploding, and it's their own fault     05/11/2016
My personal opinion is Hillary or Trump won't be president.  Here is what I think is going to take ... More »
Re: What are they building behind Target on Townsend?     04/23/2016
I heard it is another Costco. ... More »
Re: Begs for a caption     04/23/2016
The new RONCO SUMO breast pump! So strong it can get milk from a man but made for a woman. And it re... More »
Re: Installing A Ceiling Fan     04/14/2016
@FoFa: Was he a retired_Engineer or fired_Engineer? That's the QUESTION OF THE DAY! ... More »
Re: Found Anudder One     04/07/2016
Tarzan not know where he going. ... More »
Re: Buying a House with a pool?     03/27/2016
We bought a new house and had a pool put in about a year after we bought it.  I thought what a wast... More »
Re: Clinton on possibility of email indictment     03/10/2016
If she does get indicted guess who steps in....Superman!!! Joe Biden.  He won't have to campaign on... More »
Re: F     03/06/2016
Why don't you just say "Bad Morning. Feel free to elaborate" in your subject line? ... More »
Re: What was this     03/05/2016
That would probably be snuff.... More »
Re: Killing out of fear is wrong     03/05/2016
I've never been afraid to kill a snake.... More »
Re: PRESIDENT TRUMP?!? I want to move!     03/05/2016
If Trump gets elected I'm moving from my couch to the patio and drink a beer!  If we can make it th... More »
Chase Bank users - WARNING     02/25/2016
We just got an email that said due to several attempts to login from an unknown computer our account... More »
Re: Texas mud bug     02/18/2016
That was caught just downstream of the nuclear waste dump.  A six legged frog had it in its mouth w... More »
Re: FB Users: Mostly poor women     02/18/2016
How in the world would FB know that?  I know only a handful of people that don't have a FB acct.  ... More »
Re: Anti-Beyonce Rally Scheduled     02/11/2016
It's all about money.  Just like Janet Jackson's Super bowl show.  How long did people talk about ... More »
Re: What is your take on online dating sites?     02/01/2016
I think it is the best way to meet someone.  How did people meet before the internet?  In bars, gr... More »
Re: What time is too late for loud and noisy home remodeling to cease?     01/15/2016
I don't think you were out of line.  As far as the broken English, I am assuming they had a Bosnia... More »

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