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Re: New building     10/26/2016
According to may sources it's a new Costco going in for Kingwood area.... More »
Re: How the Quran replaced the Bible in 2007     10/25/2016
@KevinJ: Why do you say that?   How are Christians a cult?  ... More »
Re: Early Voting In Kingwood     10/24/2016
Vote Republican and vote often!!!  If the undocumented Democrats can do it we can too by golly!!!... More »
Re: Early Voting Begins 10/24/16     10/24/2016
@herron1345: Don't forget about the dozens of others who have mysteriously perished at their ha... More »
Re: This Can't Be Legal     10/18/2016
That can't be sh"t.  I don't see Hillary laying under the bus.  That's 100% proof it is just water... More »
Re: No more Nancy Grace     10/15/2016
Don't forget about the woman she belittled so much she committed suicide.  ... More »
Re: HAHAHA,,,you Republicans "voted him in"     10/08/2016
Trump said those terrible things! Oh my goodness!  I thought he was a pure angel.  Washington DC i... More »
Re: classic car restoration     10/07/2016
I have a classic mustang.  I would suggest going to some of the car shows and get references.  ... More »
Re: Kingwood Road Improvement Project     09/29/2016
The proposed overpass over the RR tracks will reduce some of the hamburger congestion in the area t... More »
Re: Credit card hacked     09/28/2016
@notfromhere: Just curious, how does a card chip work for online purchases? ... More »
Re: Questions over who won debate     09/28/2016
@ZMAN: Didn't need fixing.  It was correct when I wrote it.  But thanks anyway for watching ou... More »
Re: Questions over who won debate     09/28/2016
I don't understand why there has to be a winner and loser. To me the candidates tell everyone their ... More »
Re: Any one watch any of the new shows     09/27/2016
There was new show on last night on NBC at 8:00 pm.  Reminded me  of the Honeymooners.  It was ca... More »
Re: Trivia     09/26/2016
@PedroDePacas: So did Mr. Brady. ... More »
Re: Former ambassadors back Clinton     09/23/2016
I have a problem with believing 75 ambassadors are voting for and also admitting they are voting fo... More »
Re: Star Shower?     09/23/2016
@donnatella: Holy buckets!  That thing must attract Zombies!  ... More »
Re: Race relations     09/18/2016
@Zoey:MmmmmmmmmmmmmHhhhmmmmmmmmmm...I know that's right. ... More »
Re: I've Got Something To Say....     09/16/2016
What! Chicago has a major league baseball team?... More »
Re: Re-homing a pet?     09/01/2016
@allymansfield: My thoughts exactly! ... More »
Re: Mother / Son Wedding Dance     08/31/2016
Waltz across Texas - Earnest Tubb... More »

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