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Re: Halloween fat letter     10/29/2015
She should hand out carrot sticks and lemon drops.... More »
Re: What my legs look like this morning     10/29/2015
You need some Clearasil.  That the worst case of acne I've seen!... More »
Re: another vicious pit bull attack on a helpless woman     10/28/2015
When I was a kid none of us wore shoes.  As a matter of fact I never wore a helmet, elbow pads, or ... More »
Re: NO! Not another Shopping Cart!     10/26/2015
All carts should always be returned by snot nose kids.... More »
Re: Kia Commercial     10/11/2015
A study was done on people who drive Kia.  97.3 % of these drivers don't put their shopping carts i... More »
Credit Card Hacked     10/11/2015
My wife was checking her business credit card which she does daily to see if the charges are legit.... More »
Re: another food post     10/02/2015
He should have axed her first.... More »
Re: Man Arrested for Going Wrong Way on 59     10/02/2015
ARRESTED FOR WHAT?  Clearly you can see that none of the signs on Hwy 59 are written in Spanish!!! ... More »
Re: Security Cameras     09/30/2015
It looks to me like some delicious sausage with a lot of ghost peppers inside would be a wonderful ... More »
Re: garage sale     09/14/2015
Here is the website and calendar for out community. ... More »
Re: Poor doggie falls 14 stories....BUT     09/03/2015
THERE'S NO NEED TO FEAR!  MAN UNDERDOG IS HERE! The younger people on here won't get that one....Gr... More »
Re: 8 year old Buddy ( male poodle).....     09/03/2015
I didn't know we had Chipmunks around here.  What did it look like? Just curious.... More »
Re: Headed to my least favorite Dr. appoinment.     08/31/2015
Just make sure the doc doesn't have both hands on your shoulders.... More »
Re: Coyote     08/05/2015
Nice shot!!!!... More »
Re: 2002 Mustang parts     05/13/2015 More »
Re: Widening of North Park     05/13/2015
I thought North Park was Harris County from the RR tracks going east.  Am I wrong?... More »
Re: Never buy Ryobi lawn equipment     04/24/2015
I bought an edger/weedeater ten years ago and it is still kicking.  I did have to tweek on the carb... More »
Re: "Killing Jesus" TV Special ON TONIGHT, Peeps.....     03/29/2015
I read yesterday that the actor playing Jesus is a Muslim.  Wow.... More »
Re: Attn. Cheap Tippers     03/27/2015
Just out of curiosity... for those of you that were servers, did you pay taxes on all of your tips o... More »
Re: Large sum $     02/18/2015
This is easy.  I would give it all to my ex wife and then tell everyone that she found it and is no... More »

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