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Re: Really     07/26/2016
Lies/fiction= Same thing when it comes to the Clinton's. This is like watching fake pro wrestling. ... More »
Re: Customer Service Severely Lacking @ Houston Garden Center     07/24/2016
There is no reason to not shop there anymore.  Maybe they were having an off day. Just because of o... More »
Re: When did it become ok to use Q?     07/22/2016
@herron1345: I had no idea what that meant either.  I would like to buy a vowel please.  ... More »
Re: When did it become ok to use Q?     07/22/2016
@CantStandTex: All I did was answer your question. ... More »
Re: When did it become ok to use Q?     07/22/2016
@CantStandTex: No. ... More »
Re: When did it become ok to use Q?     07/22/2016
@sweetie: You're right that there is One Judge in the end.  If you read what that One Judge has... More »
Re: FBI on the hill     07/07/2016
The Dems keep bringing up the two blacks that were shot by police.  I thought this hearing was abou... More »
Re: Constables     07/07/2016
I never call the Sheriff's of Police Dept. number for assistance.  I want to talk to them in person... More »
Re: What's Being Built Next To The Theater     07/06/2016
I heard Costco is going there.... More »
Re: So strange when I have my DW and exDW in the same room     07/06/2016
Life is too short not to get along. It's a win win for everyone when there are kiddos involved. My e... More »
Re: I don't mean to be rude     07/05/2016
I went to Pappa's BBQ a while back and ordered bbq chicken.  When I cut into it, blood started runn... More »
Re: No wonder the Brits wanted out of the EU     06/26/2016
Well don't let them come to the U,S!!!  Nobody wants them over here! They don't work, and they're n... More »
Re: Good Question     06/26/2016
Where does it say they're from another country?  ... More »
Re: Re-lining of sewer pipes in Sand Creek     06/19/2016
@MarT  There are usually two holes in the lid so the city can put a pick in it to lift it off the m... More »
Re: Old non working appliances     06/18/2016
I set my leaking hot water heater out for the trash guys, looked out an hour later...poof. gone and ... More »
Re: Drug Test Wealthy Folks     06/17/2016
I hope she knows all the Senators and Congress would  be included in the drug test.  Does she real... More »
Re: Should women have to register for the draft?     06/08/2016
NO. They are needed at cook, do laundry, vacuum, get groceries, mop the floors, clean wind... More »
Re: Stolen Bike     05/31/2016
If there is a boot camp available I would lean that way.  This kid needs a wake up call quick.... More »
Re: President ...     05/29/2016
And that is one of the differences between a Democrat and a Liberal.  Kennedy wanted to beat the Ru... More »
Re: STEVEN TYLER!!!     05/23/2016
I think that's the same guy I saw on Northpark and 59. Yikes!!... More »

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