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Re: Where are the Administrators?     11/14/2015
@jax, you be nice!Joe is happily married to a wonderful lady.I thought of you this past week, Titio'... More »
Re: whole home generators     11/14/2015
@friday1, DUDE!  I don't even know what you just said, but wow, I'd vote for you.  ... More »
Re: Does anyone here know where I can........     11/14/2015
It is about time the guy shows up here to advertise for the free passports.  Gotta love that gu... More »
Re: Did the Don self implode?     11/13/2015
I hate to say this, but sometimes when I see him talking, I feel that he is thinking "WTH!  How am ... More »
Re: Dinner     11/13/2015
She made them every time the weather turned cold.  It was always at hog killing time too.  Just se... More »
Re: Wondering about the weather     11/13/2015
@analog kid, be sure to keep us updated on any freezes coming our way before Jan.My lemons will not ... More »
Re: Dinner     11/13/2015
H E Double Toothpicks NO!My aunt use to scramble pigs brains in with eggs.  I had no idea.  So I h... More »
Re: Auction - Friday, Nov 13th - Approved     11/13/2015
@GoldenGirl, I am going next week, with my boys.  So have great stuff!... More »
Re: Where is Ray?     11/13/2015
He does too love us.  I can't see Ray on vacation.  Wait a minute, is someone building the wall be... More »
Re: Dinner     11/13/2015
Finally!!!  @FoFa eats real food.Thank you my friend.  So glad I didn't have to read about you eat... More »
Re: First Doritos now Campbells     11/13/2015
The new Campbell's commercial for Organic soup is the best one yet.The mom and dad are in the kitche... More »
Re: Tankless hot water heater     11/13/2015
Can't stress how important it is to get someone to do the install that knows what they are doing.  ... More »
Re: Paris under terrorist attacks     11/13/2015
@sooner34, if you say that people will think you have had a stroke or are brain damaged.  As just h... More »
Re: Paris under terrorist attacks     11/13/2015
Can't even say I am surprised. Praying for the people who are being held hostage.  ... More »
Re: Black Friday News     11/13/2015
The only place we ever go is Omaha Steaks by the Galleria.  We get there at 7, walk in give them ou... More »
Re: K-Park Student-Teacher Inappropriate Relationship     11/13/2015
I can't imagine the administration not calling her out the day she wore the students jersey to a pep... More »
Re: Kingwood garden center     11/13/2015
@bubbleyes72,  Warren's has the prayer plants.  I love mine.  So cool!I have mine on my back pati... More »
Re: Bar Stools     11/13/2015
If you want some not really pricey ones, you can go to the store that use to be Garden Ridge.  They... More »
Re: Seems like Christmas catalogs are making a comeback     11/13/2015
We used those for booster seats growing up, at the kitchen table.  ... More »
Re: Seems like Christmas catalogs are making a comeback     11/13/2015
I haven't seen even the remotest slow down on them!  I think I get 4 or 5 everyday.  Some have som... More »

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