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Re: Are any of the pools in Kingwood open on the weekends yet?     05/07/2016
@Jeff yes you still need tags.... More »
Re: Adele     05/07/2016
Ya'll have to go to Utube and look up her karoke car ride with James Corbin.  WOW!   She is amazin... More »
Re: Don't go to Kohl's, Atascocita today!     05/07/2016
OMG @2danes, are you and @BooBear twins?Boo will attempt to straighten out their clothes on the disp... More »
Re: It's official: FBI Interviewing Hillary within weeks!     05/07/2016
I will have to see it to believe it.  The Clintons always get away with the crap they do.  Always.... More »
Re: good morning!     05/07/2016
@Nurse3, same here, my poor dog has the bladder the size of a peanut.  He is up a few times a night... More »
Re: Does anyone iron sheets anymore?     05/06/2016
I don't iron my dh's clothes, I take them to the dry cleaners:)I was out of town once and he wore a ... More »
Re: Rolling Stones has no sympathy for Trump     05/06/2016
I can just see Hillary having to move the hot sauce in her purse aside to find a tissue over the dea... More »
Re: Med Question     05/05/2016
@turkeytrax YOU ARE AWESOME!!!How great are you?  Honestly you should be wearing a cape, because yo... More »
Re: Does anyone iron sheets anymore?     05/05/2016
@ChrisinKingwood, @Cajunmom always irons the sheets for her guest room. For the 10+ years I have kno... More »
Re: Good Night All     05/05/2016
You be darn sure you feel like making that hard drive on Sat. If not come back one day next week.  ... More »
Re: Cruz suspends campaign     05/05/2016
AMEN @Retired_Engineer!  Can't even come close to thanking your post enough.... More »
Re: Hospital update     05/05/2016
@sweetie, you are the best!  I didn't even think of that:)@Safety44, so glad you are feeling better... More »
Re: Best burgers     05/05/2016
If ya'll haven't tried The Draft, their burgers are really good too.Thanks for the info on Skeeters,... More »
Re: Best burgers     05/05/2016
@imadrummer2k, I was really surprised at how good Skeeters burgers were.  We hadn't been there in a... More »
Re: Cruz suspends campaign     05/05/2016
If Trump is a monster wth is Hillary?  She said she was the one we wanted to answer the call if it ... More »
Re: Here I go again     05/04/2016
Will be saying some prayers for you to have a super speedy recovery!... More »
Re: Best burgers     05/04/2016
But The Draft may be the BEST in our area.  Just unreal good.  And their onion rings are to die fo... More »
Re: Best burgers     05/04/2016
Petes is good.  But I have to say Skeeters is awesome as well.  The buns and burgers are just amaz... More »
Re: Here I go again     05/04/2016
Relax and know you cannot help your mom at all like this.So sit back and know you have to rest.  If... More »
Re: My little racer     05/04/2016
@yankeejessican, he will be the best driver in the family.  Getting his license will be a breeze:)S... More »

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