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Re: Crater of Diamonds State Park     09/05/2015
Heck yes they will!But nothing could be worse than the red bugs.  OMG, being attacked by a thousand... More »
Re: Saturday is shaping up to be a good'n!     09/05/2015
@BBQguy, that is the unfun part of house hunting.  You have to be able to step back and find the pr... More »
Re: Crater of Diamonds State Park     09/05/2015
@DiverDude, the canoe trips on the upper and lower Buffalo are just stellar.  Not in that exact are... More »
Re: Saturday is shaping up to be a good'n!     09/05/2015
Let us know what house you chose:)... More »
Re: She's in Jail     09/05/2015
Just saw today that Davis said the marriage certificates are worthless without her signature.  The ... More »
Re: Best way to get rid of spiders     09/04/2015
Heck yeah, @Jpgurl!!!Time to break out the chemicals.  No natural stuff when it comes to spiders. ... More »
Re: If you will allow me.....     09/04/2015
Whoohoo!Hard to believe that boy has grown up so fast!So proud of him:)... More »
Re: What a splendid morn     09/04/2015
@cgm10sne1, I was thinking of you the other day. I drove by Warren's and their sign said  "Bring th... More »
Re: Bear Branch     09/04/2015
@BBQguy, call the school, after you get the house, and ask them to let you bring your dd by one day.... More »
Re: gunfire in MBV     09/04/2015
Most likely it was a transformer that blew.  People always think that it is gunfire.  I did when w... More »
Re: Bear Branch     09/04/2015
It is a great place!The lots are huge.The only thing I hugely recommend would be to have an electric... More »
Re: That's not the speed limit mam     09/03/2015
@caroline7327, @sweetie and I have a friend that should have been a race car driver.  She drive... More »
Re: Water Bill Shock     09/03/2015
Mine went down 100 this month.  Still almost 200.  And this is because I called them and complaine... More »
Re: Student Gets DWI, Drives Barbie Jeep to School     09/03/2015
So Newsweek has her story.  They seem to think she is a hero.  Life gave her lemons and she made l... More »
Re: Wow ... and we thought it was hard for ladies to run in heels     09/03/2015
The Jurassic World movie bothered me to no end, because the mail female main character was wearing h... More »
Re: That's not the speed limit mam     09/03/2015
@sweetie, we KNOW the lady that would have done this:)LOL... More »
Re: RACCOON     09/03/2015
I only ate one thing we ever named.  We had a duck, Fred, and he was a special needs duck.  He ran... More »
Re: Loop 494 officers with guns     09/03/2015
@Ann2800, so glad to hear from you!But sorry you had to deal with that, I bet you were scared to dea... More »
Re: RACCOON     09/03/2015
@irmajane, let us know what village.  then we can all be on the lookout for this poor fellow.Gr... More »
Re: She's in Jail     09/03/2015
I didn't think anyone other than the District Clerk could sign the marriage certificate.  A KY lawm... More »


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