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Re: Mayoral Candidates     11/02/2015
I am leaning towards King.  Like you @Annie, I just am not invested in this election like I usually... More »
Re: Got out of Sams today for under $500....its a good day     11/02/2015
I am with you @Ray, I can't wait for Costco to open.I had to rejoin Sams a couple weeks ago.  I hat... More »
Re: Sooo whats on the SUPPER menu tonight?     11/02/2015
Homemade chicken, this is what my youngest calls my fried chicken.Mac and cheese, homemade, and coll... More »
Re: TaeKwonDo for kids?     11/02/2015
@lisapisabobisa, call Tiger Rock, they are up front, by CiCi's.  Victor and his wife, are some of t... More »
Re: BooBear in about 7 more years     11/02/2015
You are a dead man.  Run.  Boo will not be that old in 7 years.... More »
Re: I do hate the traffic lights on KW Dr.     11/02/2015
The lights are a nightmare.  Anytime during the day, if you head up to Kingwood, the lights are not... More »
Re: What a good vet clinic     11/02/2015
Porter Animal Hospital. Dr. Elmer.... More »
Re: Garage door repair     11/02/2015
Agape is a great company to deal with.  We have always used them.  ... More »
Re: Where to donate Halloween candy?     11/01/2015
Drop it off at the local substation here in Kingwood, for the Police, or at any of the fire departme... More »
Re: sure are a lot     11/01/2015
Trust me if ya'll stay home, they will come see you.  If not, the world keeps spinning:)  I don't ... More »
Re: so what are u having for supper?     11/01/2015
@allymansfield, seems like a stomach bug is running rampant.  Hope you feel better soon!... More »
Re: sure are a lot     11/01/2015
@BooBear, stop that driving.  Stay home.  Tell family they can visit you.I did this after I had my... More »
Re: so what are u having for supper?     11/01/2015
Had a late lunch at Move Tavern while watching The Last Witch Hunter.  (wait for this one to come o... More »
Re: Senator/Actor Fred Thompson dies at 73     11/01/2015
Exactly @MarT, so sad to have seen this news today.... More »
Re: Found Black Rabbit     11/01/2015
Not mine, my evil bunny is sitting on his dog bed, plotting the demise of the human race.... More »
Re: Fast food burger joints     10/30/2015
Whataburger for fast food, or Burger King.  Not the one in Kingwood, because it sucks, and they are... More »
Re: Seriously get off the F'N phone!     10/30/2015
Post of the day @shodan66!  lol... More »
Re: What's for dinner tonight?     10/30/2015
Homemade cheesecake here.  Then I followed that up with some Halloween Candy.Got the kids take out ... More »
Re: Dont go to the Post office if you are in a hurry     10/30/2015
@Ray I always go up to Mail and More.  I love those guys.  I am in and out faster than ever going ... More »
Re: This company is very expensive!     10/30/2015
@Retired_Engineer, they are the worse.Kenneth didn't call you back because he no longer does just re... More »


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