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Re: Interesting Gun Stats to Ponder     07/17/2016
Wow, those numbers are something else.  Thanks for posting this.... More »
Re: Alzheimers     07/17/2016
And so many people fail to realize that Dementia and Alzheimers are not the same, by a long shot.It ... More »
Re: boy it's pouring down raining     07/17/2016
I was so happy seeing this, since Ray lives a few blocks away.  I thought, Finally!  We will get r... More »
Re: Grand Texas RV Resort set to open this month     07/17/2016
Drat.  Ya'll know the first time they turn the power on to this place, Kingwood will have a blackou... More »
Re: Rain today? Believe it when I see it!     07/17/2016
Well we fussed at @Ray this spring for all his naked rain danced.  But maybe it is time for him to ... More »
Re: sooooo what's for supper tonight???     07/16/2016
Went to Spanky's today for pizza.  Best place in Houston imo.  The owners are amazing people and i... More »
Re: Should I let my 7 and 9 year old GKs be at the pool without me?     07/16/2016
@Chrisinkingwood, my dh would say it wasn't an issue, I would never on this earth.I think men are be... More »
Re: Has anyone done the 2 Step yet???     07/16/2016
@myevilgrin, if you find it let us know where!Can't find it either.... More »
Re: Favorite....     07/16/2016
You lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas.... More »
Re: Black Lives Matter at Deerbrook Mall     07/16/2016
@facabanski,  you misunderstood my post.All we hear about is how awful America is.  The left beats... More »
Re: Need easy dinner ideas     07/16/2016
@sox mom, @Cajunmom told me years ago about the boneless skinless chicken thighs.  OMG they are the... More »
Re: Black Lives Matter at Deerbrook Mall     07/16/2016
I would 100% disagree with you on the 2008 election.  Most of those votes went FOR the first black ... More »
Re: Thanks to CAM Contracting!     07/16/2016
So glad you liked them @Retired_Engineer.  The owner is just flat out a great person.  So is his s... More »
Re: Black Lives Matter at Deerbrook Mall     07/16/2016
If I were black and any politician thought they owned me, because of my skin color, wow.  Just wow.... More »
Re: Black Lives Matter at Deerbrook Mall     07/16/2016
The only thing any one group should ever have at stake is not getting screwed any more than necessar... More »
Re: Black Lives Matter at Deerbrook Mall     07/16/2016
I will say Willowbrook Mall and The Woodlands Mall do not have issues like Deerbrook does.  I think... More »
Re: Need easy dinner ideas     07/16/2016
Look at the Pioneer Woman's website.  She has some great meals.Her Sloppy Joe recipe is out of this... More »
Re: Are the Presidential conventions irrelevant today?     07/16/2016
I think they are a massive waste of money.  It is staggering to see the numbers.I can't really reca... More »
Re: Found rabbit     07/16/2016
Thanks for taking in the bunny!I have a mini lop and would be heart broken if he got out.  It is so... More »
Re: Any Pokemon Go gatherings today in Kingwood?     07/16/2016
I am not sure there is an organized way of doing this.  Seems like a few friends just get together ... More »

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