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Re: Dogs in front yard     08/04/2015
@Kilpatrick, if you see a neighbors dog doing this, do go ask them to stop letting their dog go in y... More »
Re: Kingwood post office     08/04/2015
I tell my family if you have to send me anything through the post office, I really don't want it.The... More »
Re: Cancelled: Posting Contest - Heal With Natural Herbs Party     08/04/2015
@WskyTngoFxtrt, didn't mean to thank that!lolYou know if you win the So  Chocolate, you should dona... More »
Re: Frustrated with Humble ISD and my G-kid's school     08/04/2015
I have to say, it is super rare for HISD to move a child up.  The child has to pass the 3rd grade S... More »
Re: New Homes - Must Haves List     08/04/2015
@ET, great list!I would have all tile, the tile that looks like wood.  Best flooring you can get. ... More »
Re: Got my light bill yesterday     08/03/2015
@buffaloglenn, yeah in the winter we never pay over $125.  Not even at Christmas, and we use a lot ... More »
Re: Got my light bill yesterday     08/03/2015
@buffaloglenn, no pool here.  I don't think the bat rastards at the COH know this, and they bill me... More »
Re: Job Interview This Morning     08/03/2015
You got this!Sending prayers your way.  Let us know how things go:)... More »
Re: Back to School shopping     08/03/2015
We finished up yesterday.Dillard's is having a great sale in the Polo section in case anyone is look... More »
Re: Houston Restaurant Week..     08/03/2015
Lynn's is just amazing.  Well worth the drive and price.  It is a big more upscale as far as dress... More »
Re: Jan's going nutzo     08/02/2015
Been doing this as I paint my rooms.  I clean out and toss.  I have made so many trips to Family T... More »
Re: Sooooo whuts 'fir supper tnight at YOUR place?     08/02/2015
Had Outback.  Just awesome as always... More »
Re: painting classes     08/02/2015
@Annie, that is hilarious!You will have a great time at this.  Like @lola said, be sure to have a f... More »
Re: coffee is brewing! good morning!     08/02/2015
The mosquitos aren't as bad lately as they have been.  I think the heat is killing them.... More »
Re: ~ Psalm 121:1-2     08/02/2015
This is the day that the Lord had made:)Have a great day after your birthday @herron1345.... More »
Re: Cecil the lion's brother Jericho has been shot and killed.     08/02/2015
Everything is a thing now days.... More »
Re: toasted croissants with prickly pear jelly     08/02/2015
@Ray, I have some of that jelly too.  DH brought me some back last week from North Dakota.Fixed hom... More »
Re: ~ X-MEN Days Of Future Past     08/01/2015
@herron1345, watched St. Vincent tonight.  With Bill Murphy and Melissa McCarthy.  Just can't say ... More »
Re: Oh hello     08/01/2015
@Drekonix, Whoohooo!So glad to hear from you:)Congratulations on the graduation.  Kick but in this ... More »
Re: Nice outside!     08/01/2015
@beadweaver, it is hotter than heck out there right now.  Not humid, but if you are in the sun for ... More »


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