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Town Center Fountain     11/15/2015
Thanks Town Center!Just drove by earlier and the fountain was lit up like the French flag.  Makes m... More »
Re: Krispy kreme westheimer     11/15/2015
They really do melt in your mouth.  You have to get at least 2 doz when they are hot.If you have an... More »
Re: Krispy kreme westheimer     11/15/2015
OMG @yankeejessica!  I am dying over here!If the light is on we always stop.  They are hot and fre... More »
Re: Haven't seen Sweetie or Ray for a while around here     11/15/2015
So glad to see you taking a few minutes to post @sweetie!I will be praying every day for you, and yo... More »
Re: A big thanks to member Bearfin     11/15/2015
@Bearfin, you are the man!  In a woman's body:)You are part of what makes KDC such a great place, a... More »
Re: PBS TELETHON schedule     11/15/2015
We use to donate every year.  My boys loved Dragon Tails and it only came on PBS.  Then PBS put Ca... More »
Re: Scorpion in the house!     11/15/2015
@myevilgrin, yeah my son had a friend that went to RMS with him, and she was bit by a scorpion in he... More »
Re: Good Morning!!!!     11/15/2015
bumping for @Ray.See what happens when you leave us alone?... More »
Re: Manly     11/15/2015
LOVE this!And glad to see back with us @Ray... More »
Re: Prayers     11/14/2015
@Safety44, you ROCK!!!Thanks so much for starting this thread.@Ann2800, we are all praying for you, ... More »
Re: Deed restriction violation being ignored by South Woodland Hills CA     11/14/2015
lolI had to have a mole removed from my face last year.  I nearly died.  No way on earth would I o... More »
Re: Home made gifts?     11/14/2015
@RougeHippEE, have your dd make gifts for everyone.  This way if they are mean, they look like butt... More »
Re: who is watching the debate?     11/14/2015
With the world going to hell in a hand basket it would be hard to hear about how the rich are evil a... More »
Re: Boo Bear commercial     11/14/2015
At first I was thinking this was because of how dirty the guys hands were while eating.  @BooBear w... More »
Re: Deed restriction violation being ignored by South Woodland Hills CA     11/14/2015
@Burnsway I would go to your party.  @BooBear, no way in hell would I get a botox injection!  Anyo... More »
Re: Home made gifts?     11/14/2015
@Deltadawn, we love homemade stuff here too. On our block one man makes some type of pinwheel cooki... More »
Re: Can't Believe This     11/14/2015
I need to go buy monkey grass.  Maybe that will my tomatoes actually grow next year!... More »
Re: Ick     11/14/2015
@Burnsway, sort of like O sitting in church for 20 years and never hearing his preachers hate speech... More »
Re: Did the Don self implode?     11/14/2015
I feel the same way about Hillary.  In no way do I support Trump, but a trained money, including Tr... More »


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