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Re: So, when the thermostat runs low on batteries...     08/10/2015
Tell me about it.  I had to replace my oven and microwave.  Yes it was necessary and not just beca... More »
Re: How do you handle an overly dramatic 5.5-yr old?     08/10/2015
Girl it is middle child syndrome, and it will never go away.Just ask my middle sister....... More »
Re: So, when the thermostat runs low on batteries...     08/10/2015
Glad I still have my ancient old school thermostat.  It does what I tell it when I tell it.Like all... More »
Re: The Gift     08/10/2015
@lola and @herron1345, ya'll would really love it.  It was Helen Murien at her best, and that is ju... More »
Re: Just to say Hi     08/10/2015
What?  Our psycho is back?! Whooohooo!How have you been?... More »
Re: Anyone do fantasy football?     08/10/2015
Same here!  I so hope our college team has a good year, they need one:)Football is my favorite time... More »
Re: The Gift     08/10/2015
If ya'll haven't see Woman in Gold, you really should.  Just fabulous.Hundred foot journey is anoth... More »
Re: ~ Psalm 23:2-3     08/10/2015
Without fail I remember all these when I am in the dentist chair:)  I pray steady for it to all end... More »
Re: The Lee Family     08/10/2015
Thread of the day.  Excellent comeback @fcabanski!@fcabanski, did Dan the handyman ever get with yo... More »
Re: Anyone do fantasy football?     08/10/2015
I have 2 teams, dh has several.One he has been on for nearly 20 years.  He drives in to LA to draft... More »
Re: Good morning!!!     08/10/2015
Well I am going to start painting the hallway and gameroom.  I really like my gray paint, and am go... More »
Re: Kingwood post office     08/10/2015
This is why I always go to Mail and More.  I am in and out in a few minutes.  And if I get a lette... More »
Re: Facebook friends impacting your credit?     08/10/2015
So glad I don't FB.   No way on earth would I post any pictures of my kids online.  I don't get th... More »
Re: Holy Moly where has the summer gone?     08/10/2015
I just dread the start of school.  I love summer, and having my boys hanging out with me.And you ar... More »
Re: @RetiredEngineer - Update on Duke?     08/10/2015
@WskyTngoFxrt said it way better than I did.  How could any person, most esp a woman (who are just ... More »
Re: Neighbors green pool     08/10/2015
That is the cutter.  It attached to the end of the hose, which makes it easy get it over the fence ... More »
Re: Y'all just need to mind y'all's own bidness.....     08/10/2015
Just don't know why stupid people win the lotto.  She is darn lucky that her money was taken by the... More »
Re: midwife     08/10/2015
Close the same with me @donnatella.  Nothing wrong during the pregnancy.  Them BAM all went to hel... More »
Re: @RetiredEngineer - Update on Duke?     08/10/2015
So glad you took him in @Retired_Engineer.  Gotta say the poor guy working 2 jobs may should kick t... More »
Re: Good morning!!!     08/10/2015
@Annie, just got the boys closets cleaned out, and all taken to drop off for charity.So glad to have... More »


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