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Re: Awww man this ONE makes my whole weekend!!! ;)     08/15/2015
Thanks for sharing this story!Anyone who mistreats an animal should be shot.  Then beat.  Then giv... More »
Re: 39th anniversary today!     08/15/2015
She hit the jackpot too @Retired_Engineer!  ... More »
Re: SO this morning has been fun so far     08/15/2015
I am lol @Ray.  I would have loved to have seen your face when he swam to shore.... More »
Re: hello all     08/15/2015
You missed all of our insane hot weather!  I can only guess how great the weather is there:)Best of... More »
Re: Park City     08/15/2015
Have a blast at the wedding!I love Utah.  Just some amazing country there:)  ... More »
Re: Allergies     08/15/2015
And a massive headache.Whatever this is, it needs to stop blooming already.And we have ragweed comin... More »
Re: I would pack heat all day every day if I had this one...     08/15/2015
@donnatella, my dh is a total mans man.  I bought him a James Avery necklace, on a nice leather ban... More »
Re: I would pack heat all day every day if I had this one...     08/15/2015
@donnatella my dh got a lovely crystal candy bowl sent to him at work, it was from Tiffany's.  He c... More »
Re: Goooood Morning!     08/15/2015
Oh heck yes!   Since yesterday.  My eyes are itching like crazy too.I did just repaint my stairway... More »
Re: Austin Chick Fil A     08/15/2015
What an awesome owner!... More »
Re: Good morning!     08/15/2015
@Ray, I have been seeing the biggest tree roaches ever for the last 2 days.  Had enough so dh is go... More »
Re: Goooood Morning!     08/15/2015
Great day so far for you @Jpgurl!  My allergies are flat out killing me but there is little humidit... More »
Re: We have a winner........     08/15/2015
@Brat you are simply THE BEST!... More »
Re: 39th anniversary today!     08/15/2015
Congratulations @Retired_Engineer!You picked a wonderful lady to spend 39 years with!... More »
Re: Thursday's Contest Winner!!!     08/14/2015
No way you can win this.  Nope they need to recount.And of all people to win a "maxi" clean it woul... More »
Re: I've got a     08/14/2015
@mm4731, you know you can't be called in as a witness if you help hide the body.Disclaimer:  I am i... More »
Re: HOV closed     08/14/2015
@MTechnique, I am with you, how do you get on the interstate, the wrong way, drunk?  I can barely g... More »
Re: I don't come here often ....     08/14/2015
She is still here.  And she still does this.  She may be slowing down a bit more, she and her dh h... More »
Re: New Fish     08/14/2015
@CBP210, my dh just got back from Alaska with nearly 100 pounds of Halibut fillets.I don't recall hi... More »
Re: Raped by her Stepdad and denied an abortion..wth?     08/13/2015
Of course there is.  It is the Democrat mantra.  All Conservatives are evil and will never let ano... More »


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