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Re: @sweetie     01/30/2016
@herron1345, you are making me all teary eyed!  This is so beyond nice and kind, and I know that @s... More »
Re: Date night dinner     01/30/2016
Same here @RogueHippEE, my boys and dh loved it too.Another good with Helen, she is my hero on scree... More »
Re: Date night dinner     01/30/2016
@herron1345, Roguehippee is so right, The new Goosebumps movie is really good.  Watched it last nig... More »
Re: US Declares 22 Clinton Emails 'Top Secret'     01/30/2016
I don't think Odin is saying he supports Bernie.  I think he is saying Bernie really does believe w... More »
Re: The Sound Of Silence     01/30/2016
Wow his voice is amazing, thanks for posting this @FoFa!... More »
Re: US Declares 22 Clinton Emails 'Top Secret'     01/30/2016
Saw on CNN last night that the hey, the Dem really do not care about this issue.  They don't even v... More »
Re: MCPR reporting accident     01/30/2016
Well I am guessing the beautiful day is throwing people off?  NP is a massive mess... More »
Re: Holy moly!     01/29/2016
Sometimes you have to leave home to really know how great home is:)... More »
Re: Some of my old work featured in a Bruce Springsteen blog     01/29/2016
Great work as always @Chrisinkingwood!... More »
Re: Weight Watchers     01/29/2016
I don't think surgery is the answer for most of these issues.  She can easily afford a nutritionist... More »
Re: Big Brawl with Police Responding at Summer Creek High School     01/29/2016
Exactly @buffaloglenn.The no bs has to start in elementary school, get even more so in middle, and b... More »
Re: So whatcha fixin for SUPPER tonight?     01/29/2016
I have cooked every at home every night this week.  For me this is a huge deal.  We eat out at lea... More »
Re: Gooooooooood Mornin     01/29/2016
@Ann2800, how are you feeling this morning?  Praying you have a great weekend!... More »
Re: Can You Eat A 5lb Fudds Combo??     01/28/2016
@BooBear, was everyone eating with their mouths closed?... More »
Re: Teen Hit On Bicycle     01/28/2016
Amen @tatertot58.  At KHS in the mornings, it is the parents that are a menace.  The kids drive wa... More »
Re: Progressive     01/28/2016
I do wonder why there isn't a middle finger smiley face guy.  Or is there, and I don't know how to ... More »
Re: am I paying to much     01/28/2016
It really is all subjective.  Call some other agencies and get other quotes.  But no one can reall... More »
Re: Teen Hit On Bicycle     01/28/2016
OMG, I am so with you on that!Saw that happen at the end of our street a few months back.  The bus ... More »
Re: Rug cleaning     01/28/2016
@deltadawn I am with you, they are so heavy dry no way could I lift mine up to dry after washing the... More »
Re: Ever been on a committee...     01/28/2016
Just the first time.  The second offense, and you may would lose a digit.  LOLI just never seem to... More »

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