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Re: Amedeo's Calamari!!!     10/19/2016
@ForeCPA90, do give them another shot:)My son goes with us and loves it.  But last year for Homecom... More »
Re: Smoking permit New Caney H.S from 1976-77     10/19/2016
@ZMAN, I have always been allergic to cigaret smoke.  And when we had to fly to Hawaii and back, I ... More »
Re: Amedeo's Calamari!!!     10/19/2016
Hands down one of our best restaurants in Kingwood.Great service and food every time you go.Their ca... More »
Re: Matthew 10:16     10/19/2016
Great thread:)... More »
Re: Mexican Judge overseeing drug lord El Chapo's case...     10/19/2016
@Kdawg, they are doing just that.  When you bring in thousands of refugees, that you do not even ve... More »
Re: Mexican Judge overseeing drug lord El Chapo's case...     10/18/2016
Oh no, it can't be a big deal.  Drugs are great.  Drug dealers are wonderful upstanding people tha... More »
Re: Gretchen Carlson     10/18/2016
Then I guess you are equally revolted by Hillary and what she did to the women her dh, Bill Clinton ... More »
Re: Tuesday's Contest Winner     10/18/2016
Whooohooo!So glad you won, you dear sweet lady:)... More »
Re: Anxiously awaiting the cooler weather     10/17/2016
@ET, I remember a few years back we had ice!  It was so cool to see it here:)But if drops to the lo... More »
Re: Not What Trump Meant     10/16/2016
No all the Dem party did.... More »
I can deal with the close to 80, cause that means you are in the 70's.  That is perfect.But 35? No,... More »
Re: Positive thoughts and prayers please     10/16/2016
@bp2018, I am praying you had a clam night.So glad CVS was able to help you:)I know ya'll all need a... More »
Re: Prayers for my brother please     10/16/2016
@lisa0044, so sorry to hear this.  Many prayers going out to your and your family.... More »
Re: Huge Trump Rally in Raleigh yesterday     10/16/2016
@calguy, at no point when all this happened was Trump a nobody.  Why didn't any, just one, of these... More »
Re: Westco donuts     10/16/2016
@ctl74, yes you do.  I have a Christmas Party every year, and we generally have upwards of 50 peopl... More »
Re: Help finding service     10/16/2016
@14valentine, go to Master Taylor in the strip mall where Chelsea's is.  They have been there for a... More »
Re: Loving this productive day     10/15/2016
@starryskies67, what is this about a Pampered Chef party?  Online???  OK, tell me the details.  Y... More »
Re: Orphan Hosting     10/15/2016
I am still stuck on any Church encouraging anyone to do something as financially irresponsible as th... More »
Re: Michelle Obama's Morality Speech     10/15/2016
@ET, a grumpy yankee:)  Who is sweating his butt off in our almost 90 weather today!  All while lo... More »
Re: Not What Trump Meant     10/15/2016
Rupaul is now saying this too.  No doubt.  Trump doesn't drink or do drugs.  Never ha... More »

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