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Re: Kid outside CMS     05/23/2016
Middle school starts at 8:20 or so, if he was out there anytime before that he wouldn't have been la... More »
Re: New to forums, moving to Kingwood     05/23/2016
Good luck, and welcome to KDC:)This is going to be a hard one to find.  You will be lucky to find a... More »
Re: Packing it up for a Florida trip     05/23/2016
Have a great trip @Chrisinkingwood!   You have well earned a vacation, between redoing the kitchen ... More »
Re: Madonna tribute to prince     05/23/2016
@yankeejessica, Madonna is a hot mess.  She is just awful.  She needs a cheeseburger and maybe a f... More »
Re: Need a recliner seat restuffed     05/22/2016
@Retired_Engineer, you can take it to Reeves, and they should be able to do this.  Or just run by S... More »
Re: @TheChad ....Hey BBQ-Dude.... I Mean, Chad-BBQ-Dude...     05/22/2016
It is hard to believe your youngest is that big now!  They are just growing up fast, because I know... More »
Re: Anyone watch HOUSE HUNTERS?     05/22/2016
@mutton, or when their realtor looks at them and says popcorn ceilings are an easy fix.  No they ar... More »
Re: ear drops     05/22/2016
@foxymama, you should have your dd's dr give you an RX for numbing drops.  I always kept some on ha... More »
Re: Graduation gift cards     05/22/2016
Cash here too.Just so much easier for the grad.  I usually get them a Tervis  with their upcoming ... More »
Re: Anyone watch HOUSE HUNTERS?     05/22/2016
I hate the words open concept.  So tired of hearing that.  I would never want my kitchen open up t... More »
Re: Two tone walls, yeah or neah?     05/22/2016
@foxymama, my dinning room and main hallway have been 2 tone for the last 10 years. I recently repai... More »
Re: Looking for.....     05/21/2016
@PugKrazy good luck finding anywhere that serves ceviche.  If they do, it isn't a lot to write home... More »
Re: Just Noticed This Unfortunate Thread On ADC **Heads Up**     05/21/2016
@herron1345  never feel bad doing good.  If you are doing good for someone who is lying or scammin... More »
Re: **Deadpool** Movie Review     05/21/2016
I got a fist bump:)... More »
Re: @Retired_Engineer     05/21/2016
@bp2018, she is insane cute.  I love those chubby cheeks.  I just want to hold her:)@Retired_Engin... More »
Re: **Deadpool** Movie Review     05/21/2016
@herron1345, dh was complaining about something the other day and I looked at him and said, Oh, you ... More »
Re: @TheChad ....Hey BBQ-Dude.... I Mean, Chad-BBQ-Dude...     05/21/2016
Ditto @herron1345.I hope he is doing great, we have missed seeing him post:)... More »
Re: @Brat     05/21/2016
@Brat, we are all thinking of you and sending prayers your way.... More »
Re: **Deadpool** Movie Review     05/21/2016
We quote this movie all the time.  It is hilarious.... More »

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