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Re: Bolivar ferry increased security.     11/19/2015
@Chrisinkingwood, on this you are insanely wrong.  Those that work in certain fields get security u... More »
Re: Thanksgiving Day Menu     11/19/2015
We make homemade spaghetti.  18 quarts, and it cooks for 24 hours.All of us rather not eat Turkey. ... More »
Re: Is there an opening date for Bass Pro and Costco in Humble?     11/19/2015
@QueenB, that just doesn't look like enough space for both a Costco and a Bass.  The parking lots f... More »
Re: Christmas lights on house     11/19/2015
lol @Annie, not that bad:)But when you are outside, right in front of it, trying to put it where it ... More »
Re: Christmas lights on house     11/18/2015
@beastmode, I told my dh last year I got laser eye surgery for free!  lolThose things are deadly on... More »
Re: Christmas lights on house     11/18/2015
@beastmode, when my dh saw the one spot light I bought last year, he told me to get a second one.  ... More »
Re: Tuesday's Contest Winner!     11/18/2015
Whoohooo!  Congrats, and how sweet to give that to your gf!  ... More »
Re: Citrus trees     11/18/2015
@deltadawn, they will not be ready to pick until Christmas.  Usually after Christmas, to early Jan.... More »
Re: Christmas lights on house     11/18/2015
OK, I am going to post this.  Ya'll can all thank me later.Bliss lights.  Look them up online.  O... More »
Re: Citrus trees     11/18/2015
No leaves?  It most likely is in shock.  This past spring/summer has been a nightmare on all plant... More »
Re: On line shopping question     11/18/2015
Yes it really is a deal, @deltadawn.  I haven't done it, but a friend of mine does, she even bought... More »
Re: Citrus trees     11/18/2015
@yankeejessica, yes!  It has been a sad pitiful tree.  For 3 years, we have only gotten 3 tiny gra... More »
Re: Citrus trees     11/18/2015
@MarT, I give the majority away.  The rest I freeze, and make various things.  By Feb my kids are ... More »
Re: Citrus trees     11/18/2015
Grapefruits are finally producing for me and they are massive!For 3 years that tree hasn't done a th... More »
Re: World Events     11/18/2015
The Romans use to kill the Christians too.... More »
Re: World Events     11/18/2015
What on earth is the purpose of the end is near stuff then?Things have been way worse in our worlds ... More »
Re: Town Center Fountain     11/18/2015
I don't see how @WskyTngoFxtrt.  A few weeks ago they weren't slaughtered in the streets.  Big dif... More »
Re: How far are you along in Christmas Holiday gift shopping?     11/18/2015
@Chrisinkingwood, I am always done by Halloween.  I shop early, October has the best sales hand... More »
Re: anyone know a firm that does brick work repairs?     11/18/2015
Mr. Brick of Houston.  Just a great company.  They redid our brick work after we had foundation wo... More »
Re: World Events     11/17/2015
If HE is coming soon that would directly contradict the first passage.  The fact is, if you are a b... More »

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