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Re: Sushi Hana in Town Center closed because of roaches     04/24/2016
I have never liked Chachi's either.  But knowing this was going on at Sushi Hanna, guarantees I wil... More »
Re: Advice     04/24/2016
If it has been a long time since you have had contact with any of them, I think sending a card to hi... More »
Re: Moving boxes     04/23/2016
@foxymama, is your dh's company going to move ya'll?  If so, you really do not have to do a thing. ... More »
Re: mother in law is killing me !!!!     04/23/2016
Just don't get the issue.Wipe your stove down, mop your kitchen floor, done.  Turn the vent hoo... More »
Re: OMG, Can't live without it!     04/22/2016
I honestly can't imagine anyone owning this.  I can't imagine taking selfies either.  How did this... More »
Re: Patio cover     04/22/2016
@txlimey, try Northeast Renovations.  They do great work, and will pull permits for you.I am guessi... More »
Re: Restaurants Cited     04/22/2016
@Safety44, yeah that is just unreal.  I can't even imagine any place opening with water inside.  S... More »
Re: Great dane     04/22/2016
@sweetie, you are always one to help get pets back to their homes:)I hope this story has a happy end... More »
Re: Is Hamblen open to 494?     04/22/2016
I hate Kingwood Dr and avoid all I can.  I can't wait for Hamblin to open back up:)... More »
Re: Friday's Contest Winner!     04/22/2016
Whoohooo!!!  So happy for you @bubbleyes72!  Way to go:)... More »
Re: Is Hamblen open to 494?     04/22/2016
Don't do it @TexasOma!  Police still have it blocked from the feeder road.And even thought that doe... More »
Re: The new Jason Bourne trailer is out     04/22/2016
I can't wait!  I am so glad Matt  is back as Jason.... More »
Re:     04/21/2016
With the market so high in Sand Creek I can't imagine anyone letting a property get in such bad shap... More »
Re: Got a tiger in your tank?     04/21/2016
During the fires a few years ago in Magnolia, some Monkey's got out, and it took some time to round ... More »
Re: Sharky's open???     04/21/2016
Just don't sit outside.  Remember last year when someone took a picture after the flood at Sharkey'... More »
Re: Drone video of Kingwood flooding     04/21/2016
That is awesome!... More »
Re: the rain brings visitors     04/21/2016
They are not domestic.  Overtime, some domestics get out and breed with the wild hogs.  And you ge... More »
Re: Sickos!     04/21/2016
I know ya'll know this already, but what they are wearing isn't the issue.  The sick pos who is pre... More »
Re: Sickos!     04/21/2016
He is a predator and he needs to be found and stopped.  They only escalate.  ... More »
Re: Do you remember 1994     04/21/2016
Wow, GREAT pics!Thanks for posting this @Txbutterfly.I can't believe the people in those townhouses ... More »

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