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Re: In case you didn't know.....     09/02/2015
Dude, you are suppose to that crap on Monday.  Today is Wednesday.  You need to mainline some coff... More »
Re: Shout Out to...     09/02/2015
Just one of the many reasons we all love KDC and Joe!And of course BBQguy, who tires to pretend he h... More »
Re: Christmas / Holiday Shopping     09/02/2015
Never shop at Black Friday.  Well some years we do go to the Galleria where there is an Omaha Steak... More »
Re: Temperature question     09/02/2015
Holy cow, why even have a/c if you set it on freaking 70+ at night?!!!???OMG.Ours is 65 upstairs and... More »
Re: Kingwood weather     09/01/2015
It isn't ever in the 30's here on a regular basis.  Nov is usually cooler than October, but rarely ... More »
Re: Boudin Stuffed Porkchops     09/01/2015
Veron's Meat Market in Atascocita has great stuffed pork chops.  Just one is big enough for 2 peopl... More »
Re: ....How Goes The Move @thegoodwife .....     09/01/2015
@thegoodwife, we would love to hear from you!Hope the move has been smooth and you are starting to e... More »
Re: Who is @KingwoodDotCom?     09/01/2015
@BBQguy, why are you going to make up a name?  You have a name, it is BBQguy.  Geesh, you don't ne... More »
Re: this move is a pain!     09/01/2015
So glad you are liking Canada.  This is a great opportunity for you, so try to enjoy it:)... More »
Re: Idiots!     09/01/2015
Tell me about it.  Pulling out of KHS the other day, had a car merge over, like you are suppose to ... More »
Re: Two years ago today....     09/01/2015
Amen @sweetie!So glad you chose to come here to live @cgm10sne1!You handled that like the boss you a... More »
Re: Anybody see the blob heading our way?     09/01/2015
I have a ton of errands to run, and hope it holds off until I am done.  Or better yet, holds off un... More »
Re: "I'll pray for you"     08/31/2015
@MellieMac, it isn't a ugly thing, unless it is.  lolIf someone tells you why Bless his heart when ... More »
@Sniper12, this is one reason BB will be the safest ice cream on the market right now.Brenham needs ... More »
Re: Bluebell     08/31/2015
@CBP210, is it ever in short demand!!!DH's fishing partner, who lives in Alaska, can't find any at a... More »
Re: Automotive Machine shop     08/31/2015
@buffaloglenn, my son and dh are fixing it up for my oldest.  And I don't know the size of the tire... More »
Re: Automotive Machine shop     08/31/2015
@Mccrj, where can you get a rear bumper for a bronco, powder coated?  I am going to get a new front... More »
Re: CC fraud @ Kroger     08/31/2015
@angiekaye, never use it as a debit card, unless you are at an ATM making a with drawl.  Otherwise ... More »
Re: I missed out on the Halloween thread     08/31/2015
I am going to try and run by before my lunch tomorrow.  I need that pumpkin.  lol... More »
Re: Kanye West to run for POTUS 2020!     08/31/2015
If anyone could make Trump look like a great candidate it is this guy.... More »


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