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Re: Verizon?     06/12/2016
I emailed Verizon's fraud Dept.  They sent me back a reply saying this was a scam.  I did not give... More »
Re: @Safety44     06/12/2016
@Safety44, you are usually up with us late:)  Thinking of you and saying a prayer for you tonight.... More »
Re: Furniture question!     06/12/2016
If you got it from Skeero's call them.  They will send someone out to fix it:)If you got it from Ro... More »
Re: Thank you my KDC peeps.     06/11/2016
@Jpgurl, I am SO glad for you and your ds.  Keep your file on hand of all the stuff you are learnin... More »
Re: Verizon?     06/11/2016
Well I think the letter is fraud.  The poor girl I spoke to was a few nuggets shy of a happy meal. ... More »
Verizon?     06/11/2016
We got a letter from them today saying we had changed our secret question, and if we did not do this... More »
Re: Echo stuff     06/11/2016
He is the sweetest baby!... More »
Re: Yankee Candle     06/11/2016
I have using the Tyler candles lately and like the way they melt so much better.I get the at Ace or ... More »
Re: Happy Birthday Nurse3     06/11/2016
Happy Birthday!!!  Have a truly blessed day:):party:... More »
Re: Road trip to California     06/11/2016
That is because you have awesome kids @squirtismyboy:)And a theme park is a theme park. But hanging ... More »
Re: Friday's Contest Winner!     06/10/2016
Whooohooo!  So glad for you!... More »
Re: Thinking of shaving my legs.... I'm being serious here.     06/10/2016
We are women @beadweaver, a man getting wax, will scream.  They just will.... More »
Re: Another scam call     06/10/2016
@TEXANSCHICK where did your boys go to school?  Mine still had spelling tests in 6th grade every Fr... More »
Re: Thinking of shaving my legs.... I'm being serious here.     06/10/2016
@Chrisinkingwood, I just don't think I would shave from your knees down.  Like someone said, maybe ... More »
Re: My G.O.T. (Game Of Thrones) Peeps....     06/10/2016
I have to say I was tearing up big time with Hodor!  WHO KNEW???   I read the books, well the ones... More »
Re: So tired of CVS auto-refill     06/10/2016
That is why we use Walgreens too @Retired_Engineer.  Just never have the issues with them that we d... More »
Re: Road trip to California     06/10/2016
@squirtismyboy, you and your kids will never forget this trip.  Do all the nerdy family stuff they ... More »
Re: Farmer's Market     06/10/2016
I never have been because I forget about it.  If they were open early Thursdays I would go.  And m... More »
Re: Another scam call     06/10/2016
Oh we have a phone tree on our street we use too. Once one of these pos's hit our street, we text th... More »
Re: Another scam call     06/10/2016
@ForeCPA90, that is one reason I refuse to open my door to them.  Another is that is just isn't saf... More »

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