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Re: Dog sitting for the next week, OH MY!     06/05/2016
You will get so used to her, you may not want to give her back:)You kids are so lucky to have you cl... More »
Re: I laughed so haed!     06/05/2016
Sadly either of these would be better than Hillary.I love this show:)... More »
Re: Anti-Trump movement is getting desperate     06/05/2016
Exactly the same for Hillary.  Hillary helps Hillary.   To even remotely think she knows or cares ... More »
Re: Need to find     06/05/2016
@beadweaver, the best thing to do would be to call up a local church and see if they have a specific... More »
Re: Anti-Trump movement is getting desperate     06/05/2016
Exactly like hearing the screeching of Hillary in whatever accent she choses to adopt for the people... More »
Re: What is this flower?     06/05/2016
I would say they are daylillies.  But the leaves do look more like an amaryllis.  However, the flo... More »
Re: Homemade Pesto     06/04/2016
@Spork, sun and water.  I have a 6 plants and they are insane.  Never just pick a leaf, snap a sec... More »
Re: Parents/teachers of graduating HS kids, question     06/04/2016
Exactly @ForeCPA90, pretty much all clubs require volunteer hours.  And the NHS always does as well... More »
Re: Well now my DW is sick :(     06/04/2016
Oh I hope she feels better soon!... More »
Re: Great Pyr's are dang good guard dogs     06/04/2016
Our lab does that @FoFa.  Our stairs to upstairs are in the back, by one of our backdoors.  When m... More »
Re: Inexpensive Aprtments or rooms?     06/04/2016
The situation with her son isn't simple.  There are way more factors than a young man who needs... More »
Re: In the hospital     06/03/2016
@Stealth83, I think he is in MissouriMany prayers going out to you @Safety44.... More »
Re: Researching a doctor     06/03/2016
@HollyHobby, Muscat did my dh's surgery on his knee.  Had a few complications and ended up havi... More »
Re: Midnight Quiz: Who is Calliope Efigenia?     06/02/2016
Oh @donnatella, she is so sweet!  I want her.... More »
Re: Feedback     06/02/2016
Oh I didn't realize you were doing a FISBO.  Just really know what you are doing.  Don't show to a... More »
Re: Update.     06/02/2016
You know we are here for you, and saying prayers!... More »
Re: Results     06/02/2016
@Ann2800 so glad to read good news! You are always in our prayers.... More »
Re: Fingerprinting?     06/02/2016
LOL @Safety44!  You are too funny!@ctl74, on the way to Liberty, before Dayton just outside of Huff... More »
Re: Feedback     06/02/2016
@cgm10sne1, I don't think any realtor will work with you without a contract.  The % they get isn't ... More »
Re: TV question     06/02/2016
@sweetie, a large cable you use to hook up the tv to the cable box thingy?  I think?  I know it wa... More »

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