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Re: Buffet's     07/15/2016
@herron1345, you could totally go out to eat with me and @BooBear.While I rearrange the seating, yes... More »
Re: GE dryer timer?     07/15/2016
I always call Paul with Paul's Appliance.  He usually has most parts, or can get them right away.If... More »
Re: Meth Sales     07/15/2016
@frebu, that I actually respect.  lol... More »
Re: Breakfast     07/15/2016
I bet you Echo was at his feet with her paws over her eyes, saying don't do it, Dude!  Don't do it!... More »
Re: Gotta love nature     07/15/2016
@Jpgurl, Get a lot of liquids in, lemonade in particular is good for this stuff.  And look up t... More »
Re:     07/15/2016
Oh dear, what happened?  Why are you walking  - outside - here in the daylight in the summer?We wi... More »
Re: Buffet's     07/15/2016
@Ebola, I think Skeeters has the best burgers in our area.But man, it is hot in there.  They need t... More »
Re: Light at North park     07/15/2016
I would tell you to call Montgomery County over this, but they don't seem to remotely care.Maybe we ... More »
Re: Buffet's     07/15/2016
@yankeejessica, now if they put a buffet up of Italiano's garlic knot rolls, I would be all over tha... More »
Re: Medicine for Safety44     07/15/2016
@deltadawn, you know this is the BEST thread ever on KDC:)I have missed any updates on @Safety44.  ... More »
Re: Google Street View in Kingwood Today     07/15/2016
Oh NO!  Someone contact @Ray right away.We all know he is often naked out back, or peeing on a tree... More »
Re: Buffet's     07/15/2016
 I have never been a fan of a Chinese buffet or a pizza buffet.Lots of people, all touching the sam... More »
Re: Buffet's     07/15/2016
OK places like Hugo's I get.And now that I think about it, we do go to the Deerwood Club on some Fri... More »
Re: Trump picks Pence     07/15/2016
I hope he puts Christie in charge of the FBI or the DOJ.  The joy in my soul would know no end. @M... More »
Re: Buffet's     07/15/2016
Golden Corral?  Seriously no way on earth I would eat there. Not even when they are running the ECo... More »
Re: omg the kingwood post office     07/15/2016
Oh the only other time the PO is really great is when mailing packages to Alaska.  I always mail mi... More »
Buffet's     07/15/2016
Serious question, who eats from a buffet anymore?They just gross me out, and have for years.  I rea... More »
Re: Pokemon     07/15/2016
I was laughing to myself last night.  It is rare to see large groups of kids out and about and not ... More »
Re: Pokemon     07/15/2016
Saw several large groups out last night all over Kingwood doing this.  Don't blame a bit for waitin... More »
Re: Trump picks Pence     07/15/2016
Saw a funny pic yesterday.  Bernie was on stage with Hillary and sweating.  After his speech, he w... More »

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