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Re: Kingwood Toddler Found Unresponsive In Pool     09/17/2016
Just unbearable heartbreak for that family.Many prayers going out to them.... More »
Re: Going to get my 1st mammogram     09/17/2016
@Ashley28, why on earth haven't you gotten one yet?Even if there is no history in anyone's family, i... More »
Re: Hi KDC Family     09/17/2016
@Ann2800, so glad you got this news!  Whoooohoooo!  Amen @deltadawn, God is good!@Zoey, I pray you... More »
Re: What is it about football?     09/17/2016
If you don't get why football is a big deal, never ever move to NC. You will have no clue why basket... More »
Re: Anyone going to get the new iPhone 7 today?     09/17/2016
My oldest and dh are getting the 7.  And my youngest and I will inherit their 6s's.  I  love my G... More »
Re: Going to get my 1st mammogram     09/16/2016
@donnatella I am really surprised to hear that.  I have never been to any breast screening and not ... More »
Re: Watcha eating for dinner?     09/15/2016
I will have to run by tomorrow @Cajunmom, I totally forgot today.  Late days on Thursday are always... More »
Re: Going to get my 1st mammogram     09/15/2016
@pickles!  No way this will be your first.  You know better.  I am like @Jpgurl, well endowed and... More »
Re: Zio's     09/15/2016
I can't eat at Papa's Seafood.  Too loud.  I love their food, but I honestly can't take the noise ... More »
Re: Do you use your dining room???     09/15/2016
We use ours now daily.For years my dining room was my office.  But as the years went by and the gra... More »
Re: Ahs 6     09/15/2016
@Txbutterfly, American Horror Story.  I am way too chicken for this show!... More »
Re: Dormant St. Augustin     09/15/2016
@v1kings28, under $50. You can get a lot of treatments in for 50.  You just have to be diligent abo... More »
Re: My school zone rant     09/15/2016
Why do the police never see these morons on the phone in a school zone?  Clear violation of the law... More »
Re: Zio's     09/15/2016
Not at all surprised at Joe's Crab Shack.  That place needed to be gutted and cleaned.  Always sme... More »
Re: Jury Duty question     09/15/2016
@XpatQN, it may not be what you are asking, but I will say, if you tell the bus driver you are going... More »
Re: Several regulars seem to be MIA...where they be??     09/15/2016
Yo @DiverDude!  Whats up?It has been awhile since you were around.  Glad to see you back:)... More »
Re: Tomorrow is     09/15/2016
Praying for you, you wonderful brave lady:)... More »
Re: Now here is a shocker!     09/14/2016
@Jeff1928, Ivonka owned Megan in that interview.  She said her dad treats everyone equal, men and w... More »
Re: Dormant St. Augustin     09/14/2016
We used those granules @2danes.  So far, no success.@Nurse3, I will run by there today.  We have b... More »
Re: recommendations for real estate agent     09/14/2016
@landlady, I have to say Jeff too.  Just really knows his business.  And he is a selling machine. ... More »

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