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Re: 494 construction?     01/01/2016
@bubbleyes72, we need to close in the summer.  We can't afford the overhead.  All of us ladies hav... More »
Re: Dillards     01/01/2016
@Annie I am heading that way in a few.I hate they are so busy, no one use to ever know about their N... More »
Re: Yea, Bree played with Echo     01/01/2016
@Annie, someone has to train the dog:)My boys are always shocked to know how many people know about ... More »
Re: We need a lost and found pet page or tab     01/01/2016
Amen to that @donnatella!You know if you have a pet that on New Year's Eve and July 4th, you keep th... More »
Re: 494 construction?     01/01/2016
You know @MarT,  if they call you just put in you are willing to job share.  Between all of us, we... More »
Re: It's so hard     01/01/2016
lol  Own this one, and spoil her rotten:)  She is going to be your shadow, until Bree can't take i... More »
Re: Happy new years!     01/01/2016
@yankeejessica, when you heading back to the hood?... More »
Re: Water Heater Went Out     01/01/2016
Kenneth's will come out for a hot water heater.  LesConn is good too.That just sucks, not sure any ... More »
Re: Yea, Bree played with Echo     01/01/2016
Just a little more time, and Bree will take Echo over and show Echo how to be afraid of bad weather ... More »
Re: Natalie Cole passed     01/01/2016
Wow she was young for that huh?So sorry to see this.  What an amazing family, between her and her d... More »
Re: @Ann2800     01/01/2016
Same here @SandyKnee, this just makes my whole day!@Safety44, thank you for keeping this bumped up!!... More »
Re: Cotton Bowl     12/31/2015
Amen at Cajun!  LOL... More »
Re: 494 construction?     12/31/2015
I could make sure the offices look nice, I can buy furniture like you can't even imagine!And I could... More »
Re: **Happy New Years Eve, My Friends**     12/31/2015
Happy New Year to everyone on KDC!  And esp to Joe for running such a great site.May everyone be bl... More »
Re: Cotton Bowl     12/31/2015
Always will pull for the SEC!But may I never have to utter these words again, Roll Tide!See @Wooders... More »
Re: Firework Safety & Laws     12/31/2015
My dog is a mess.  I really wish a lot of bad things on every butt head that feels the need to do t... More »
Re: Black Eyed Pea recipe     12/31/2015
My dh loves his cabbage similar to that @Retired_Enigneer. I usually dice up some andouie sausage o... More »
Re: Greens cooking Friday     12/31/2015
Collard greens will be going here.  I love them.  My dh brought me home a pick up truck full this ... More »
Re: What a way to end 2015!     12/31/2015
You are the best @Retired_Engineer!  So is your wonderful wife!Thanks so much for making 2 dogs lif... More »
Re: Fireworks?     12/31/2015
Downtown Houston has some and they televise it every year.Never anything in Town Center for New Year... More »


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