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Re: Mitt Romney awoke a sleeping giant     03/07/2016
What a tool Romney has turned into.  I wonder how much Hillary is paying him.  He said on ... More »
Re: Costco Questions     03/07/2016
@BBQguy, if you don't ask them anything else, you have to do with @Spork question.  By far the best... More »
Re: Happy retirement Peyton Manning !!     03/07/2016
@mutton, knowing @Wooderson, he is going to say Hey, I love GC!  LOL... More »
Re: Big Thank You shout. Out to Skero's furniture     03/07/2016
@Ann2800 how wonderful that Skeero's did that!I love that place.  I have been replacing all my furn... More »
Re: Had a good time anyway     03/07/2016
It is all about the attitude:)  So glad ya'll had a good weekend.  My youngest was hit with a stom... More »
Re: Prediction Game     03/06/2016
True!The next person dreads tomorrow.  Monday's suck.... More »
Re: Cake     03/06/2016
@HollyHobby, I use to eat there a lot.  But then we started going to Lupe's.  The fresh food at Lu... More »
Re: Happy retirement Peyton Manning !!     03/06/2016
@Wooderson!!!  Said in my most stern Ron Wesely voice, after Ron stole his Dad's car to get him and... More »
Re: Cake     03/06/2016
@Ashley28, the best Tres Leches cake is at Chuey's.  I don't really like their food, but you can ca... More »
Re: Parental Alienation and 'you'...or, a family member?     03/06/2016
@SandyKnee, no one talks that way.  Other than the loony left anchors on MSNBC and CNN.  If any of... More »
Re: #@$%!     03/06/2016
Woke up to my youngest son throwing up.Gonna be a good day here.... More »
Re: What was this     03/05/2016
Exactly @HollyHobby.  Why are men like this?  My dh will, without fail, talk when I am clearly try... More »
Re: what is the best place in or around Kingwood to eat, Hidden gem.     03/05/2016
Thanks for the info @Spork@soxs mom, gotta love Chelsea's for chicken salad on a croissant, and thei... More »
Re: What was this     03/05/2016
@squirtismyboy, really?  Asking a female why we want to know what someone else is eating?  For rea... More »
Re: Pizza Hut     03/05/2016
@Yankeerose, you cross the bridge, and it is the first shopping center on the right, on the other en... More »
Re: ahhhh that's good coffee     03/05/2016
@Ray, what is up with the smoke smell outside?  Are you getting it over your way?  Outside looks s... More »
Re: Pizza     03/05/2016
Best local pizza is Spanky's over in Pasadena.  Just so good.  Great family owns the place.... More »
Re: what is the best place in or around Kingwood to eat, Hidden gem.     03/05/2016
Gotta mention Carrabia's.  Went there last night and was really blown away by the service.  Very c... More »
Re: Dang insomnia and indigestion     03/05/2016
@Retired_Engineer, same here buddy.  My indigestion is caused by so much drainage, according to my ... More »
Re: PM's Received About My Posting Scriptures...     03/04/2016
@herron1345, I love your posts!You are never pushy.  And most of your verses are applicable to anyo... More »

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