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Re: Are the Presidential conventions irrelevant today?     07/16/2016
I think they are a massive waste of money.  It is staggering to see the numbers.I can't really reca... More »
Re: Found rabbit     07/16/2016
Thanks for taking in the bunny!I have a mini lop and would be heart broken if he got out.  It is so... More »
Re: Any Pokemon Go gatherings today in Kingwood?     07/16/2016
I am not sure there is an organized way of doing this.  Seems like a few friends just get together ... More »
Re: What are your plans...     07/16/2016
Are ya'll there already @beadweaver?So glad for ya'll.  Send pictures!... More »
Re: Black Lives Matter at Deerbrook Mall     07/16/2016
I never hear people say they know white Republicans, gasp!  It is flat out racist to think all blac... More »
Re: What are your plans...     07/16/2016
@Puzzles,  if you haven't tried the ribs at Lupe you should for an app.  They are insane crazy goo... More »
Re: Black Lives Matter at Deerbrook Mall     07/16/2016
After the attack in Nice it would be in poor taste for them to do this today.But if they do show up,... More »
Re: Buffet's     07/16/2016
@BlackBart, maybe reading comprehension isn't your thing.  I clearly said, twice(that is 2 times) t... More »
Re: Buffet's     07/15/2016
@MarT, I am sure they don't.  But anytime I see a Chinese food buffet I think MSG.  lolI knew what... More »
Re: WTF wife stays home all day and i get Burger King ?     07/15/2016
The biggest deal is that BK got the order right and actually had the food in stock that was ordered.... More »
Re: can somebody help me understand the point of this?     07/15/2016
@lola, that is because you are a bad butt!  Look at you being all cool.  ... More »
Re: Light at North park     07/15/2016
@TheChad really?  I think when you call 311 they refer you to Montgomery County over this light.  ... More »
Re: master bath remodel     07/15/2016
That is beautiful @beastmode!   I really liked that you kept it to the style of the house.... More »
Re: Making Hog Head Cheese     07/15/2016
My Papa loved this stuff.I will take a massive pass!... More »
Re: can somebody help me understand the point of this?     07/15/2016
The Park Rangers at the Grand Canyon told us upwards of 25 people a year die from getting too close ... More »
Re: GE dryer timer?     07/15/2016
Paul has saved me a ton of money in last few years!  He is always happy to answer questions and tri... More »
Re: Buffet's     07/15/2016
It always looks really nice @Retired_Engineer, and I want to get to it, but I go to Fogo's for the s... More »
Re: Friday's Contest Winner!     07/15/2016
WHOOHOOO!!!!!!SOOO happy for you @dotti573!Your dd will be over the moon!  See good things do happe... More »
Re: Buffet's     07/15/2016
At least they do know how to set up tables.  We only had a GC in my hometown growing up. Had to dri... More »
Re: New Stop Sign     07/15/2016
This is crazy.  There is so much traffic through there, it will make crossing to get to CFA even wo... More »

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