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Re: 100 Best Children's Books     11/04/2016
Pippi Longstocking books were my favorite ones growing up!Really good list.Well, I have never unders... More »
Re: Nissan Juke?     11/04/2016
@Sniper12, I don't know a thing about the Juke:)But, before you buy go around and look at the Mazda'... More »
Re: Hillary for Prison 2016     11/04/2016
This is the just tip of the iceberg as to what is coming.... More »
Re: Hillary and Huma getting it on     11/03/2016
I think she is worse than Bill regardless.And I think what the FBI is finding shows that.Hillary and... More »
Re: Sooo whatcha gonna fix for supper tonight???     11/03/2016
Cesar salad with spiral sliced ham, and  Hawaiian sweet rolls.    Sweet tea.... More »
Re: Scentsy Favs     11/03/2016
I like the Tyler Candles and wax warmers.  I like the cinnamon and apple scents for the fall.  ... More »
Re: Glass for picture frame     11/03/2016
Michael's I would think for the reasons @FoFa suggested.... More »
Re: cement turtle.....     11/03/2016
@FoFa, I can't thank that.  That would freak me out. Not at doll or clown level, but it would still... More »
Re: Prayers Requested     11/03/2016
Sending prayers to you always @Ann2800.... More »
Re: Thanksgiving Day Dinner     11/03/2016
@beastmode, go to Target next time and get their Archer Farm spiral sliced ham.  Just like Honey Ba... More »
Re: cement turtle.....     11/03/2016
I have a stone rabbit in my back yard.  I have had him close to 20 years.  He has moved to every s... More »
Re: Old Sears Store demolished     11/03/2016
@yankeejessica, @Cajunmom and myself drove by there last week, and didn't even see this! Someone to... More »
Re: Prayer Request; Everest     11/03/2016
Prayers going out his way.... More »
Re: Thanksgiving Day Dinner     11/02/2016
Poor @ET, the only good turkey is fried.  It isn't breaded so it isn't a nugget:)  Unless you drin... More »
Re: Name this spider     11/02/2016
I was all kinds of agreeing with you @deltadawn, until you got to the crazy part about "leave her be... More »
Re: Bon voyageeeeeeeeee     11/02/2016
@BooBear, AMEN to the big hair!I so hate flat stuck to your head hair.  I love big hair and I canno... More »
Re: Bring it on...     11/02/2016
lol  No!Even in June, July and August it got really cool at night, and there was always a breeze. ... More »
Re: Bring it on...     11/02/2016
Everyone did this when I was in college @SmurfySuzi.  Maybe because I was in the mountains, but it ... More »
Re: Name this spider     11/02/2016
Name it?  Why are you asking it over for dinner?RUN!!!!Spray it with hairspray while holding a ligh... More »
Re: My dog's surgery     11/02/2016
If that is the case, get her some chicken livers.  @Weathergirl5, what did you feed your baby when ... More »

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