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Re: Another scam call     06/10/2016
@TEXANSCHICK, we get them all the time.  We are around the corner, more or less, from @Retired_Engi... More »
Re: @Safety44     06/10/2016
@Safety44, just no way you are a burden to anyone.  You have been nothing but a blessing your wife ... More »
Re: Fathers Day Gift Idea     06/09/2016
Even better, get some wood and build your father a container garden, that is about 4 feet high, so y... More »
Re: MiL can make me crazy!     06/09/2016
We had to take my fil off of all the banking stuff.  My dh had to go to NC and get power of attorne... More »
Re: A blast from the past!     06/09/2016
What a great looking family!... More »
Re: My son wants to take his deep freezer loaded up with food     06/09/2016
Just dangerous to do, because when a good or most thaws, and they refreeze it, organic or not, they ... More »
Re: This really just sucks!     06/09/2016
@choclab, I was thinking the same thing.  If the police show up at your house and tell you to put y... More »
Re: New Car Today!     06/09/2016
@beastmode, congratulations on the new ride!  It is beautiful.Funny you mention a Mazda.  Not a br... More »
Re: Randalls new look does not impress me     06/09/2016
Randall's has the best fresh cut flowers.  And some of their steaks are really good.Otherwise, I ra... More »
Re: Need firewood     06/08/2016
@foxymama, call Warren's and ask if they have a few logs you can buy.  They most likely would.  It... More »
Re: Yellowstone Park     06/08/2016
At least we can still get to some of our parks.  In Arizona, the Fed Gov has signs up warning again... More »
Re: Where to buy Pillows and thro blanket?     06/08/2016
Don't spend a lot.  Get cheap pillows from Walmart then.  Esp if you have no plans on keeping the ... More »
Re: A Blessing needed     06/08/2016
@HumbleMommy, many prayers going out to your little man!I hope he heals fast.... More »
Re: Need firewood     06/08/2016
I would imagine you would @foxymama, depending on the logs you find.But for $10 I would follow up wi... More »
Re: Where to buy Pillows and thro blanket?     06/08/2016
Yes.  It really will tie everything together.You can buy pillow covers at BB&B, and just use ov... More »
Re: Moving companies referrals please     06/08/2016
His company doesn't provide the movers?  If they are paying anyway, they could get a much better ra... More »
Re: Need firewood     06/08/2016
Take your dh on a walk on the greenbelts, and pick up some logs there.  Free and easy.  Looks good... More »
Re: Where to buy Pillows and thro blanket?     06/08/2016
Make sure the splashes of color you use tie in.  Things just need to make sense. And I know i keep... More »
Re: Adventures in dog sitting part 2     06/08/2016
Love hearing these stories @Chrisinkingwood.  @Maisey1, my mom loves my lab to no end.  She loves ... More »
Re: Yellowstone Park     06/08/2016
The signs are clear, and if you can see the ground is clearly not something you would walk on.  I j... More »

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