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Re: School zone crazy driving.     04/01/2016
@2danes, OMG Amen times a million!!!I have been to the substation a hundred times to complain about ... More »
Re: Movie Showtimes, Reviews, & More     04/01/2016
I love this feature here!  Only place I ever check for movies locally.... More »
Re: I am needing some help     04/01/2016
@saltwaterfisherman, don't let us forget about this. Someone that does this should flat out go to ja... More »
Re: Add Your Business To KDC     04/01/2016
Another reason KDC is the best site around.... More »
Re: Need some prayers tomorrow     04/01/2016
@starryskies67, sending some prayers your way today:)... More »
Re: Homesick     04/01/2016
I so know how you feel.  I get homesick for the areas I grew up in.  And every time I think of goi... More »
Re: Shoe repair     04/01/2016
Got to Master Taylor. They do shoe repairs as well.  They are in the same shopping center as Chelse... More »
Re: Tailor     04/01/2016
@Wooderson, Master Taylor.  They are in the shopping center with the Chelsea's Deli.  Been using h... More »
Re: Any Opinions Re Household Inurance Companies Like American Home Shield?     03/31/2016
@Zoey, they are all pure scammers.Read online at the lawsuits against AHS.  There are pages of them... More »
Re: so I resigned today...#OHHAPPYDAY!     03/31/2016
@jax, I am so glad you asked.  This has been bugging me all day:)Does the # put the article or the ... More »
Re: Trumps 2nd cousin     03/31/2016
No @sammee, we are talking about Trump not Cruz.LOL... More »
Re: Best in Kingwood?     03/31/2016
Yes that is it @myevilgrin!If you have the time and the desire to drive to the mall, which I rarely ... More »
Re: McDonalds     03/31/2016
That is for sure!  I maybe would have had to minor fit:)I am with your son @monyhoney, I am so ... More »
Re: Best in Kingwood?     03/31/2016
@v1kings28, Sushi Hanna in Town Center is pretty good sushi.  Also the place down from J Christophe... More »
Re: McDonalds     03/31/2016
@Safety44 and @villaindave, if you are in NYC, in Little Italy, you pay that and more for tea and th... More »
Re: Baking question     03/31/2016
1/4 tsp will be a bit much for sugar cookies.  You don't have to add any, if you do, do what @delta... More »
Re: Old Farts coffee     03/31/2016
@Retired_Engineer, you would love meeting with that group of great folks!  @FoFa, you should go and... More »
Re: McDonalds     03/31/2016
@dotti573, there is a big difference!  You are right, I can always tell a Coke from McDonalds.I nev... More »
Re: Where do you get your pet meds?     03/31/2016
@landlady, Walmart has pet meds as well.  You can call and get a quote to see if they are cheaper.I... More »
Re: Billary     03/31/2016
At least Pat and Vana bring joy to some people's lives...  lolThey actually work for their income. ... More »

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