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Re: So Ready for Fall!     08/15/2016
Way better to travel to these places:)  Well not for fall.  I so wish Texas had fall.  And I know... More »
Re: When was the last time you took a bath?     08/15/2016
@SandyKnee too funny!  We were typing at the same time:)I have a massive tub with jets.  I hate it... More »
Re: When was the last time you took a bath?     08/15/2016
@deltadawn and @Retired_Engineer, really think before getting one of those.  My mil wanted one for ... More »
Re: Feelin' crabby today     08/15/2016
@Cajunmom made a crab pie over the weekend that was simply to die for!I still can't believe how good... More »
Re: New Scam     08/15/2016
@FoFa and @beastmode, well we can all be grateful to Hillary, she found that the Nigerian scam was r... More »
Re: Well I guess it was bound to happen eventually!     08/15/2016
I am glad you are handy and can fix this!  For many it would be the end of the drone.... More »
Re: The Dump     08/15/2016
@Txbutterfly, same here!  I went all over looking for new den furniture this past Dec.  I went to ... More »
Re: Prayers for our neighboring State: LA :(((     08/15/2016
Denham Springs is a nightmare @sweetie!My boys godparents are in Baton Rouge.  Their street is unde... More »
Re: Trump     08/15/2016
Well said @FoFa.  Trump at least has the sense to bring in the best people for the job.  Hillary h... More »
Re: Trump     08/15/2016
Hillary is selling America to the highest bidder.  Trump would never do that.  He isn't some nut l... More »
Re: Feelin' crabby today     08/15/2016
It is a rainy Monday, you are suppose to be crabby today:)... More »
Re: How long have y'all been in Kingwood?     08/15/2016
Will be 13 years this Nov.Can't believe it has been that long!... More »
Re: Feeling heartbroken     08/15/2016
He is not just a cat.  He is a family member.  My heart just breaks for you.But what a good life h... More »
Re: New York Seltzer     08/14/2016
@yankeejessica, it was actually a big thing in the late 80's and early 90's too.   And if you tell ... More »
Re: Echo stuff     08/14/2016
Poor sweet baby.  She needs her own room @FoFa.... More »
Re: New York Seltzer     08/14/2016
I use to drink this stuff in college.  It was big just before Snapple came on the market, in our li... More »
Re: Biggest boobs in US lives in Kingwood     08/14/2016
Ethical Dr.s would deny her.  They do it all the time.  Some Hollywood show on plastic surgeons co... More »
Re: significant other pet peeves     08/14/2016
@Burnsway, Boo has issues with people chewing and making noises.  And breathing too.LOL... More »
Re: New York Seltzer     08/14/2016
@Annie, girl when did you go to Cali?  ... More »
Re: Trump     08/14/2016
@notfromhere, it wasn't the majority of Rep that voted for Trump.  LOTS of Dems crossed over.  Whe... More »

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