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Re: Well its $858 dollars later     03/11/2016
So sad you are still there, but @Safety44, I am glad you are getting taken care of.  Nurses and Dr ... More »
Re: Soooooooooo white for supper???     03/11/2016
@foxymama!  Poor you, I hope tomorrow is better:)... More »
Re: Soooooooooo white for supper???     03/11/2016
Pizza from Johnny's.Got one dh that is sick, so I made him homemade chicken soup.Not cooking for any... More »
Re: New dishwasher     03/11/2016
@Annie, all are quiet now days.  Do look on Amazon for reviews before you buy any, the reviews ther... More »
Re: Well its $858 dollars later     03/11/2016
lol @Safety44.I rarely get out of Sam's under $300.  So if I really had to stock up, I can see me g... More »
Re: Thread Killer Stats?     03/11/2016
So glad I am not first on the list.  I often think I am the supreme thread killer:)... More »
Re: The Draft     03/10/2016
@HollyHobby, I thought the same thing.  We are for sure going back.  Now I have to try the burger ... More »
Re: The Draft     03/10/2016
@justanirishgirl, it is a sports bar. They have 32 TV's.  But they also have a kids menu:)And it is... More »
The Draft     03/10/2016
Went for the first time today at lunch.Finally a place to go in and be able to get a club sandwich.T... More »
Re: Carrabba's     03/10/2016
I think were just really impressed with the service, it was unreal.  Never once ran out of a bevera... More »
Re: Wonder     03/10/2016
IF there were any cost effective ways of going green, all the O & G would be all over this.  Ju... More »
Re: Flood Warning     03/10/2016
It hope this isn't going to be a repeat of last spring.... More »
Re: Black Snap-On     03/10/2016
And yes @donnatella, I was scared to even open this:)  ... More »
Re: Black Snap-On     03/10/2016
The Craftsman ones are that or higher.  But the point of putting stuff on the yard sale/classifieds... More »
Re: Clinton on possibility of email indictment     03/10/2016
I don't know @FoFa, I see it more like this:Bill calling O and telling him if this isn't swept under... More »
Re: All The Chiefs (Managers)....     03/10/2016
Oh so sorry!  You know if God closes a door He opens a window.  You will come out of this better t... More »
Re: obama vs energy companies climate change     03/10/2016
Another reason come November America needs to vote ABC, Any Body but Clinton:)Talk about controlling... More »
Re: All The Chiefs (Managers)....     03/10/2016
Sending prayers your way!  This is such a scary time for so many.... More »
Re: Rodeo Thieves     03/09/2016
Unreal!  That is insane.  Those kids that raise and show these animals win big money for scholarsh... More »
Re: Culver's     03/09/2016
100% Agree!It starts at the top, the owners are fantastic people:)... More »

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