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Re: Baby Goat Thinks a German Shepherd is Her Mommy (VIDEO)     10/18/2015
Post of the day, as usual @herron1345.... More »
Re: Go Colts!     10/18/2015
The pos's, short for Patriots, can't lose enough.  Brady makes me want to hurl... More »
Re: KDC Anniversary today for: Wooderson, MusicQueen, Texmex123, MissEblue05, tctd, tjros439, tygr052, davidcline54, yankeegirl, jluquette129!!     10/18/2015
@Wooderson, Congrats home skillet!You make KDC what it is my friend:)And you always let me know wher... More »
Re: greetings from Portland OR     10/18/2015
@lola, have a great time!  Your nephew is so lucky to have such a cool aunt!... More »
Re: Radio Flyer Wagon     10/18/2015
We got my oldest one when he was 2.  Best thing ever bought.  It was over 100 and that was 14 year... More »
Re: HEB, Memorial Hermann, & ???     10/18/2015
I am not sure about the Asian place.  We have Hinn's, we have Hunan and Sushi Hannah all right ther... More »
Re: Snow     10/18/2015
We have friends in Alaska and they have already had a first snowfall too.  That looks like upstate ... More »
Re: Changing Dr after 1st visit     10/17/2015
@HollyHobby, I love Dr. Smiths office for dermatologists.  He has been amazing in helping me deal w... More »
Re: Hawaii Governor Declares State of Emergency     10/17/2015
Another place Democrats have turned into a winning place.  Tourism is what drives their economy.  ... More »
Re: is there anything I can do about this??     10/17/2015
Call the City of Houston on Monday.  Call the Mayors office. They have a dept that handles this.  ... More »
Re: Beautiful weather outside!     10/17/2015
I was thinking of you @Chrisinkingwood!  I was out, and yes the weather is amazing!  But now that ... More »
Re: Orthopedic surgeon?     10/17/2015
@Annie, I am sorry that was your experience. But in a way that is good.  The more time he spends wi... More »
Re: Dinner     10/17/2015
Finally got take out at 11.  Been an insane day.  I finally have my upstairs cleaned out.  Gettin... More »
Re: Orthopedic surgeon?     10/17/2015
@cgm10sne1, Gotta tell you Muscat is the best.  He fixed all 3 breaks to my oldest's arm, all at di... More »
Re: Rent-a-suit recommendations     10/17/2015
@Brat, I think MWH rents suits for under $70.00.  The costs will vary if you need shoes, shirt and ... More »
Re: Sliding Glass door DIY Ideas     10/16/2015
@RogueHippEE, go by Lowe's or Home Depot.  They have self adhesive stuff that stick to windows. It ... More »
Re: JJ Watt is.......Batman!     10/16/2015
lol @sweetie.He was so relaxed and in no hurry to get this done and leave.  Just a good decent guy.... More »
Re: Northpark     10/15/2015
The sun is brutal in that direction!  I am surprised we don't have more accidents at that time of d... More »
Re: Migraine?     10/15/2015
No but I will send a prayer your way.  I just can't imagine.  I have been lucky enough to have nev... More »
Re: KDC Posting Contest - 10/15/15 - $25 Chili's     10/15/2015
@Annie, if I win this, it is yours!  :)... More »


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