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Re: Any night owls up?     08/26/2016
Woke up at 5 to rain:)  Not even going to complain about the rain either.  @bp2018, this too shall... More »
Re: Rise Souffle     08/25/2016
Thanks for posting this @Annie.  I have been meaning to ask you about this.It is on our list of pla... More »
Re: Retired Engineer     08/25/2016
@cgm10sne1, and @Retired_Eningeer, post of the day:)@herron1345 wanted to tag you on this, because y... More »
Re: Free calls to Italy     08/25/2016
Nice to see Suddenlink offering a good affordable service:)... More »
Re: MIL update & brother too.     08/25/2016
So glad you got good news @deltadawn, you deserve some:)... More »
Re: This forum is super right wing.     08/25/2016
Some people have no decency @DanStanton.  Hard to imagine anyone being hateful to @Ann2800.... More »
Re: My 15 anniversary     08/25/2016
Congratulations!!!Whoohooo!... More »
Re: Orange is new black     08/25/2016
@Jeff1928, I just can't get over how well done Sherlock is.  The writing and acting are just top no... More »
Re: Orange is new black     08/25/2016
@pickles we are liking the same things.  I agree with you on this 100%.  When you find a good one ... More »
Re: best date night spot in Kingwood ?     08/25/2016
@DavidOakley, gotta second Amedeo's.  Call and make a reservation.  Something just nice about walk... More »
Re: Is anyone else getting these calls?     08/25/2016
I am no so sure the do not call list, or the press 1 to be put on their do not call list does any go... More »
Re: Germany encourages emergency plans     08/24/2016
Germany made a massive mistake taking in refugees like they did.  And this is surprising for German... More »
Re: Germany encourages emergency plans     08/24/2016
Yeah @Stealth83, we have friends from here working and living in Germany.  They said this is really... More »
Re: Headhunters calling me     08/24/2016
@podunk, exactly.  And a lot of companies are waiting to see if Hillary is elected.  If so, just l... More »
Re: Headhunters calling me     08/24/2016
Are you nuts?!?No way anyone would cook @Ray inside!  The fumes, without a gas stove, would be awfu... More »
Re: Headhunters calling me     08/24/2016
I don't know @ET.  I think he may soften up to shoe leather if boiled for a few days:)... More »
Re: Louisiana Help     08/24/2016
Please do.  We have gotten some pictures from friends living there.  It is something we should all... More »
Re: Headhunters calling me     08/24/2016
He does supply chain.  He is a Chem E with a Masters.  He does oil and gas, and other things.  He... More »
Re: Seal being chased by Oscar pod jumps on to boat     08/24/2016
Wow @Chrisinkingwood, that was amazing!When the seal first jumped on the boat, you can see one orca ... More »
Re: Indiana house !......     08/24/2016
OH NO!!!  I hope she can't sell it now.  What was she thinking? I know ya'll are disappointed.  ... More »

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