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Re: Houston terrorist     01/07/2016
Nothing to see here, Oh no look a law abiding citizen with a gun!  AHHHHH Run the sky is falling!... More »
Re: Men's dress shirts     01/07/2016
Ditto @Annie, that is the best brand for mens clothes period.  They travel exceptionally well and h... More »
Re: If you see my truck, get the hell out the way!     01/07/2016
@mm4731, here I was thinking FINALLY!  Finally you manned up and went all Texan on our butts and go... More »
Re: Going to the Woodlands mall     01/07/2016
@Nurse3, Sweet Tomatoes was one of our favorite places when I lived in the Woodlands.Guadaljara, (sp... More »
Re: hair styles......     01/07/2016
A nice bob would be a great style.  You can get it cut that way now, and wear it longer or shorter ... More »
Re: Is it 15 or 20?     01/06/2016
At least you got one right.  9 times out of 10 I guess every single box beside the $ sign. &nbs... More »
Re: Kewl Photo     01/06/2016
That is a spectacular pic @FoFa, thanks for sharing it.How is Echo?  Do you feel bad leaving her ev... More »
Re: Wednesday's Contest Winner!     01/06/2016
@mm4731, well on the plus side you made it a whole 6 days!Whoohoo @donnatella!... More »
Re: Home warranty     01/06/2016
You really come out ahead if you find some good contractors/workers/repair people.I have a great lis... More »
Re: It's been a long time but.......     01/06/2016
@Ann2800!  WOW, I am just blown away.I don't know why we always doubt, but we do.  Then God shows ... More »
Re: @BooBear     01/06/2016
Still way out of line to be ugly to @BooBear.  ... More »
Re: @BooBear     01/06/2016
It is the manic behavior you see with many illnesses.  I think he comes here to vent and hopefully ... More »
Re: Home warranty     01/06/2016
There are no good ones.  Look up the lawsuits pending and complaints filed for every home warranty ... More »
Re: Shogun     01/06/2016
Same here @Maisey1, I will be glad to not have to go the mall anymore for Japanese.  ... More »
Re: School Zone extended on Clover Valley near Shadow Forest Elementary     01/05/2016
I would LOVE to see HPD actually watch the school zone at RMS.  From Mills Branch on Kingwood DR ti... More »
Re: Paper Shredding     01/05/2016
@friday1 I think you can be there while they shred it.  I burn mine in a fire pit.  It isn't like ... More »
Re: Coming down with Something! UGH     01/05/2016
Tylenol Flu helps with aches and chills too @Bearfin.Hope you feel better soon.  Gets some hot tea ... More »
Re: Paper Shredding     01/05/2016
You can also take it to Mail and More.  They are on Woodland Hills.  You would have to call to get... More »
Re: What's the story here? Kingwood umbrella lady     01/05/2016
It would be nice to have her somewhere safe. Where she is, is not safe.  She does need to go to a h... More »
Re: Panhandling @ Northpark & Woodland Hills     01/05/2016
They are the same ones @blueyes.  I call the police every single time I see them.  And will contin... More »


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