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Re: Flamboyantly Gay Server     11/07/2015
LMAO @BooBear!@Retired_Engineer, you know you can't give boo ammunition:)... More »
Re: Need expert advice     11/07/2015
No handgun would have helped in that situation @beadweaver.  Calling the landlady this am, was the ... More »
Re: Lost Mailbox Key     11/07/2015
What?  How can the PO no recognize the authority of the IRS?  The post office sucks.  You should ... More »
Re: Carson made up westpoint scholarship     11/07/2015
Post of the day @fcabanski!... More »
Re: Meat Sales This Weekend     11/07/2015
@Sniper12, mine is full of Halibut and Salmon.I am dreading dh going duck hunting.  We will have to... More »
Re: Prayers needed     11/07/2015
Just a beautiful comment @klp1972!  I wish I could thank it a million times.... More »
Re: Krispy Kreme Coffee K-Cup     11/07/2015
And if ya'll haven't tried the Gevalia Cappuccino, OMG you must.They come with a milk packet, you pu... More »
Re: Carson made up westpoint scholarship     11/07/2015
Politico had to change the title of their story.  Will not retract what they wrote completely, but ... More »
Re: Million Mask March     11/06/2015
What a bunch of babies.  They best leave my Amazon Prime the heck alone.  I shop from there, weekl... More »
Re: Snake Warning thread...     11/06/2015
@bubbleyes72, don't open it.  There is one picture of a snake.  While dead, it is still a snake.I ... More »
Re: Are you ready for all the grocery store specials on turkey?     11/06/2015
If ya'll want a butt kicking ham, instead of paying $80 at Honey Baked hams, go to Target and get th... More »
Re: Snake warning     11/06/2015
Most excellent advice @ProblemAgain!  Thanks.  Us owners of dingbat labs appreciate you.... More »
Re: Carson made up westpoint scholarship     11/06/2015
@MarT, you also have to take into consideration his background.  He didn't have parents who went to... More »
Re: Christmas expenses     11/06/2015
@RougeHippEE, when Christmas becomes about spending the same as others on a gift, the true spirit of... More »
Re: Fast food burger joints     11/06/2015
@buffaloeglenn, I am going to do that from now on:)   Pure brilliance.... More »
Re: Christmas expenses     11/06/2015
@soxs mom, I am usually done by Halloween.  All the cool deals on toys, especially Legos occur in O... More »
Re: Anyone else having mega allergy issues?     11/06/2015
Holy smokes yes!!!I am dying.  Doing RX nose spray, RX eye drops, Claritin.  Nothing is working. ... More »
Re: All packed up     11/06/2015
Have a great trip @staylifted, and be safe:)... More »
Re: Mosquitos!     11/06/2015
For sure Cutter's.  Best stuff on the market.... More »
Re: Christmas expenses     11/06/2015
I dont get stuff for everyone in my family either.We get for our kids, and dh and I get for each oth... More »


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