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Re: fillies director fired today ???????     04/06/2016
Well they are protesting this today at KHS.  They may should protest the end of critical thinking i... More »
Re: Sand Creek no water     04/06/2016
We have water.  Had brown water on Sat.  Took all day to clear up.  ... More »
Re: Scam or Honest     04/05/2016
@Safety44, it is a scam!They drop these kids off, almost always in a white van, and make them go doo... More »
Re: fillies director fired today ???????     04/05/2016
It does appear that this is the case.  I know something like does not happen for trivial reasons. ... More »
Re: Happy 8th Anniversary to my wife!!!!     04/05/2016
congratulations guys!!!Best wishes this year and may you have many more 8 year celebrations!... More »
Re: Map for Green Belt trails?     04/05/2016
Mail and More on Woodland Hills has these also.  ... More »
Re: @mutton @MarT -- where you be?     04/05/2016
Where is @herron1345?  Do we need to put out an APB on her?... More »
Re: So sad     04/05/2016
Cancer is so awful @deltadawn.  Many prayers going out to you and your cousins family.  May God br... More »
Re: Looking for a place for a baby shower     04/05/2016
I know most pools have a pool house they will rent out.  A room just off the pool area.... More »
Re: Mulch removal     04/05/2016
@Safety44, we have a river rock boarder around our house and garage too.  DH refuses to ever put mu... More »
Re: Mulch removal     04/05/2016
I have never heard of getting rid of old mulch either.  We just put new on top of the old.  @ET, y... More »
Re: Suicide In Trailwood Village     04/05/2016
@CMLV, that comment wasn't from Zoey.Maybe you need to get real.  What purpose would you even have ... More »
Re: Door to Door Salesmen     04/05/2016
@MartT, exactly.  I really do not understand anyone opening their doors to strangers.  Unless you ... More »
Re: Echo stuff     04/04/2016
@FoFa, I love that dog:)... More »
Re: Basil uses     04/04/2016
I use it in riccoto cheese for stuffed shells.  ... More »
Re: Shingles     04/04/2016
You can get shingles more than once.  It is not common but can happen.  My aunt had them 3 times. ... More »
Re: Mattresses     04/04/2016
Believe it or not, we were at Sams and I sat on a mattress and loved it.  We bought it and have bee... More »
Re: Mattresses     04/04/2016
Do give it more time.  I am with you, no way did our parents go through all this nonsense to get a ... More »
Re: good Monday morning!!!     04/04/2016
Good Morning!  Any morning on this side of the dirt is a good one:)I wish this weather would hold o... More »
Re: Shingles     04/04/2016
And call the walk in clinics at HEB and the one at Walgreens.  They advertise the shot for under 10... More »

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