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Re: Top 3......     11/20/2016
@Annie, if anyone comes to my house today they are going to be put to work!I had 30 people at my hou... More »
Re: Top 3......     11/20/2016
If you are a member of KCC you can go to the Deerwood club to eat.  Their brunch is the best in Kin... More »
Re: Big Green Egg     11/20/2016
I want one:)But man the price is as much as my built in gas grill.And now that we have the built in ... More »
Re: Dogs     11/20/2016
... More »
Re: Dishwasher     11/20/2016
@Ray, I would say I am going to tell your wife, but we both know she would just look at you and roll... More »
Re: Best food delivery app?     11/20/2016
@Annie, this makes my day!I can get the best cinnamon rolls ever now, without leaving my house:)... More »
Re: Friday's Contest Winner     11/18/2016
@jpm Congratulations!!!... More »
Re: What's Kingwood Missing?     11/18/2016
@ET it always depends on the music being played.  You have to bring in the music that local people ... More »
Re: holidays are coming upon us , are you ready ?     11/18/2016
I am done with all but 2 gifts.  Wrapped and mailed all the ones going out state.I have my Chri... More »
Re: It begins     11/18/2016
@ZMAN, we left carpet in our house for a long time.   Esp in the living room. It was the best when ... More »
Re: Question for Antique Shoppers...     11/17/2016
@terilyntx OK, Amazon has a super cute NIKKI HOME 6.75" round mirror with bird, black metal frame. &... More »
Re: What's Kingwood Missing?     11/17/2016
A food truck night would be a blast.  They have food truck parks in Austin and they are so cool.... More »
Re: Do you miss ....     11/17/2016
Rub it in!Wow I can't tell you how jealous I am:)... More »
Re: What's Kingwood Missing?     11/17/2016
I really liked @ZMAN idea.  That would be a great place for various bands and some food trucks.But ... More »
Re: It begins     11/17/2016
@herron1345, he stole the idea from me.  I redid all of my downstairs with the same thing.  I did ... More »
Re: Question for Antique Shoppers...     11/17/2016
@terilyntx, they won't be antiques but you can have them delivered to your door!Look on Amazon, Pott... More »
Re: Is it time for a new section of the KDC forum ?     11/17/2016
It will die down, it did 8 years ago, 4 years ago, etc...... More »
Re: I found out where fallon hides the bodies     11/17/2016
@mm4731, you aren't supposed to tell everything you know!We have been to Yellowstone many times.  I... More »
Re: Part-time jobs     11/17/2016
Another good choice would be to look into being an Amazon delivery person.  I think you set your ho... More »
Re: I can feel it....Itsa coming....     11/17/2016
@ZMAN, it is supposed to be in the 60's on Sat and low to the 40's:)I just hope that low doesn't sho... More »

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