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Re: Funny things you see at the airport     05/30/2016
Looks like she was at the Keys too long:)Love your stories!... More »
Re: Getting into kingwood     05/29/2016
Well as of right now you can't come across WLH bridge.  By tomorrow it most likely will be open I w... More »
Re: Pics/Info From Lake Houston Marine Unit     05/29/2016
I can't believe anyone not rescue related would be on any lake or water today.   If you do get on t... More »
Re: At Orlando airport early, now flight delayed     05/29/2016
@Chrisinkingwood, if the airline offers you anything at all, take it and catch a flight back tomorro... More »
Re: Can store placement     05/29/2016
It is rare that Kingwood is ever looked at for itself.  Humble is always the main one that buyers l... More »
Re: West Lake Houston/ Kings Harbor     05/29/2016
@SandyKnee, not sure about it going down soon.  San Jac isn't suppose to crest until later today. ... More »
Re: High Water Townsen Closed!     05/28/2016
@Jpgurl, the water is rising fast.  I was totally caught off guard with how high the San Jac was on... More »
Re: How can a Mom do this with a clean conscience?     05/28/2016
No way!  For a JB concert? How old is she 12?  Come on.  Going to a concert is great when you are... More »
Re: Hummingbird Feeder     05/28/2016
Very nice @donnatella.  I love your fence, btw... More »
Re: 10 little piggies went for a swim     05/28/2016
The TS is up in SC so he should be fine.... More »
Re: How many of you?     05/28/2016
If you are in the back of Kingwood, and are going toward WLH, the culvert on the right, as soon as y... More »
Re: grilling n chillin     05/28/2016
Got some killer hot dogs from Veron's Meat Market, so we are having those and burgers tonight.Jambal... More »
Re: 10 little piggies went for a swim     05/28/2016
@mutton, he is in Florida, avoiding the flooding here.  Brilliant time for a vacation!... More »
Re: How many of you?     05/28/2016
Yep @HollyHobby, I had to run to Veron's Meat market.On the way there I saw a sign just for @BooBear... More »
Re: Down by the San Jac     05/28/2016
Crossing WLH and looking at the boathouses.  Sort of odd to see the boats floating level with the t... More »
Re: Humble exits?     05/28/2016
Can't even get on Kingwood Dr.  We went to 1314, and came down Ford Road, otherwise we would still ... More »
Re: Humble exits?     05/28/2016
All looked open, but we went from 1960.  Hamblin Road is shut down at 494.  But I can see where th... More »
Re: Hamblen Rd     05/28/2016
@TexasOma, Hamblin Road is shut down from 494.  Just went by there, and OMG, that water is nearly a... More »
Re: It's Stll a HOT Real Estate Market     05/28/2016
Exactly @thetarget9.  People on our street all lister higher than than they were advised by their r... More »
Re: Lightning     05/28/2016
Great pictures!... More »

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