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Re: Advice on Assisted Living Centers     02/11/2016
@XpatQN, my son has gone to several in our area, to play music.  He just couldn't get over how clea... More »
Re: High Quality H2O!!!!!     02/11/2016
Glad the butt heads with the COH had to actually do anything at all with Kingwood.  They tax our ta... More »
Re: Just heard     02/11/2016
El Charro is just gross.  Frozen Mexican food from the grocery store reheated in a microwave.Succes... More »
Re: Netflix Suggestions     02/11/2016
Have you watched Dead Like Me?  Not bad.Supernatural.  Start at the beginning, and fall in love wi... More »
Re: Is anyone else a flashlight devotee/fanatic?     02/11/2016
@Retired_Engineer, they have a million candle watt flashlight at Cabella's and Orvis.  We have one ... More »
Re: Common Core is about ending "White Priviligege"     02/11/2016
And yet the liberals really can't see how they are killing our kids futures with this crap?  ... More »
Re: Dinner     02/11/2016
Lupe's.  Was going to cook, then thought better of it.... More »
Re: For Starbucks fans only..     02/11/2016
Flat white with 2 sugars, or the new espresso Machiato.  Also with 2 sugars.  These have both repl... More »
Re: Business listing for new HEB Shopping Center?     02/10/2016
@Weathergirl5, I hope they do come.  All of the current listing are fluid until the buildings are d... More »
Re: Bernie Sanders Lost or At Best Tied     02/10/2016
She and the other dinosaurs from her and Bills era are all sadly mistaken.  They think the current ... More »
Re: Chris Christie is out     02/10/2016
I can see him as an AG, but not VP or Pres.... More »
Re: It's done!!!!!!     02/10/2016
@Ann2800 you are a star!  Well to us you always have been one:)... More »
Re: It's done!!!!!!     02/10/2016
Oh bless your heart for doing this.So nice to see someone actually care about this issue, because CO... More »
Re: Fatal Wreck     02/10/2016
@sweetie, I just hate that.  The hospital has to know this is an issue, and they should have camera... More »
Re: Kingwood Park HS parents     02/10/2016
@Safety44 I just love that you love your grandson so much!  He is blessed more than he may know for... More »
Re: What a Dem has to say about Donald     02/10/2016
Hey now, Trump said he didn't use that word, he was just you know, retweeting so to speak! ... More »
Re: What a Dem has to say about Donald     02/10/2016
Amen @Nurse3.  I hope the college kids that are going to vote for him clue in.  I don't think they... More »
Re: What a Dem has to say about Donald     02/10/2016
Actually if you go back to our beginning you will find that politics has always been a dirty busines... More »
Re: Kindergarten Changes Hours     02/10/2016
I am glad my boys are done.  I liked that they got out early for K.  They are still little and all... More »
Re: Money cant buy u Love....     02/10/2016
It is amazing that Trump is even in the race.  He has had no ground game at all.  He isn't a polit... More »

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