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Re: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies     02/06/2016
@bp2018, what???There is a Little Women and Werewolves?!? Thanks for letting me know.  Gotta go do... More »
Re: Wing Suggestions     02/06/2016
Fudruckers has some of the best wings in our area.  They are just great.  That is about the only t... More »
Re: Panhandling     02/06/2016
They are there nearly every single day @Cajunmom.   As I pass by there, they are not far from the f... More »
Re: Dr. John Joseph Murphy     02/06/2016
I couldn't get the copy and paste to work, the story ended up huge!  Sorry.... More »
Dr. John Joseph Murphy     02/06/2016
If you didn't read his obituary in the Observer this week, you really should.What a great one that w... More »
Re: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies     02/06/2016
The book was a huge hit.  It was a very entertaining remake.... More »
Re: Panhandling     02/06/2016
The family that stays at HEB is another reason I will not shop there.  HEB should put a stop to tha... More »
Re: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies     02/06/2016
The book wasn't bad at all. If the movie stays with the book, it should be good.... More »
Re: Why the name change?     02/05/2016
@SandyKnee, we are not nosey.  We are terminally curious.... More »
Re: Nacogdoches, Tx     02/05/2016
@Retired_Engineer, we go that way and have a late lunch/ early dinner on Sunday's, once a month or s... More »
Re: The Mosquitoes Spreading Zika     02/05/2016
Time to get the Cutter Backyard out and do some damage control... More »
Re: Break in     02/05/2016
exactly @dac2010!  Makes me nuts to see that.  Parents know when their kid is an a@@hat.  And ins... More »
Re: Neighborhood cat in a tree...     02/05/2016
@buffaloglenn, thanks for saying that.  I was going to suggest lobbing some tennis balls at the cat... More »
Re: Break in     02/05/2016
Thanks for letting us know this happened.  Make sure your neighbors know too.  This way everyone c... More »
Re: As of tonight ANN has a home!!!!     02/05/2016
@Ann2800 Whoohooo!!!  So happy to come here and read this first thing this morning!God is Good all ... More »
Re: Suggestions for sun shades     02/04/2016
I do spend good money on glasses.  My eyes are super sensitive to the sun.  Too many years skiing ... More »
Re: Water Usage     02/04/2016
Mine was 144.  WTH COH???We don't have a leak, the plumber checked.  I have all new toilets, new f... More »
Re: What happened at Bush airport     02/03/2016
Is there even any money in robbing places these days?  Most people will pay with a cc.  I don't im... More »
Re: Hello, honey!     02/03/2016
Is he trying to get some great ideas about what to get your Valentine's Day?:)... More »
Re: Echo stuff     02/03/2016
LOVE that @FoFa!... More »

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