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Bad news for Cosby     05/24/2016
@Jeff1928: That's horrible funny! ... More »
bad cell phone coverage sucks     05/24/2016
@FoFa: is it still just a first world problem???? [img] More »
Sick People     05/24/2016
Seems legit.... More »
I don't care. It still makes me feel old.     05/24/2016
I say ma'am or sir to people obviously younger than me. It's just polite.... More »
I don't care. It still makes me feel old.     05/24/2016
It doesn't make me feel old at all. I've caught myself unconsciously correcting people if they just... More »
To the jagoff driving through the BB Elem school zone this morning     05/24/2016
@gringaloca: pedestrians have right of way only in designated crossings..with that being said, i... More »
Go Fund Me     05/24/2016
@mm4731: Do it. I dare you.... More »
Sooo happy Los Vega is....     05/24/2016
Disregard... More »
Sooo happy Los Vega is....     05/24/2016
Authentic Mexican food scares me. I prefer texmex.... More »
Mike Rowe on how TX ended the Soviet Union     05/24/2016
Was it Yeltsin or Gorbechev? Google goes both ways. More »
Memorial day weekend     05/23/2016
Home invaded by family for our son. Yay.... More »
Soooo whatcha fixin for supper tonight??     05/23/2016
I have a yellow probably going out.... More »
Almost OOPS...     05/23/2016
@justanirishgirl: Nah, that's old.... More »
New     05/23/2016
I do need the deduction ... More »
New     05/23/2016
Are you trying to sell a baby?????????... More »
Almost OOPS...     05/23/2016
But not quite... [img][/img]... More »
Things to do this Weekend?     05/23/2016
High school graduations..should be fun... More »
Does anything feel better..     05/23/2016
I was perfectly happy all alone with my smooth legs, clean sheets and wine. Everyone else brought in... More »
STEVEN TYLER!!!     05/23/2016
@ET: I'll never fantasize about spending his money, but I will about that mouth and all things... More »
STEVEN TYLER!!!     05/23/2016
@ET: not even a little. ... More »

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