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James Holmes     08/07/2015
They should put him in general population. Unfortunately he will always be under close protection fo... More »
Which Kingwood Pool is best?     08/07/2015
@DVaz: Yep...i used to ride my bike from the grove for the high dive... More »
Looks like a week off in Galveston!     08/07/2015
@Annie: Yep...they make a mean pulled pork sandwich too... More »
Illegal made Legal     08/07/2015
Weed. But it wouldnt make a difference to me unless my company as well as DOT regulations took we... More »
494 car wash was soooooooooooo slowwwwwwww today     08/07/2015
@donnatella: Well....i usually wait until 11... More »
Happy Friday! It's an AC/DC kind of commute     08/07/2015
I like the acdc song a whole lotta rosie... More »
494 car wash was soooooooooooo slowwwwwwww today     08/07/2015
Thats why you go across the street to nicos and have a few beers while you wait... More »
Futon     08/06/2015
Ikea... More »
Debate tonight?     08/06/2015
Well this was a waste of time.... More »
What a WONDERFUL Photo!     08/06/2015
@Ray: Im with you on all but ted cruz. Dudes batshit crazy. I believe Trump could be a go... More »
Gotta read this: I'm ticked at those panhandlers today!!!     08/06/2015 missing something here. So the panhandlers at np and wlh are looking in peoples cars and ... More »
shrimp ceviche for supper during the debates     08/06/2015
Got a six pack and a pizza on the way before this debacle starts. Whats sad is not one of these b... More »
Install Blinds     08/06/2015
Why dont you just buy a ladder? Might come in handy one day. Or evenn better, buy the ladder, use... More »
Sony Movie Schedule     08/05/2015
I just want the new star wars movie not to suck... More »
the draft- my review     08/05/2015
@ohhappypets What night does brewingz have $1 drafts?... More »
SOOooo what is on the menu tonight for supper?     08/04/2015
Jambalaya. Made a huge pot with chicken and sausage and crawdad tails.... More »
coffee is brewing! good morning!     08/02/2015
@Annie: Nothing wrong with a little trim in the morning... More »
headed to church...     07/31/2015
The church of st james hahahaha... More »
To the driver of the dark gray Infinity QX360     07/31/2015
@ctl74: Thats what she said... More »
My wife's amusing hotel experience!     07/31/2015
FYI- It is ExxonMobil.....not "exxon mobile"... More »

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