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Sooooooooo whuts 'for supper???     11/22/2014
I just made a big ol pot of burn ya twice chili ... More »
Re: ok,, so the lethal injection didn't work,,, ,or did it?     11/21/2014
I prefer to throw them in the ocean with a bunch of hungry man eating sharks. Or in a cage with some... More »
Re: Bill Cosby accusations     11/21/2014
What gets me is, many of the accusers later willingly hung out with him again after the alleged rape... More »
I would be selfish not to share this     11/19/2014
@fcabanski: With an estimated 254 million cars in the U.S. you are talking about an extra 1.... More »
Atascocita Dentist on Dr. Phil Today!!!     11/19/2014
@thegoodwife: Daddys baby girl!... More »
Atascocita Dentist on Dr. Phil Today!!!     11/19/2014
Its another michael brown hand doctor saga in the making.... More »
Re: Wally world     11/18/2014
@RAY   no no're doing it all wrong.   The walmart experience just isnt a walmart expe... More »
Re: What a liar     11/17/2014
They are all liars...repub/democrat...doesnt matter.... More »
Fox News: John Gruber A Con Man?     11/17/2014
He's a con man working for con men. And we are the ones being conned.... More »
Finally Found Some REAL Tamales     11/16/2014
Granny's in Humble makes a pretty good tamale.... More »
I need a stock tip     11/16/2014
Need a tip? Don't bet on the ponies.... More »
Napa Auto Parts in Kingwood and Atascocita Robbed.     11/15/2014
@jls2: I'd welcome it. He'd learn the hard way not to bring a sledgehammer to a gunfight.... More »
Grand Texas Water Park to Open Memorial Day 2015     11/15/2014
@vickim: Fantasy land... More »
It's Like Cave Times     11/14/2014
@fcabanski: Why not just come up with your own questions?... More »
Pappy Van Winkle     11/14/2014
Here ya go.... More »
Re: Grand Texas Water Park to Open Memorial Day 2015     11/14/2014
@Murf: Nope...same scam, different people. I really need to get in the imaginary theme park busi... More »
Re: Potato Soup     11/14/2014
@ray   Aww yeah....this is going down tomorrow at casa de pedro  ... More »
Re: Gruber     11/14/2014
@fcabanski: And I'm sure he said all that on the way to the golf course.... More »
Re: Grand Texas Water Park to Open Memorial Day 2015     11/14/2014
please...let me guess...they just need some more tax dollars for more "research"   this scam has ... More »
Re: Check out this Vodka     11/14/2014
  I've had it...the vodka definitely isnt top shelf.   you pay 50 bucks for the skull.... More »

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