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At what age     09/23/2015
Im going to temporarily retire for a few years on my 40th birthday. My house will be paid off and... More »
So ready for cooler weather!!!     09/23/2015
Today is the first day of fall.... More »
OMG, Chachi is 54 today     09/22/2015
@thetarget9: Joanie is a trailer trash meth head... More »
How often do you....?     09/22/2015
After every meal....and if i dont have a toothbrush handy i use a flossstick and chew some dentyne g... More »
How often do or did you talk to your siblings?     09/22/2015
I go months at a time without talking to my family. No bad blood there...just nothing to chit cha... More »
Looking for a math tutor referral     09/22/2015
@fcabanski does tutoring.... More »
Thursday's Contest Winner!!!     09/18/2015
Great place to go when you have the munchies!... More »
There is no "War on Cops"     09/18/2015
Its not so much a war on cops or a war against people. 99.9% of people who get killed by cops put th... More »
CNN debate     09/16/2015
I agree CNN was better but to me it was a real snoozer. If Trump wants to win this thing he needs... More »
Illegal Arrested at Gynecologist's Office     09/16/2015
Every illegal who seeks health care, welfare or any government assistance ahould be sent straight ba... More »
Debate menu?     09/16/2015
County jail ramen noodle spread... More »
Steve Jobs Movie     09/14/2015
Didnt they already do one with ashton kutcher?... More »
Cancun here we come !     09/14/2015
Cancun rules. Get an all you can drink pass at senor frogs and go nuts.... More »
All i wanted was a Pepsi..     09/11/2015
Great band! No mom im not on drugs...all i want is a pepsi... More »
O.D.D.     09/11/2015
You down with ODD Yeah you know me!... More »
Hilary Clinton "sorry for using private email"     09/09/2015
Im not a Hillary supporter but this really is the lamest scandal ever. ... More »
But that's different.     09/07/2015
Nope. Once a cheater always a cheater.... More »
what is the group's opinion of the Humble City Cafe for B-fast     09/05/2015
Eh...nothing spectacular about their breakfast. I sure do like their chicken pot pie and pot roas... More »
gun clubs     09/05/2015
Skeet skeet skeet!!!!... More »
Friday     09/05/2015
@donnatella: Probably not. My office moved to the spring area about six months ago and right... More »

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