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Anyone ever live in Seattle area?     12/03/2014
All that damn rain would depress me after awhile... But they have legal weed there so it wouldn't... More »
Re: The neighbor's dog...advice?     12/03/2014
Do what I'd do:   Go bang on their door and when they answer start howling right in their face...... More »
NY Grand Jury today     12/03/2014
There is a double standard in society. ... More »
Really Don't Care     12/02/2014
@TheTruthHurts: Yep. When you are truly done you dont even waste the energy spewing hatre... More »
Crazy Women     12/02/2014
I've dated five names on this list. And they were all crazy. ... More »
Which do you do more of? Online or brick and mortar?     12/01/2014
Online everything except groceries and booze.... More »
OMG easiest dessert EVER !!!     12/01/2014
@WskyTngoFxtrt: I make a nice sized dump cake after every thanksgiving... More »
Re: Apollo Creed,, is alive!     12/01/2014
@KTownTexican: Apollo Creed was based on Muhammad Ali. The basis for the story of Rocky came from... More »
Re: Would you want Ray Rice to play for the Texans?     12/01/2014
@jax: I disagree.   AP's intelligence level has proven to be a liability.... More »
East End Park     11/30/2014
And why didnt your husband knock his head off??... More »
Serious question -- if you're not white, why would you live in Kingwood     11/30/2014
@mutton: Thats what she said... More »
free car wash     11/28/2014
At flagship 494... I got my oil changed and now im sittin at nicos. 2 beer operation.... More »
Re: Working today....     11/26/2014
We used to get off early on holiday weekends until a few years ago this idiot in my office sent our ... More »
You know its Tuesday when...     11/25/2014
@donnatella: 2 piece for .99 leg and thigh Should have seen the downtown travis st. Pope... More »
Sooooooo whuts 'fire supper????     11/25/2014
Blackened catfish Rice pilaf Mixed veggies croissant rolls Becker vineyards Riesling Snickers... More »
Sonic on WLHP     11/25/2014
I only go for the corn dogs... More »
Ted Nugent on Ferguson     11/25/2014
Here's the lessons from Ferguson America- Don't let your kids growup to be thugs who think they can ... More »
Super Bowl Halftime Show Artist Will Be......     11/24/2014
Pfft...she has about as much talent as a kardashian. I guess i will hit mute and see what shes we... More »
Re: A Note to the Grammar and Spelling Police     11/24/2014
I would not say that I'm a bad grammar nazi, but there are a few things that just irk me.   w... More »
Who wants to see a rock show tomorrow night?     11/22/2014
@squirtismyboy: I saw them in 1989 with cinderella and winger. I even got their autographs a... More »

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