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ESPY awards     07/15/2015
Straight BS....JJ Watt got robbed. And I'm sorry....bruce or caitlyn or whatever does not need a cou... More »
When You Quit Your Job....     07/15/2015
Always give a two week notice...unless you hit the powerball then give them a one finger notice.... More »
Restoring relations w/Cuba, what are your views?     07/15/2015
I'd love to visit and check it out. But i dont want to spend any money there. Not until there is ... More »
Iran. Do you trust     07/15/2015
The only time i want to see the words nuclear and iran in the same headline would be: "US drops n... More »
TWO WORD Only post....its all you can use     07/14/2015
Beer me!... More »
So what are the supper plans for this evening????     07/14/2015
Thinkin its gonna be a pizza and beer night for the all star game.... More »
Would you vote for Donald Trump?     07/14/2015
I'm not voting for any of those idiots.... More »
Are you ready for The Draft?     07/08/2015
@ET: Drove by there on the way home. Its right by the chevron. Not bad for people living at ... More »
Are you ready for The Draft?     07/08/2015
Um....where are people supposed to park? The parking lot there is barely big enough to accomodate pa... More »
Pete's vs. Bill's     07/04/2015 comparison.... More »
social security run out dates     06/27/2015
Social Security needs to be phased out. Its set up basically like a pyramid scam. Anyone under 50... More »
Any ideas...     06/25/2015
Get him a real tasty bone and give it to him before you leave. Then he will not care less if you are... More »
Charcoal fix...     06/25/2015
@staylifted: Price?... More »
Original Star Wars trilogy....     06/05/2015
Id say its a good time to buy disney stock and dump it right when they are halfway done milking the ... More »
Chronic Headaches     06/05/2015
Ive never once gotten a headache from good chronic... More »
Its about time. A urinal fast rest     06/05/2015
@Ray: Yeah one to hold the tweezers and the other to hold the microscope!... More »
old records     06/05/2015
Anybody got any they wanna just get rid of?... More »
Soooo whuts for supper?     06/05/2015
Feels like a pizza and wing night... More »
Weekend Plans     06/05/2015
Tonight...gettin drunk with the old lady and her dipsht friends. Extra tequila is in order. Tomor... More »
Weekend Plans     06/05/2015
@Ray: Whatever drugs you are workin with...i want a hit ... More »

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