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Re: Tonight's Republican debate in one word - NASTY     02/26/2016
Whatta joke.Cruz and Rubio trying to gang up on Trump was like watching two midget wrestlers take on... More »
About the Donald.......     02/25/2016
@fcabanski: There is no way in hell I could bring myself to vote for that slimeball. What he... More »
24 Hour Fitness = Slum of Atascosita     02/25/2016
@fcabanski: Go in to lifetime and tell them what you are willing to pay. 9 times out of 10 t... More »
Re: Why Trump     02/24/2016
Why Trump?Because he says what he means and means what he says. No filter.He knows how to get things... More »
Yummy Balls!!!!     02/20/2016
I often offer up my tasty balls at neighborhood block parties too.... More »
SC: 35 years called the GOP nomination.     02/20/2016
Its gonna be hillary-trump. And it is gonna get ugly.... More »
Why are there no Clinton & Sanders signs at the Kingwood library?     02/20/2016
@terilyntx: I literally ran into him when i was drunk and not paying attention to where i was ... More »
Opinion rigos restaurant     02/20/2016
Had lunch here today. Nothing special. They really need to work on the red sauce. Beef enchiladas... More »
Great Harvest Grand Opening     02/20/2016
I had a breakfast sandwich there yesterday. The freshness of the bread set it off. 6 bucks was k... More »
supper tnight     02/17/2016
Just about to light the grill. Big ol ribeyes.. Roasted red potatoes broccoli Estancia caberne... More »
Kingwood man assaults cop     02/13/2016 ... More »
Watched a pretty good movie tonight     02/12/2016
I watched no holds barred. Starring hulk hogan and dee-bo from friday. I am completely at a l... More »
Is Rigo's No Longer Rigo's?     02/11/2016
Rigos was good at first but they fell off. The last few times I went it was totally dead and the ... More »
Netflix Suggestions     02/11/2016
Making a murderer & Narcos ... More »
Re: Dinner     02/11/2016
hooters!... More »
Re: Are you giving your guy a Valentines Day present?     02/11/2016
NO, NO NO PEOPLE....FEB 14TH is when Men get their Women valentines day crap.Then it is reciprocated... More »
Grand Parkway opening     02/10/2016
I do not mind paying tolls if it gets me to work faster or helps me avoid traffic. I currently pay a... More »
Grand Parkway opening     02/10/2016
The 59 to 45 segment needs to hurry up and open. When it does open my 22 mile commute to my office i... More »
I found this interesting if you are just not sure which candidate.     02/10/2016
I took one of these and my result was Trump. But I didnt need a quiz to know that.... More »
Wing Suggestions     02/06/2016
3B's has some good wings. ... More »

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