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Super bowl     01/26/2015
Not a fan of either team. I just want to see one of my squares hit and if not, a good game. I... More »
Football pots     01/24/2015
I would join but im already on five different boards. Ive won a quarter the last two years. We do... More »
Fav breakfast restaurant     01/21/2015
Brothers taco on dowling.... More »
Re: The problems in the world today     01/20/2015
I dont care what someones beliefs are, as long as they dont try to force them on me or cause others ... More »
Re: Gary Kubiak new Head Coach of the Broncos     01/19/2015
  It made sense...John Elway is the president of operations, and kubiak used to be his backup. Kub... More »
Re: What is it about Texas that is unique and makes you like being here?     01/19/2015
  You live here long enough...or even visit long enough you will be able to make a list a mile lon... More »
Re: Having AAA is awesome!     01/19/2015
@Francita: could you not have this service then.......signing up right now.... More »
Having AAA is awesome!     01/19/2015 if you are a member you can have triple a perform services on other peoples cars? ... More »
Y'all Ready For Some Football?     01/18/2015
Indy-gb super bowl.... More »
Taken 3     01/17/2015
Movie sucked big ol donkey scrotum... More »
Re: Weekend plans...     01/16/2015
Tonight...hittin happy hour for a friends birthday party Tomorrow...headin in to work for some OT, ... More »
Re: first beer sip at what age?     01/16/2015
Probably about old man said i was a total beer hound until i actually got a sip...then i d... More »
JJ Watt not MVP....     01/14/2015
I think he would have had a much better chance if we made the playoffs. ... More »
Re: Halliburton..     01/13/2015
I've got a few friends at Enterprise Products and National Oilwell that have already been laid off a... More »
Re: Today just a kinda crappy day     01/13/2015
@herron1345: Thanks! Last year was a super busy year. I'm glad my managers noticed.... More »
Re: Today just a kinda crappy day     01/13/2015
@taramay sorry you've had a craptacular day...hope a good dinner cheers you up...   That being sa... More »
Re: food thieves     01/13/2015
I once caught this fool stealing my lunch. My sandwich and leftover pasta i brought in was taken and... More »
Re: 2015 Rodeo Lineup     01/13/2015
Eh...Rodeo is lame. I dont see one act I'd like to see and I'm not into cruelty to animals either. ... More »
Re: Dancing with Other ppl     01/13/2015
@mm4731: It only happens in the real classy joints.... More »
Re: Dancing with Other ppl     01/13/2015
It depends on the type of dancing....there is a difference between bumping and grinding to some R. ... More »

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