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Re: Austin's Restaurant     04/29/2016
@Txbutterfly: Nah the applebees was where the vision source is down the road. ... More »
Re: Cruz picking a running mate     04/28/2016
Cruz is grasping at straws at this point. Too little too late.Watching Trump's foreign policy speech... More »
Re: New Car Finances     04/27/2016
Depends on your situation. Myself, I get my vehicles paid off as soon as possible if I even finance ... More »
Re: Power off again in SWH     04/27/2016
Power back on in kings manor... More »
Re: Nico's on Friday night Again :)     04/26/2016
Nico's AKA the fireball capital of the world.¬† I cant walk in that place without having shots of th... More »
Re: What is the point of e-cigarettes? If there is any?     04/26/2016
They don't bother me.But what does bother me is when someone shows how big of a vapor cloud they can... More »
Re: Cartels Help Terrorists in Mexico Get to U.S.     04/26/2016
@oogabooga: a big wall with a¬†snipers nest every few hundred yards ... More »
Re: It's     04/26/2016
These pretzels are making me thirsty!... More »
Re: Where are all the landscapers?     04/26/2016
Go down 494 towards Porter and pick up some amigos.And when they are done, tell them you need to cut... More »
Re: If you can't win, then ruin the next guy's chances...     04/25/2016
If anything, this will make more people flock to Trump. This is a perfect example why you do not wan... More »
Such a crappy day got me to thinkin about crap...     04/18/2016
Number 3 looks about right... More »
Streets are Flooding, Sewers Not Draining     04/18/2016
@Wooderson: Kw drive it.... More »
I'm reminded of the flood of 1994     04/18/2016
@QueenB: Yep. My freshman year of high school. We got an unexpected two week vacation becaus... More »
Let's play POWER or NO POWER     04/18/2016
Drove to work in Spring this morning when the rain let up around 6. Nobody on the road but one se... More »
All you can eat McD's fries?     04/18/2016
@Mahm: Fuddz fries are the best in town. Especially with a bunch of jalapeno cheese ... More »
In Austin. Where should we eat?     04/15/2016
Manuels on congress. Best ritas in downtown. My opinion anyway.... More »
Re: What are you listening to?     04/15/2016
Beetlejuice from the Howard Stern show. From wack history month.... More »
Re: anyone know of any free summer programs for kids     04/15/2016
Send em to my place. I got a summer program to keep em plenty busy.paintingClean baseboardspull... More »
Re: What's Your top 5 Drinks!     04/15/2016
Banana protein smoothieBeer (miller lite, bud, shiner, various craft, etc)GatoradeWaterRed wine (cab... More »

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