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What's on the menu today?     05/30/2016
Beef fajitas and bacon wrapped jalapeno shrimp. America (budweiser), vodka/mixers and wine on the... More »
Has anyone recently installed a stand alone hot tub?     05/30/2016
My house came with one. But I can tell you is almost like a boat. It is always more fun w... More »
Fed ex truck on 494     05/27/2016
Hope nobody is waiting on a package! [img] More »
KWD is starting to flood     05/27/2016
Almost needed a boat to get from kings manor to specs. I'm in for the night with some moonshine,... More »
Howdy.......     05/26/2016
Already went out twice in kings manor.... More »
Be safe, looks like a big storm!     05/26/2016
@princecharming: Thats what she said!... More »
Re: Post your favorite Big Band/ Doo-Wop/ Old tune (:     05/24/2016
Anything by Louis Prima... More »
Re: Next meet up??     05/20/2016
I might go to the next one.... More »
Re: Kid outside CMS     05/20/2016
@Mamma3: well if that's the case maybe he can stand outside his uncles house with a sign that sa... More »
Re: Kid outside CMS     05/20/2016
Public shaming is a great deterrent. Ted Poe used to do it all the time. His recidivism rate was the... More »
Re: Crock pot recipe     05/20/2016
@sh56: I'm going to do this sunday...thanks! ... More »
Re: Hillary flipped her collar: I'M THE NOMINEE!!     05/20/2016
I cant wait for the first Trump-Clinton debate.Man┬áthat is going to get ugly.... More »
Re: Kid outside CMS     05/20/2016
Maybe it is some sort of punishment for sneaking into the girls locker room.Oh wait...nevermind, the... More »
Re: Hungry at work.....     05/20/2016
Those look like my chili dogs I make at home!... More »
Re: Golf cart ?     05/20/2016
I do not have a golf cart.If I was going to spend that kind of money on an off road vehicle, I'd get... More »
Re: Sponsored Contest - 5/19/16 - Cilantro's     05/20/2016
Love Cilantro's....close to home with good food and good service.And most importantly good strong ma... More »
Re: Been off the grid...     05/20/2016
I have been fine...thanks!... More »
99 Grand Parkway     05/19/2016
They are building a flyover from 99 to 59 headed south starting next year. However on 45, there i... More »
Soooo whatcha fixin for supper tonight??     05/19/2016
Well to make up for the crap i had last night....its a saltgrass kind of night. On that More »
Auto Repair     05/19/2016
Known Aaron for 20 plus years. Good guy. I remember when that shop had a dirt floor.... More »

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