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Can girls/women have an Adams Apple?     10/21/2016
They can totally have an adams apple. Especially if they already have a set of balls... More »
My neighbor is harassing me     10/20/2016
Here is what I would do. 1. Bag up all the crap his dogs leave in your yard and mail it to him. T... More »
Sheppard Smith     10/18/2016
Why is someone's sexual preference newsworthy? Who really cares?... More »
Great Game Texans     10/17/2016
Crap game or not, I think a spark within Osweiler ignited those last three drives. He finally figure... More »
Huge Trump Rally in Raleigh yesterday     10/14/2016
@CantStandTex: I am proud to stand behind the candidate that has the support of degenerate r... More »
Pizza tonight     10/13/2016
@foxymama: Barometric pressure dropping can effect people in that way. Look it up.... More »
Bob Dylan     10/13/2016
@BooBear: Its part of the charm. The lyrics match the struggle of the voice... More »
Remake of ROCKY HORROR     10/13/2016
Nobody...I mean nobody will top Tim Curry in RHPS or IT... More »
Star Wars : Rogue One new Trailer     10/13/2016
Looks pretty awesome!... More »
Issues     10/08/2016
This is what matters most to no certain order. 1. Protecting personal freedoms. (1st and ... More »
OMG, YES YES YES!!!!     10/06/2016
@2danes: Tab with a few shots of rum and a lime squeezed in aint too shabby... More »
Are you dressing up for Halloween?     10/05/2016
Seabass from dumb and dumber. Even got the "wine em, dine em, 69 em" trucker hat... More »
Super Bowl Touchdown Tour In Kingwood     10/05/2016
@Fallon: Haha...what is funny is, i went to kingwood high and learned the hard way what subs... More »
Super Bowl Touchdown Tour In Kingwood     10/05/2016
@buffaloglenn: Well what can I say...when it comes to where you can and where you cant put a... More »
My fav costume so far     10/04/2016
I do crop dust the office at least twice a day. But of course mine smell like roses... More »
Bill Clinton's Black Son     10/03/2016
Man oh man...every four years its a new election but the same ol BS... More »
Skeros BBQ in Porter     10/03/2016
I gave em a second chance recently and they just didnt do it for me. ... More »
Super Bowl Touchdown Tour In Kingwood     10/03/2016
Beer in the parking lot at kingwood high school? I didnt think that was legal.... More »
Songs you speed to     10/01/2016
Ministry- Jesus built my hotrod... More »
Fall smell in the air     09/30/2016
When I first saw this thread I thought it read fart smell in the air... More »

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