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Re: Adults Using the Word Bully     07/27/2016
I used to work with a woman that was a bully.Yes. A woman bully.She took it upon herself to be the b... More »
Re: Adults Using the Word Bully     07/27/2016
@Stealth83: No, they just had different words for PTSD back in those days. Like 'shell shocked" ... More »
Re: Trump acceptance speach     07/22/2016
I think Ivanka could possibly be a good press secretary.And I think Trump nailed it.... More »
RNC     07/19/2016
Her interview with D.L. Hughley last week didnt go much better. That can also be found on youtube.... More »
Re: RNC     07/19/2016
My favorite part was Megyn Kelly interviewing Malik Shabazz. Youtube it. Good stuff.... More »
Re: Contest - 7/14/16 - Cold Stone     07/14/2016
man oh man that looks good right about now... More »
Re: Would it be wrong or tacky?     07/14/2016
well it would only be wrong or tacky if you got caught!... More »
Re: Deadly Shooting in Kingwood -     07/14/2016
he will likely be out in 12-15... More »
Re: Wear Blue For Dallas 7/14     07/14/2016
I have a light blue striped dress shirt on with navy slacks. does that count?... More »
Online English Vocabulary Test     07/13/2016
@BooBear: More »
Online English Vocabulary Test     07/13/2016
I only know the seven dirty words.... More »
Tomi Lahren     07/13/2016
@FoFa: No. It was on tonight.... More »
Tomi Lahren     07/13/2016
@Fallon: Hahaha...i thought the same thing when i saw jurassic world. And im not sure if ... More »
Ted Poe Diagnosed With Leukemia     07/13/2016
Hope his body is as tough on cancer as he has been on criminals and BS in Washington.... More »
Tomi Lahren     07/13/2016
Anybody else watch her show?I don't miss a show. Not only is she super easy on the eyes but she stic... More »
Re: Oil Change     07/13/2016
I've been going to flagship on 494 for a long time now. The oil change, car wash and the wheel clean... More »
What are you listening to?     07/12/2016
Woke up early, so Im gonna go work out. Thinking its a Pantera - vulgar display of power kinda m... More »
all kinds of chemical raw materials for u,do u want it?     07/12/2016
Bath salts? I think most people prefer the natural earth grown or hydroponically grown stuff.... More »
David Brown, Dallas Police Chief     07/11/2016
100% behind this guy. Polar opposite of guys like Quanell X.... More »
When was the last time you saw fireflies?     07/11/2016
Every night at my property in deep east texas.... More »

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