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WHAT'S ON YOUR BUCKET LIST?     09/29/2016
Ok children....... More »
Hit thanks if you get it     09/28/2016
Hahahaha Yep seen it on a few websites... More »
3 B's     09/28/2016
I quit going for the same reason. That and the loud screaming kids. However I do like their towering... More »
WHAT'S ON YOUR BUCKET LIST?     09/27/2016
Save the day for a complete stranger Octoberfest in Germany Paris for one night African safari ... More »
WHAT'S ON YOUR BUCKET LIST?     09/27/2016
Open a brothel and be a pimp like Dennis Hof [img] More »
Great, just great...LET THE DOME GO!!     09/27/2016
@ForeCPA90: Well I dont live in Harris County so I dont care!... More »
Great, just great...LET THE DOME GO!!     09/27/2016
Actually covered parking for rainy and windy days will be kind of nice. Plus if the dome's a/c still... More »
Debate , so what did you think ?     09/27/2016
I dont think either candidate won. Trump was the same ol Trump, and Hillary was the same ol windb... More »
Robbery     09/27/2016
@GoldenGirl: There needs to be a rash of shooting these punks.... More »
So for supper tonight its gonna be..........     09/26/2016
Steak and sweet taters with asparagus And a nice big glass of montepeluciano for the debate.... More »
Re: Trivia     09/26/2016
@gigem09: Marsha and Carol Brady were hot ... More »
Trivia     09/26/2016
Alice got the meat from Sam the butcher... More »
Late night run fun..     09/25/2016
If you are on the greenbelt trails at night you can get arrested for trespassing. ... More »
Re: New Academy Opens In New Caney     09/23/2016
Academy is my favorite store. Man oh man I could spend some serious money in there.... More »
Re: Texans vs Pats     09/22/2016
Texans 23 Pats 20... More »
I've Got Something To Say....     09/21/2016
@DanStanton: Ive been there before. The original location in downtown Chicago which was also... More »
Single Men Sleep Better     09/21/2016
Women dont snore just like they dont fart. Da Nile isnt just a river in Egypt ya know... More »
Rant against Trump     09/21/2016
@CC1974: Hey dont give us real deplorables a bad rap...... More »
Re: The Case of: JonBenet Ramsey     09/20/2016
I always thought the surviving members of the family know exactly what happened but were covering up... More »
Re: Corey Feldman on the today show. Warning...this cant be unseen     09/19/2016
@TXtransplant: I always thought Ted Cruz and Grandpa Munster were twins. Especially THAT picture... More »

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