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You should be arrested!     08/29/2016
When I was in my teens and early 20s there were tons of times I should have been arrested. Some of w... More »
Re: tire warranty     08/29/2016
Yes, get the warranty. The discount tire warranty saved me about 400 bucks a few weeks ago. ... More »
Well this is a first.....     08/26/2016
Quanell X actually making sense. More »
Natural headache remedies....     08/26/2016
Advil and a nice stiff crown and 7 usually does the trick for me.... More »
Re: No, we don't need a CHEERS remake!!     08/26/2016
All these remakes are terrible.But the nail in the coffin to me, was when they tried to remake total... More »
Re: KFC's Secret Recipe revealed     08/25/2016
I think they have changed it over the years, either that or my taste buds have evolved into not liki... More »
best date night spot in Kingwood ?     08/25/2016
Amadeos... More »
SOmething you dont see everyday     08/24/2016
Wow....cant say ive ever seen a bee pee... More »
I need a hump day cocktail     08/24/2016
@princecharming: Thats what she said!... More »
Re: Which Would You Choose?     08/24/2016
no and food are a pretty basic budgetary item which isn't killing me. But I su... More »
Re: Shades of...     08/22/2016
Thing about talking politics/race issues/religion is, you are never going to convince anyone you ar... More »
Re: Question of the day     08/22/2016
drunk any day.... More »
God in our Schools     08/22/2016
@CC1974: Yeah I think no murder, rape, school shooting or terrorist act ever would have happ... More »
Re: God in our Schools     08/22/2016
@dac1842: Familiar with the bill of rights?1st amendment. Freedom of religion. Which is associat... More »
Re: God in our Schools     08/22/2016
@dac1842: I agree with this in theory. However, state enforced prayer would be completely uncons... More »
Re: Illegal immigration     08/22/2016
Well I think maybe instead or maybe in addition of a wall, a sniper's nest every 600 yards would wo... More »
Re: James Carville     08/22/2016
About ten or eleven years ago, I literally ran into him at the mandalay bay casino in vegas.  I was... More »
Birmingham AL     08/19/2016
Went for business once, was not impressed. Don't plan on ever going back.... More »
Suddenlink come jerk my damn phone out     08/17/2016
Yep...just turn the ringer off and put a phone upstairs and downstairs for emergency purposes. The ... More »
Re: These ones     08/17/2016
Here's one that pisses me off as much as "tho" and "prolly". Or "aks" instead of "ask"WRONG USE:  ... More »

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