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Re: dammit......could no go to costco...     05/31/2016
That's what I'm screamin!!Tried to get to Costco. Failed. ... More »
Re: Are the roads clear?     05/30/2016
::sigh::  I guess that's about it.  LOL... More »
Re: Are the roads clear?     05/30/2016
So there is pretty much no getting to Costco today?  Or does someone know a route? ... More »
Re: Are the roads clear?     05/30/2016
Come on now.  :smile:... More »
Are the roads clear?     05/30/2016
Does anyone know if the roads are clear today and passable between Northpark and Costco?  I tried t... More »
Re: Massage     05/24/2016
I go to massage envy and you just have to find a therapist that you like.  Call and ask which thera... More »
Re: Hydrangea help     05/24/2016
If you stick a nail in the ground near the roots of the hydrangea it can change the color, but I don... More »
Re: Tankless Water Heater     05/24/2016
My mom has a tankless water heater and she loves it. She never runs out of hot water and there is no... More »
Re: Storm warnings     05/12/2016
Looks like I moved my flower pots under the porch for nothing.... More »
Re: Are you unemployeed     05/12/2016
OOPSI didn't mean to post anything.  But since it's blank... I'll edit and say something, ... More »
Re: Med Question     05/07/2016
@Safety44: Thanks for your kind words. It made me feel really good. You've come through some sca... More »
Re: Med Question     05/07/2016
@Fallon: Thanks! You made my day.  :-)Maybe next time I accost someone at Walmart I'll be weari... More »
Re: Century Link in Kings Mill     05/05/2016
I had Century Link service for a little while and there was a delay in getting it turned on because ... More »
Re: We need a "pet peeve" thread     05/05/2016
People texting at red lights and not knowing when it's time to go. These little delays add up and ma... More »
Re: Headed to Walmart with my MiL     05/05/2016
@Annie: LOL. I've since run out of my extra stores of dish soap and TP.  Sadly, our little old ... More »
Re: Med Question     05/05/2016
@Safety44: WOW! Nice to have met you.  LOL.  I'm really glad you went to the doctor. :-) ... More »
Re: Headed to Walmart with my MiL     05/04/2016
My family used to know a little old lady from England who wanted to go shopping almost every day (it... More »
Re: Med Question     05/04/2016
@Safety44: Awhile back, maybe February or March, I had a conversation with a stranger in the par... More »
Re: Here I go again     05/04/2016
My mom had that problem before and the doctor put her on something called Betapace. Here's some info... More »
Re: Top 10 Best Kingwood Businesses     05/04/2016
This is helpful to see what businesses are tried and true in our area. Thanks for the info!... More »

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