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Re: This is the most disturbing thing I've ever read!     09/14/2016
If they are not all put to death, there is no justice.... More »
Re: Aggressive sales person in back of KW     09/10/2016
@singingmomma: This is to everyone... call the cops when you see one of these "magazine salesmen... More »
Re: How long have y'all been in Kingwood?     08/16/2016
9 years!  Wow. Time flies.  ... More »
Re: Long Hair     08/16/2016
@TEXASGIRLMAMMA: If you mix a very small amount of hair conditioner, (like a tablespoon full) in... More »
Is someone raising goats in Kings Mill?     08/16/2016
For the last few days, I've been hearing goat or sheep noises in my neighborhood. (Kings Mill)Is tha... More »
Re: I'm a little creeped out     08/13/2016
At my house, "the stare" means I accidentally said the words "cheese", "treat", or "bite". Or I ratt... More »
Re: The Dump     08/13/2016
A few years ago, I found the mattress of my dreams over there but it was 3K and my mattresses were s... More »
Re: ....Said "See You Later" To Mr. Frog This Afternoon...     08/13/2016
So sorry, Herron.  It hurts to lose our furbabies.(((hugs)))... More »
Re: boy it's pouring down raining     07/18/2016
I was so hopeful there for a minute...Is it ever going to rain again?  ... More »
Re: No way will I ever eat THAT!!!     07/18/2016
@Retired_Engineer: Will do.  :-) ... More »
Re: My 12 year old likes the F*word     07/13/2016
Oh yeah, the language is atrocious with the gamers. Older kids like to go in and frustrate the 12 &a... More »
Re: No way will I ever eat THAT!!!     07/13/2016
@Retired_Engineer: I'm going to try that.  ... More »
Re: No way will I ever eat THAT!!!     07/13/2016
Octopus chips at La Fisheria. I did eat this and it was surprisingly good. The texture was meaty, li... More »
Re: NO NO NO !!!!!     06/28/2016
::whispers::  Yessss... More »
So annoyed     06/28/2016
I have a chirping smoke detector and no new batteries.  Does anyone know how to stop the thing from... More »
Re: This has got to STOP     06/07/2016
She was a saucy vixen... all dressed up in red. She may have said STOP, but he knew she really m... More »
Re: People going door to door yesterday     06/07/2016
There is a band of thugs who regularly come around Kings Mill trying to sell imaginary magazine subs... More »
Traffic on 59S     06/06/2016
My sister wants to go to an event at the Hobby Center on Wednesday night. She wants me to go with he... More »
Re: What would you do if husband called you a "whore?"     06/01/2016
What would you do if your husband called you a banana? You would not take offense, because you are n... More »
Re: dammit......could no go to costco...     05/31/2016
That's what I'm screamin!!Tried to get to Costco. Failed. ... More »

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