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Islam to be taught in your local schools     10/01/2015
But they can't put anything on the internet that isn't true!... More »
Rainbow Pic     09/29/2015
@Chrisinkingwood: Hey thanks! I couldn't get it to rotate on my phone.... More »
Rainbow Pic     09/29/2015
Leaving Walgreens yesterday I took a pretty cool pic. Maybe Kids in Action will want to edit and us... More »
Get your FREE tickets here     09/28/2015
@mm4731: It won't be crowded....... Trust me.......... More »
Get your FREE tickets here     09/27/2015
@mm4731 will I be seeing you there? ... More »
Dead Washing Machine     09/27/2015
Thanks for the hook up @BBQguy! It was awesome meeting you. Sorry I had to go so fast. I guess ti... More »
NFL 19's week 3     09/27/2015
Texans Hit!!!!... More »
Dead Washing Machine     09/27/2015
@mutton: Open the panel in the back and unplug the power cord or the selector switch. He'll... More »
Dead Washing Machine     09/27/2015
@tatertot58: Like this [img][/img]... More »
Dead Washing Machine     09/27/2015
If you decide not to fix it I will happily turn it into a fire pit! ... More »
Who...     09/27/2015
@donnatella: I can hold my breath for a REALLY long time. ... More »
Who...     09/27/2015
@donnatella: It'd be easier to list the things I DIDN'T do ... More »
Who...     09/27/2015
@donnatella: No, they just deliver death ... More »
Who...     09/27/2015
Where's @ray ???... More »
Fiesta Azteca     09/26/2015
@donnatella: Well, I didn't know. ... More »
Fiesta Azteca     09/25/2015
How do we know that you aren't the owner of the Italian place? Or a disgruntled employee ... More »
Police at corner of Riverlawn & Sandy Lake     09/25/2015
I think the "time to make the donuts" guy didn't go to work and they were checking in on him... More »
Accident     09/25/2015
Yay...... (Sarcasm)... More »
He shoot his own PECKER!     09/25/2015
@NewToTexas: I'd say he's a great shot. I'm mean really, he got a head shot with only one t... More »
What you want to do today during recess?     09/25/2015
Yeah, I never heard the news say, "the shooter blamed his elementary school friends for his anger be... More »

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