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Re: Dolphin assisted childbirth?     09/07/2015
I'm not subscribing to read it.But to me, this is more like idi assisted ots.... More »
Re: Wasps in Our Bathroom     09/07/2015
You failed to mention they were clean, potty trained wasps.... More »
Re: San Antonio high school football players target ref because of a bad call.     09/07/2015
Why suspend them from school?  It's likely they'd rather not be in school.  Suspend them from foot... More »
Re: Does Labor Day still have relevance in today's world?     09/07/2015
Labor day honors the labor movement and the workers.Unions were once helpful to workers.  Those uni... More »
Re: Paula Deen has a new gig!     09/07/2015
Remember when Gary's car broke down, and he paid his mechanic bill by making these commercials?[yout... More »
Re: Insuring a teenaged driver     09/07/2015
I think I will create a web site that shows the location of all teenage drivers in their cars.  Tha... More »
Re: She's in Jail     09/05/2015
"Agreed...  if she has such deep religion convictions she sure does not show it in her own ... More »
Re: She's in Jail     09/05/2015
"In the case of her job as County Clerk her job requires her to certify that those applying for a ... More »
Re: Best way to get rid of spiders     09/05/2015
The vacuum cleaner works.  A cup with a lid works too.  Then you can expel them from the house wit... More »
Re: what is the group's opinion of the Humble City Cafe for B-fast     09/05/2015
I would rather cook and clean than pay those high prices for a breakfast.... More »
Re: Burger King     09/05/2015
What you can do is never again eat at BK.... More »
Re: Alternate Names for Things     09/04/2015
"Now I never use that name anymore, ever, so I am not sure what came over me to spout that out loud.... More »
Re: Religion question.     09/04/2015
"It is supposed to be beyond your grasp. That is the definition of faith."That's not the definition ... More »
Re: Lazy Mom's Day -- Yeah Right!     09/04/2015
When is Lazy Sons of Aging Parents day?... More »
Re: Library Lets You Check Out People     09/03/2015
The premise that this combats prejudice is absurd.The premise that prejudice is bad is absurd.  Lik... More »
Re: Water Bill Shock     09/03/2015
They originally adjusted the July/August bill, meter read incorrectly on Aug 13, to the reading take... More »
Re: Religion question.     09/03/2015
"But it is still a book written by men, why limit yourself to the book itself when there are oth... More »
Re: Tom Brady     09/03/2015
The NFL's report found no evidence Brady broke rules, and it found no evidence rules were broken.Com... More »
Re: She's in Jail     09/03/2015
I agree with her ideals and her actions.  But jail is the expected outcome.When the evil people are... More »
Re: Religion question.     09/03/2015
"I have a box set of books that explains all the religions pretty thoroughly if you want to borrow t... More »


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