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Re: A Christmas Story marathon....     12/25/2015
That leg lamp was from Fragile Italy.... More »
Re: Santa LOVES coming to our house!     12/25/2015
Note from Santa:  "Next year, leave the same for each one of the reindeer."... More »
Re: "Luminous Beings Are We" - Yoda     12/24/2015
With JJ Ambrams, it's likely the line is now uttered by Han Solo.  ... More »
Re: Of course...     12/23/2015
Poor kids need food and clothes before they need gifts.... More »
Re: Atros gifts     12/23/2015
I have a number of bobble heads, including the Biggio HoF bobble head and replica HoF plaque.... More »
Re: Brook Shadow     12/23/2015
Cat Stevens converted to Islam.  When the Rushdie thing happened, with a call for murdering Rushdie... More »
Re: Wow Trump!!     12/23/2015
MC looks like a homeless man.  ... More »
Re: TOTALLY ENJOYED IT!     12/23/2015
You liked the remake.  That's good.  I already saw it in the 70's.... More »
Re: I Hate a Thief!     12/22/2015
You hate a thief, but it takes a thief:[youtube][/youtube... More »
Re: Phone question...     12/22/2015
Connect the phone to the computer.  Upload the photos and other data to the computer.  Stop droppi... More »
Re: White noise & such     12/22/2015
There's enough noise from traffic, from something that sounds like a jet engine, without having more... More »
Re: Whale beached in Galveston     12/22/2015
I thought it was going to be a story about Michael Moore visiting Galveston.... More »
Brook Shadow     12/22/2015
Whenever I see the street, or someone mentions it, I think of this.[youtube] More »
Re: PSA about night time riding/walking     12/22/2015
That's good advice.  But another piece of advice is see other people when you're biking or running.... More »
Re: Wow Trump!!     12/22/2015
I bet he's behind the wet bandits.... More »
Re: Divorce lawyer suggestion?     12/22/2015
Call Jim Adler.  Tell him you've been married to a big truck for years.  Then get out of the way.... More »
Re: Remodeling Jobs     12/22/2015
I thought this was about someone tripping as they walked down the ramp, so someone had to re-model t... More »
Re: Harvard Dialect Quiz     12/22/2015
I was going to look, but then I noticed it was the NY Slime.... More »
Re: Let's waste time....chasing cars....around our heads     12/22/2015
That song was way over used in movies and on TV shows.[youtube] More »
Re: I just got off.....     12/22/2015
Noooo....meester Century no ees home.... More »

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