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Re: No Hoverboards at School     01/05/2016
Note the note didn't say students have to leave the hoverboards at home.  The note said they will b... More »
Re: Ideas for a group/date night     01/05/2016
Go free climbing some of the high buildings downtown.... More »
Re: When I am old, this will be me     01/03/2016
Betty White is gay?... More »
Re: Jupiter Ascending...     01/03/2016
Yes, because it was written, re-written, re-re-written, re-re-re-written.  Most of the reviews say ... More »
Re: Bill Cosby finally charged     01/03/2016
Zip zop boopity bop.... More »
President Obama May Run Again - For President of Iran     01/03/2016
[url][/url]... More »
Re: Buying/selling websites     01/03/2016 More »
Re: Your kids suck     01/03/2016
Be nice.  If they sass back call the cops, or show them your back hand.When kids were shooting pell... More »
Re: I did not. Did you ?     01/03/2016
You know, a person can also use a concealed carry weapon to kill.  That someone uses a tool to do s... More »
Re: Black Eyed Pea recipe     01/02/2016
One key ingredient is a Global Warming Zealot named Will I Am, aka Id I Ot.... More »
Re: Jupiter Ascending...     01/02/2016
They butchered my screen play.... More »
Re: weird stuff for sale in classifieds     01/02/2016
It's better to buy new Attends than used Attends.... More »
Re: VA Executives Abuse Relocation Program     01/02/2016
VA only has two letters.... More »
Re: Bill Cosby finally charged     01/02/2016
It's likely this was "sex with Cosby to get ahead in career".... More »
Re: Your kids suck     01/02/2016
I'd go over to tell the kids.... More »
Re: Parents Tweets     12/31/2015
People were bringing little children to Jesus for him to place his hands on them, but the disciple... More »
Re: Another work place foul!!! lol     12/31/2015
Nice of you to leave some for others.... More »
Re: Donnatella is the best!     12/31/2015
Donatella may be cool.  But she isn't this cool.[youtube] More »
Re: Arrest made in local Mosque arson case     12/31/2015
Samuel Jackson said. of the San Bernadino attack, he had hoped it was "another crazy white guy".  H... More »
Re: Thank you Papa John's pizza delivery guy...     12/31/2015
Believe this:  if a lost kid finds me or I find a lost kid, I will do everything in my power to get... More »

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