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Re: I think we just saw our new VP     01/13/2016
I disagree.  Her jab at Trump was ridiculous.  ... More »
Re: Asking for Photoshop help     01/13/2016
There's a Photoshop plug-in to fix the following image.  The plug-in is called 2017.... More »
Re: I just got a call from my kid's teacher     01/13/2016
I would have said, "Maybe you need a better brand of Duct Tape if you taped it and it's still a haza... More »
Re: Blue Bell     01/12/2016
If it's true, that has to be the end of Blue Bell.... More »
So That's How One Sticker Works     01/12/2016
I had to renew the car registration (sticker).  My car reg. expired at the end of January, but my i... More »
Re: Poverty solved     01/12/2016
People confuse TARP, Bush's failed socialist money program, with Stimulus, Obama's failed socialist ... More »
Re: 1960 Ghost and evil     01/12/2016
"The fifth floor of the Hotel Galvez is not a good place to be alone. Legend has it that a ghost b... More »
Re: What if..     01/11/2016
Moochelle running would be no better than Hillary running.... More »
Re: John Moore Service     01/11/2016
Pay more, get less.  That should be their motto.I had them out to check my A/C when it was not cool... More »
Re: Poverty solved     01/11/2016
Hannity went on and on about this same thing on his show.  Then, just prior to the 3PM break, he sa... More »
Re: Selling online pet peeves     01/11/2016
I like the condition of your item, and I fervently agree with your post.  As an qualified Doctor in... More »
Re: UPDATE: herron's Pool Skimmer Injury / Attack     01/11/2016
That's why I do vertigo drills:  at the first sign of an attack, get to the ground before falling t... More »
Re: Ted Poe     01/11/2016
The Alcalde, standing in front of a Z carved into the garrison door, said "This attack had nothing t... More »
Re: The Revenant - Worth the price of admission and more.     01/11/2016
The movie wasn't very good.  DeCaprio has no personal basis for understand hardships.  It showed i... More »
Surprise in the ISD Tax Bill     01/10/2016
It was $200 less than last year, even though the appraised house value rose.... More »
Re: Star Wars Han Solo     01/10/2016
Obi Wan, er Han Solo, died.  But the thought was they could bring him back as a ghost.... More »
Re: Who has their heater on?     01/10/2016
My heat is on all winter.  It's set for 64 at night and 67 during the day.... More »
Re: Zapp's Potato Chips     01/10/2016
Utz makes good snacks.... More »
Alcalde Says Latest Attack "Had Nothing to Do With Zorro"     01/10/2016
[url][/url]... More »
Re: noise outside     01/10/2016
You better run: you better take cover.[youtube][/youtube]... More »

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