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Re: I have taken my house phone off the hook     10/25/2015
Tired of political calls?  Mike Politic, running for dgfbut, will end those calls.  Put an end to ... More »
Re: Lake Houston Dam over its banks     10/25/2015
Oh no, we're doomed!... More »
Re: White Woman Gives Birth To Black Baby     10/24/2015
Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do.... More »
Re: I want to find the person that     10/24/2015
I love the autocorrect on my tablet.  It changes something, I arrow back to change back to what I w... More »
Re: Jerk driver of the day thread     10/24/2015
Why would you hit the brakes?  That might cause an accident.  Slowly reduce your speed.  Be safe.... More »
Re: Darth Vader Statue     10/24/2015
That's funny.  They converted a Lenin statue to a Darth Vader statue to avoid the statue's destruct... More »
Re: Are we in America yet?'     10/24/2015
Proverbs 29:2"When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth r... More »
Re: My kid can sleep     10/24/2015
How old is she?... More »
Re: Gender reveal! We have     10/24/2015
The only difference is now everyone will acknowledge you as great.... More »
Re: Who would survive the longest     10/24/2015
Define survive.  If you become a zombie, you're still surviving.... More »
Re: Funnel cloud in Pearland.     10/24/2015
We're doomed!  Global warming is finally going to destroy us!  ... More »
Re: Maureen O'Hara dead at 95     10/24/2015
I remember seeing her in Miracle on 34th Street.  I never heard of "The Quite Man".... More »
Re: Sad to see what is served in a Humble ISD cafeteria     10/24/2015
So pack a lunch for her.... More »
Re: New trend in funerals is kind of creepy     10/24/2015
In the old days that was done at the deceased's home.... More »
Re: Reminder: Charge those phone and tablets     10/24/2015
There's been light rain most of the day.  Now we're getting into hurricane type warnings for drizzl... More »
Re: Record-Breaking and Apocalyptic     10/23/2015
The global warming folks desperately need a big storm.... More »
Re: ewwwwwww     10/23/2015
She really waned your sausage.... More »
Re: What would you do?     10/22/2015
Don;t look at your lap while driving.  If there's a spider there, it will be gone when you stand to... More »
Re: ~ Romans 12:2     10/22/2015
That's a good counter to the tolerance crowd.... More »
Re: Looking for a tutor for my 5th grade daughter     10/22/2015
What's the subject?... More »


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