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Re: Ever Wonder Why     12/12/2015
For those who didn't know, I meant the life boat.... More »
Re: Nail in the Foot     12/12/2015
"Not knowing you have a nail in your foot sounds like you should have a discussion with your doc... More »
Re: OH NO, I've been hacked     12/12/2015
You have to send $1000 cash to the address he gives you.  Then he will fix the problem.... More »
Re: Chinese buffet -dinner     12/12/2015
China Ko is ridiculously awful.... More »
Re: Graffiti Anyone?     12/12/2015
If you see chalk drawings of stars and moons, Low Men in Yellow Coats may be in the neighborhood.... More »
Re: What was the best Christmas present you ever received?     12/12/2015
That first one is hard to beat.The best gift I received was Jesus.... More »
Re: Ever Wonder Why     12/12/2015
Re-watch the Titanic movie.  If the girl had stayed on the boat, the guy would have lived.... More »
Re: The struggle is real     12/12/2015
Hmmm...Gymbar sounds like a good idea for a business.... More »
Nail in the Foot     12/12/2015
I wondered why my foot hurt all night at the gym.  When I returned home, my shoe was full of blood.... More »
Re: USA meet rock bottom     12/12/2015
Gotta love the socoms - socialist commies - who continue to attack Trump as:  mean, stupid, racist,... More »
Re: 3 Kingwood area restaurants with health code violations     12/12/2015
But is there ice in the slime machine?... More »
Re: There Goes that Idea.     12/12/2015
It's the Yeti!  Yetayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy![youtube][/yo... More »
Re: Hot!     12/12/2015
It was cold in my house all day.... More »
Re: New Yorker cover this week     12/11/2015
"What's wrong with it? We are Americans and we own guns"It's a parody of buying guns, trying to del... More »
Re: Need some help sloothing     12/11/2015
Who is Lou?... More »
Re: First stage of getting a new crown is completed!     12/11/2015
If you just need a crown, it can be completed in the same visit.  ... More »
Re: $100,000 Christmas bonus??     12/11/2015
What does money have to do with Christmas dreams?I guess the oil business isn't as bad as oil people... More »
Re: Hiding Money in the House     12/11/2015
"I read an article that said to hide money and valuables in your freezer.  Thieves don't think to c... More »
Re: New Yorker cover this week     12/11/2015
The New Yorker is a progressive wreck of a publication.That cover explains the mind set of the publi... More »
Re: JJ Watt Broke His Hand     12/11/2015
$100M is what my driver is worth.$1M is what his assistant is worth: the guy who washes the cars.... More »

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