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Re: Looking for a math tutor referral     01/23/2016
Carney's is good.  I know a guy who works at another place.  I'll ask him for the name of it.  I ... More »
Re: Trump thinks he's unstoppable     01/23/2016
He is saying his supporters are loyal.  They won't be swayed by one issue.BTW, he isn't really plan... More »
Re: Ugh... School of Rock     01/23/2016
I tutor, but I don't sell school books.  It's not unusual for a place that teaches music not to sel... More »
Re: Bad Movie Day Recommendations?     01/23/2016
These aren't really bad, but they're entertaining.The Abominable Dr. PhibesDr. Phibes Rises Again... More »
Re: Melted microwave     01/23/2016
I just saved $54 by buying the over the stove on eBay.  The new microwave arrives tomorrow.Anyone k... More »
Re: Hospice care     01/23/2016
My dad was on his death bed, then he went into hospice care.  He got better for a while, and he liv... More »
Re: Tonight's Freeze     01/23/2016
I turn off the outside water.  That's it.... More »
Re: What supplements do you take?     01/22/2016
If I need more vitamins I drink some milk.... More »
Re: tamales     01/22/2016
Did you say tamales, senorita?[youtube][/youtube]... More »
Re: Schlumberger cuts 10,000 jobs amid oil price rout     01/22/2016
The oil and gas industries existed for years, decades, before $3 and $4 gasoline.Transportation and ... More »
Re: Schlumberger cuts 10,000 jobs amid oil price rout     01/22/2016
I understand about out of work neighbors not buying stuff or using services.  But there are other i... More »
Re: Bad Movie Day Recommendations?     01/22/2016
Alien vs Ninja[youtube][/youtube]... More »
Re: Shades of Blue     01/22/2016
Jennifer Lopez is in the FBI?... More »
Re: Preowned boots     01/22/2016
Why would you buy boots?  You can kill a few rattlers to make your own.... More »
Short Cut Not a Long Cut     01/22/2016
I cut through the little drive way in front of Walmart, so I can avoid trying to turn onto 1960.  B... More »
Re: how much should we be paying for gas bills?     01/22/2016
This reminded me of life in Los Angeles.  My neighbors at the apartment complex were the Muslim... More »
Re: Im having a car towed.     01/22/2016
There was a ding bat parking her car at the end of the cul de sac.  I noticed she didn't live on th... More »
Re: Bikes stolen     01/22/2016
Were they chained?  The porch isn't secure.... More »
Re: Don't want to get out of the car     01/22/2016
That's why I drive with the windows open.... More »
Re: friends and life     01/22/2016
You can meet new friends at a new job,... More »

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