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Re: Ted Cruz     01/22/2016
Bob Dole is an idiot.  It's his type of moderation that put the GOP in the state it is.  The GOP h... More »
Re: Where to get a newspaper     01/22/2016
People still read paper papers?... More »
Re: Pho?     01/22/2016
Is it Pho you or Pho the whole family?... More »
Re: Noise up to 2:00am in the morning     01/22/2016
What about the jet engine sound that goes on at least once a week?I have a neighbor, somewhere in th... More »
Re: Is it normal...     01/22/2016
I am having trouble with my marriage, so I am asking strangers on a message board about it.Hogwash.T... More »
Re: Olive garden     01/22/2016
I don't like bad Italian food, so I don't frequent OG.... More »
Re: A Gun To Kill Fire Ants??     01/20/2016
Fun and any extermination at the same time.... More »
Re: how do you get your kid to middle school?     01/20/2016
" I don't want to depend on car pooling because I don't want a parent to have to go out of their ... More »
Re: a Liberal Democrat, Would Rather Vote for Donald Trump     01/20/2016
"And while Donald Trump will unequivocally destroy the country, his election will make a statement."... More »
Re: Sarah Palin endorses Trump     01/20/2016
"I'm actually a life-long Republican. I'm just not happy with the current state of the GOP. Ever... More »
Re: I see you there buddy     01/20/2016
There's also a Bigfoot in that photo.... More »
Re: Please Go Fund me....     01/20/2016
I wish I could figure out a way to clean people's computer screens from online.  Then I could be a ... More »
Re: Freestyle Festival Humble Expo Center     01/19/2016
They're giving away children at this thing?... More »
Re: To the turd who came out of Sands Creek     01/19/2016
Could it have been Racer X?... More »
Re: House Rent update     01/19/2016
I thought there was a glut of homes on the market because of the oil prices.  Doesn't that extend i... More »
Re: Box Game Teaser     01/19/2016
It's even worse when the first two clicks are on the money.  Then you call in experts, examine the ... More »
Re: Sand Creek - theft from cars     01/19/2016
Theft is human nature.  It happens.  Some people steal, and then later in life can be great people... More »
Re: Windows 8     01/19/2016
I had a dead HD.  Nothing would read the files on it.  I tried Ubuntu boot from a USB drive.  Und... More »
Re: No Sale Lowes     01/19/2016
Yes, Sears also lost the sale.  But there was no Redneck Santa Claus wasting my time at Sears."@fca... More »
Re: internet spaz     01/19/2016
"Not true. I recently purchased 2 whirlpool appliances from lowes and had them beat best buy prices.... More »

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