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Re: Speaking of comps from restaurants..     06/21/2015
So let's examine this.  People who aren't rude are compensated the same way as people who are rude.... More »
Re: So yesterday...     06/20/2015
Don't leave your cat outside.  Problem solved.... More »
Re: Breaking News - Miracle drug cures cancer, AIDS and Ebola     06/20/2015
The cure for everything involves injecting Kim Jong Un DNA into the patient.  His DNA is mighty!... More »
Re: Cute kid!     06/20/2015
I think she enjoyed the flight.... More »
Re: LOST WEDDING RING!!! REWARD!!!!!     06/20/2015
A ring can be replaced.... More »
New SAT Essay - Liberal Indoctrination     06/20/2015
"Your essay should not explain whether you agree with ______'s claims..."College Board has found a w... More »
Re: Words that make you cringe. (feel free to add some)     06/20/2015
ObamaDemocratSmall Tax IncreaseRaise the Debt Ceiling... More »
Re: Ex-Wife gets half of everything     06/19/2015
He loses his stuff for a momentary tantrum.  Good job guy.... More »
Re: Breaking News - Miracle drug cures cancer, AIDS and Ebola     06/19/2015
Kim Jong Un is amazing.  I think he's been to the sun.... More »
Re: Can you add anything to this Eulogy     06/19/2015
Sauce omething like this on Facebook.His wife cried for a week.  His death sugar up.When is the... More »
Re: Grandma and Grandpa were visiting their kids overnight.     06/19/2015
Next time let people know where you're appearing.... More »
Re: Gummi Bear product review on     06/19/2015
I guess it gives people a problem with vowel movements.... More »
Re: One More Reason I Won't Vote For Him     06/18/2015
This is the typical liberal response to the issue.  "English isn't the official language of America... More »
Re: Hate crime at church???     06/18/2015
If a black guy killed nine white guys, would that not involve hate?What does this church shooting ha... More »
Re: Bat Car     06/17/2015
Have you seen Little Batman?[youtube][/youtube]... More »
Re: Prescription Rant     06/17/2015
Medicine and surgeries are best as a last resort.  ... More »
Re: Question: Things for 16 year olds to do     06/17/2015
The apostasy is in full force.... More »
Re: Whoa, Joe!     06/17/2015
Wow, the web site doesn't mention the pricing.  It must be very expensive.... More »
Re: Wait....what????     06/16/2015
Why do you need your company to tell you to use your judgement?... More »
Re: This is a Great Vacation Idea     06/16/2015
The 80 year old and his wife have a 12 year old son?... More »


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