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Re: Is it illegal...     02/08/2016
Why would you park on the street in front of your own driveway instead of  parking on the driveway?... More »
Re: Dr. John Joseph Murphy     02/06/2016
Who is he?... More »
Re: Break in     02/05/2016
If someone broke into my car they'd get a few pennies, a rubber washer and my owner manual.... More »
Re: So Tired Today     02/05/2016
When I was young, I loved my nap time.... More »
Re: Political cartoons     02/04/2016
"Bernie actually has very specific plans on how to pay for his recommended programs and even bre... More »
Re: Gas is so cheap     02/04/2016
It's more expensive than it should be given the price of oil.  The problem now is we need more refi... More »
Re: Cage free     02/04/2016
I buy the cheapest eggs.... More »
Re: Question for folks that were here in 1983-87     02/03/2016
A similar incident happened across the street from my house.  The wife was in the process of  drow... More »
Re: Republican Party Favoring Marco Rubio to Win the Primaries     02/03/2016
The country will be much better with any one of Cruz, Trump or Rubio as President.... More »
Re: Time for another game of HAVE YOU EVER???     02/03/2016
1 Peter 2: 13-17Be subject for the Lord's sake to every human institution, whether it be to the em... More »
Re: 6 Coin toss wins in a row!     02/03/2016
"But it was 6 individual ones right? So she has a 50/50 chance on any one of them. The coins did... More »
Re: Republican Party Favoring Marco Rubio to Win the Primaries     02/02/2016
We get it, only the moderate Republican (Rubio) can win.That was proven in 2008 and 2012 when modera... More »
Free Oil Change     02/02/2016
Did I say free?  I meant $20 paid to me for the oil change.I need an oil change, so I scheduled a "... More »
Re: 6 Coin toss wins in a row!     02/02/2016
Fewer than 1400 people showed up on the Dem side.10's of thousands showed up on the Republican side.... More »
Re: Random Things     02/02/2016
On the spoon in water, you adjust the temporal constant only in the local area of the spoon surface.... More »
Re: Garage Sale soon     02/02/2016
Are you planning to park your car in the street, or are you buying a new garage?Who is responsible f... More »
Re: Flying with kids     02/02/2016
Help them manage their kids.  Time goes fast when you're talking to a kid.... More »
Re: Charlie Sheen's HIV Cured!     02/02/2016
Meanwhile, Chuck Norris doesn't worry about contracting HIV.  HIV worries about contracting Chuck N... More »
Re: What is your take on online dating sites?     02/02/2016
They are crap.  Meet someone in the places you frequent.... More »
Re: Good books     02/02/2016
Try the Bible.  It's the best of the Good Books.... More »

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