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Re: Sad this morning g     07/18/2016
There are always killings.  There is always sadness. Deuteronomy 31:8The Lord himself goes before y... More »
Re: A sucker born every minute and I think I married one...     07/18/2016
I used to work next door to the LaBrea Tar Pits.  One day a co-worker and I were walking back to th... More »
Re: Want you guys to weigh in on this one     07/18/2016
A job interview is two ways.  You are interviewing them too.  Sounds like that place and its emplo... More »
Re: Dog nail trimming     07/18/2016
I take Boo to Petsmart.  I think it's the table - when she's raised she stops struggling.... More »
Re: Help me climb     07/18/2016
I guess you'd rather be in Colorado.[youtube][/youtube]... More »
Re: Alzheimers     07/17/2016
We took my dad to Dr.Kanh Nyguen when we thought dad had a problem.  The Dr. sent dad to counselin... More »
Re: Found rabbit     07/17/2016
Is it a wascawy wabbit?[youtube][/youtube]... More »
Re: Officers murdered in Baton Rouge     07/17/2016
Boy what coincidences.  Gavin Long, one of the BR shooters, was a former member of Nation of Islam,... More »
Re: Black Lives Matter at Deerbrook Mall     07/16/2016
I do "good grief", "rats", and "aaugh".... More »
Re: Pokemon     07/16/2016
Geo caching was all the rage a few years ago.  This too shall pass.... More »
Re: Black Lives Matter at Deerbrook Mall     07/16/2016
" I am a hard core conservative, but I was proud when he took office."You, a hard core Conservative,... More »
Re: New Study Why Big Pharma's Fighting Legal Marijuana     07/16/2016
Marijuana is like Morphine.  It masks symptoms in an end of life manner.There's nothing wrong with ... More »
Re: Kaboom Pipe to the Head     07/14/2016
I wait a couple of days.  If a problem persists, I see a doctor.... More »
Re: Pokemon     07/14/2016
Geocaching was big a few years ago.  This too shall pass.... More »
Re: My 12 year old likes the F*word     07/14/2016
It's also this.  Those who believe in nothing fall for anything.Tell your son to watch Captain Amer... More »
Re: Deadly Shooting in Kingwood -     07/14/2016
There was a driveway in a drive by shooting?... More »
Re: What to do, what to do...     07/14/2016
The only person this is harming is you.  Don't associate with the bad person.Problem solved.... More »
Re: Would it be wrong or tacky?     07/14/2016
Do you think it's tacky?  If you didn't, you wouldn't have posted.  ... More »
Re: Is this another 1968?     07/14/2016
"Yeah, no high profile assassinations thank goodness. But I am looking how polarized and divided... More »
Re: Darn flies!     07/14/2016
[youtube][/youtube]BTW, Burl Ives was the original Genie ... More »

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