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Is it Spam?     04/30/2016
Is this considered SPAM?[youtube][/youtube]... More »
Re: Nest Thermostat     04/30/2016
When the AC is on, and it still hasn't been on this year, I keep it set at 80.  It's just enough to... More »
Re: My funny (and expensive) tollway charges.     04/30/2016
I get all around Houston without ever using a toll road.... More »
Re: What was your first job as a teen, when and what did you do?     04/30/2016
I collected for a local furniture merchant in Chicago.  I worked with a friend.  He was kind of th... More »
Re: Bye Bye Suddenlink!     04/30/2016
What kind of deal did you get?... More »
Re: Transgender     04/30/2016
Gotta love They Used to Call Me Bruce Jenner saying "see, I used the women's room, nobody was molest... More »
Re: What's the best Japanese steakhouse?     04/30/2016
Shogun is new.  It's on 1960 near West Lake Houston.... More »
Re: Traffic Ticket Advice     04/25/2016
Don't wait for the government to fine you or tell you what to do.  The price of not wearing a seat ... More »
Re: GOP New Webster Entry     04/25/2016
Yup, Hillary is getting worried.... More »
Re: Bob Ross "Happy Little Trees Ahead"     04/25/2016
Bob's episodes are on the Youtube.  Download them if you're worried they will disappear.I believe e... More »
Re: What is the point of e-cigarettes? If there is any?     04/25/2016
It doesn't annoy me.  I remember a time when people smoked cigarettes everywhere, including on aero... More »
Re: Comcast Taxes and Fees     04/25/2016
Centurylink will upgrade the account to 50 Mbps with a one year committment.  I already have the mo... More »
Re: Comcast Taxes and Fees     04/25/2016
Comcast rep said $12 - $15 taxes and feed.Now I'm working on the retention offers from DirecTV and C... More »
Re: Plumbers and Cost     04/25/2016
That's how John Moore did it with me.  Then after they snaked it, it was backed up again that eveni... More »
Re: Banana Republic     04/25/2016
Notice they're blaming the guy who was in charge of Republican registration and voter lists for the ... More »
Re: Martin Galleries - such a fun date night!     04/25/2016
I don't need classes.  I can turn a lump of clay into a paper weight (a hard lump of clay).... More »
Re: Attention Parents in the Drop Off Line....     04/25/2016
"Is this the same deal as that person that gets there first at 1 o'clock and then their kid is last ... More »
Re: Can I get back into Forest Cove by turning down Hamblen?     04/25/2016
I lived near Hamblen road.  I didn't get nervous until the flooding drove the swamp monster into th... More »
Re: Plumbers and Cost     04/25/2016
That's a common trick to get $215 out of you for a $69 service.  You can also purchase a snake with... More »
Re: I obviously don't pay attention to things around me     04/25/2016
You do know that sometimes people shift from one universe to another, right?  Sometimes the differe... More »

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