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Re: New honky-tonk coming to Humble area     11/29/2015
Then there's this one.  But I won't post the other one.[youtube] More »
Re: New honky-tonk coming to Humble area     11/29/2015
I only have one thing to say about this.  "Yeehaw!"[youtube] More »
Re: Mountain lion in Kingwood?     11/29/2015
There was a dead deer on W. Lake Houston on Friday.What creature is killing these animals?... More »
Re: How would you like to run into this?     11/29/2015
Bats are cute little critters.... More »
Re: I tricked my wife!     11/29/2015
Congratulations on your anniversary.  ... More »
Re: Did you know?     11/29/2015
And?... More »
Re: $20 Virtual 5k for Humble ISD ED Foundation     11/29/2015
I don't have kids.  I still have to pay for schools.... More »
Delta Dawn     11/27/2015
Have you been to the mansion?[youtube][/youtube]... More »
Re: Max the movie     11/27/2015
Movies like that help teach children an important thing.Ecclesiastes 3:  1-2To everything there is ... More »
Re: Guard Species     11/27/2015
Two puppies are better than one.... More »
The Crabby Old Gamer     11/27/2015
He's playing a game about working.[youtube][... More »
Did You Order Any Whistles?     11/27/2015
This makes me feel like going like that.PSALM 57:7  My heart is steadfast, O God,  My heart is ste... More »
Re: Wisdom teeth     11/25/2015
A stitch in time saves 10.A bird in hand isn't worth one in a bush.Put off till Tuesday what you mig... More »
Re: David Canary aka Adam - all my children     11/25/2015
Adam had an evil twin, didn't he?  Is the guy who played the evil twin also dead?... More »
Re: It's not a holiday without Charlie Brown     11/25/2015
Don't get the Charlie Brown Christmas stamps.  When you try to mail a letter containing that stamp,... More »
Re: Kids are STUPID!!!     11/24/2015
Sure children are problems sometimes, and parents get to see most of those problems.But children are... More »
Re: Smoked. Turkey     11/24/2015
You need thick rolling paper.... More »
Re: Wisdom teeth     11/24/2015
If it's not an emergency go to UT Dental School.When I had mine removed, the dentist did two in the ... More »
Re: Turkey Shoots down Russian Warplane     11/24/2015
The latest is that the plane was in Syrian air space when the Turks hit it.... More »
Re: Frying Turkey This Year?? Read This:     11/24/2015
Never make sure the turkey is thawed?  That's not good advice.... More »

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