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That PSAT     02/10/2016
I'm going over a student's PSAT to discover which types of questions he missed.  Then I'll give him... More »
Re: Popcorn tin     02/10/2016
$70 or $30 for a 3 1/2 gallon tin of popcorn.A fool and his money are soon parted.... More »
Re: Mobile Dog Groomer...?     02/09/2016 More »
Re: Salt rising bread?     02/09/2016
That is a good bread.... More »
Re: Why Trump will lose New Hampshire     02/09/2016
I think the analysis the OP gave was right on the money.  Trump learned a lesson in IA.... More »
Re: Why Trump will lose New Hampshire     02/09/2016
People claim they've never seen a candidate smear or attack others.  Golly gee, they have to be nic... More »
Re: Sort of Windy today     02/08/2016
Everyone knows it's windy out there.[youtube][/youtube]... More »
Re: Bernie     02/08/2016
The goal of socialism is communism.... More »
Re: If you are going to lipsync...     02/08/2016
It's telling of people that they think Demonce's black lies matter performance was good.... More »
Re: Back before the government of welfare got involved in family tradged...     02/08/2016
The issue isn't if they were better off.  The issue is they survived, and other people who weren't ... More »
Folks, Talk to Everyone     02/08/2016
This keeps happening.  I'm talking to someone:  person A.  B walks up to us.  B starts talking a... More »
Re: The unofficial disgruntled thread     02/08/2016
If you set out to fail and succeed, which have you done?... More »
Re: Is it illegal...     02/08/2016
Why would you park on the street in front of your own driveway instead of  parking on the driveway?... More »
Re: Dr. John Joseph Murphy     02/06/2016
Who is he?... More »
Re: Break in     02/05/2016
If someone broke into my car they'd get a few pennies, a rubber washer and my owner manual.... More »
Re: So Tired Today     02/05/2016
When I was young, I loved my nap time.... More »
Re: Political cartoons     02/04/2016
"Bernie actually has very specific plans on how to pay for his recommended programs and even bre... More »
Re: Gas is so cheap     02/04/2016
It's more expensive than it should be given the price of oil.  The problem now is we need more refi... More »
Re: Cage free     02/04/2016
I buy the cheapest eggs.... More »
Re: Question for folks that were here in 1983-87     02/03/2016
A similar incident happened across the street from my house.  The wife was in the process of  drow... More »

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