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Re: Am I the only one     08/17/2016
[youtube][/youtube]... More »
Re: Tonight's Commute STINKS!!!     08/17/2016
As soon as the Astros game ended I high tailed it to the parking lot.  I started out behind the cro... More »
Re: Concrete Driveway Slab Leveling     08/17/2016
Thanks.... More »
Re: IRS Wants me...     08/17/2016
Are federal agents on the way to your home?... More »
Re: Toothless the Kitten wants YOU!     08/17/2016
Why is the neighbor in poor condition?Where did the cat get money?... More »
Re: Domincan Salami     08/17/2016
Is that like Yaggis?... More »
Re: Art or Trash??     08/16/2016
There was a company in Portland that owned a building.  One night, someone painted on one side of t... More »
Re: Concrete Driveway Slab Leveling     08/16/2016
What was the cost?... More »
Re: Art or Trash??     08/16/2016
It doesn't matter if it's not on the painter's property.... More »
Re: Which to buy     08/16/2016
Buy both.  Then you create a cycle of happiness.... More »
Re: Flash Flood Watch Extended     08/16/2016
Is this like a flash sale or a flash mob?I stood in the rain watching to make sure the water was dra... More »
Re: Biggest boobs in US lives in Kingwood     08/16/2016
If I told her her bosom is too big, would she hold it against me?... More »
Concrete Driveway Slab Leveling     08/16/2016
Anyone had this done?  If so, how much was it?  I have one of 6 slabs on my driveway sinking.... More »
Re: Trump     08/16/2016
Yes, he hates illegals, Mad Muslim terrorists, and people helping Hillary try to lie her way to the ... More »
Re: milwaukee riots     08/16/2016
Black Lies Matter is an evil organization.... More »
Re: I got disbarred from a Pet Rescue     08/13/2016
BTW, my first sentence was supposed to have a ? on it.I don't know if someone is saying the dog grou... More »
Re: cooking bacon in oven     08/13/2016
I put a rack in the pan, which is covered with tin foil.  The bacon doesn't sit in the grease.  Th... More »
Re: New HEB     08/12/2016
Good thing it's there.  There aren't enough grocery stores around this area.  We need one every fe... More »
Re: Anyone else taking their kid to college for the first time?     08/12/2016
I cry in Walmart whenever they run out of something I want.... More »
Re: A new bosom buddy for Trump.     08/12/2016
Meanwhile, Duterte shares ideals with Hillary.  He's a socialist - nearly all the way to communist.... More »

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