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Re: Another reason NOT to elect Trump...think it over!!     09/25/2016
Sorry OP, but the idea that only career politicians or unsuccessful people are good for political of... More »
Re: Cheeseburger Day - Fudd's Challenge     09/25/2016
A sucker truly is born every minute.  Pay $20 to try to eat enough to make you sick - wow.... More »
Re: Free Speech Suspended for a Second     09/24/2016
No, Clevenger gave in to pressure.People who riot, loot, steal, assault, and even kill, are animals.... More »
Re: Late night run fun..     09/24/2016
That might make you run faster.... More »
Re: Free Speech Suspended for a Second     09/24/2016
"How is Correa's statement equivalent to Clevenger's statement?"You're right.  Correa;s statement w... More »
Re: Selling a vehicle, need help.     09/24/2016
Did you ever see the guy on People's Court who claimed he wasn't selling a car.  The car was in his... More »
Re: Free Speech Suspended for a Second     09/24/2016
The point is the same sports media people saying, in Clevenger's case, athletes shouldn't speak abou... More »
Free Speech Suspended for a Second     09/24/2016
A baseball player, Steve Clevenger, tweeted that Charlotte rioters were animals who belong in jail.H... More »
Re: Another Terrorist Attack     09/24/2016
"What the hell is happening to our world?? It is going to shi*!! I wish guns didn't exist."...until ... More »
Re: I'm sorry it went down like this, but someone had to lose     09/24/2016
[youtube][/youtube]... More »
Re: HOw to hit someone     09/24/2016
LOL out loud.... More »
Things You Find in a Kid's Pockets     09/24/2016
I was walking the dog last night when I saw a candy wrapper on the ground.  I had seen it the night... More »
Re: YMCA 6th grade dance     09/24/2016
As I get older, I don't get more patient.  But the back of my hands get more calloused, so it doesn... More »
Re: Debate Monday     09/24/2016
The setting is a liberal college.  The moderators are liberals.  The questions are being collected... More »
Re: Hillary NOT going to Charlotte     09/24/2016
She already condemned the cops in NC.  She doesn't have to go.She's sick.  There's no doubt about ... More »
Nose Knows?     09/24/2016
The latest thing in my tutoring is group sessions.  I give a discount for each when it's a group, s... More »
Re: Traffic, Dog Poop, Lawn Care, Politics and Riots     09/24/2016
Dog poop, Johnson - both would be about the same as President.... More »
Re: No Gun In Video?     09/24/2016
The guy's fingerprints and DNA were on the gun, too.I actually heard someone say even if he was poin... More »
Re: Are you in the basket?     09/10/2016
The worst part about this is Michael Berry, supposedly a Conservative, said the exact same thing dur... More »
Re: what things that have disappeared since your childhood...     09/05/2016
When I was a kid we often saw the gladiators at the Coliseum.... More »

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