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Re: Never have I seen     10/27/2016
In other words, if you don't want mice in the house get a huntsman spider.... More »
Re: Obamacare sharp premium hikes on the way     10/27/2016
This isn't news.  Every cycle, there are sharp increases in premiums.  Before Obamacare, my premiu... More »
Re: My neighbor is harassing me     10/27/2016
Try living next door to a Nationwide Insurance agent.Nationwide is on your side.... More »
Oh That ACT     10/16/2016
Working with a student via Skype.  He had taken 20+ practice tests, but couldn't get his score over... More »
Re: Not What Trump Meant     10/16/2016
"You thought what Letterman said was funny? "No, the people now complaining about Trump thought Lett... More »
Re: Not What Trump Meant     10/16/2016
Sorry, Feminazis and Feminazi POWs (aka sissy men), what Trump said isn't sexual assault.Remember wh... More »
Re: islamophobia...     10/16/2016
Wanting to stop Mad Muslims from killing us isn't fear of Muslims or Islam.  It's standing up to Mu... More »
Re: SNL     10/16/2016
Alec acts like liberals wish Trump would act or think he acts.  ... More »
Re: NWA wrestling on demand     10/16/2016
Andre called everyone boss.  I called him "little Andre" as a joke.  He loved it.... More »
Re: I'll be glad when it's over     10/10/2016
I'll be glad only if we get Trump.... More »
Re: nbc explains why they sat on the recordings for 11 years     10/10/2016
The media narrative Monday was it's "below the dignity of the office" for Trump to talk about Bill's... More »
Re: Sick of this Election     10/04/2016
Are you sick of football, Walking Dead, Dancing With the Stars, the latest iPhone?Why do people get ... More »
Re: Clowns attack kids in Atascocita     10/04/2016
What does it matter if they're dressed as clowns?  There is violence every day.  It's not worse be... More »
Re: Debate...and the winner was:     09/28/2016
"Had Jill Stein on the computer - listening to her responses to the same questions."Jill "we need UN... More »
Re: RIP Black-Eyed Pea     09/28/2016
I never liked those places.... More »
Re: Third doctor!     09/28/2016
I once had a horrible rash.  Turned out it was an allergy to the carpet in the apartment.  It was ... More »
Re: Free Speech Suspended for a Second     09/26/2016
BTW, a HS band knelt at an Oakland A's game, in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick.Oddly, none of the ... More »
Re: Free Speech Suspended for a Second     09/25/2016
"Mr. Kaepernick is paying for his actions and will continue to do so.."Yeah, it's rough being on the... More »
Re: Another reason NOT to elect Trump...think it over!!     09/25/2016
Sorry OP, but the idea that only career politicians or unsuccessful people are good for political of... More »
Re: Cheeseburger Day - Fudd's Challenge     09/25/2016
A sucker truly is born every minute.  Pay $20 to try to eat enough to make you sick - wow.... More »

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