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University of Houston closed     04/19/2016
@Jeff1928: I would consider it a burn if I had attended NDSU or UND, but I didn't. I'm a Red... More »
240 billion gallons of water     04/19/2016
@retired_engineer counted each drop one at a time. He's a counting guru. ... More »
Crappy in laws.     04/19/2016
@Burnsway: Ok, the let em die comment was a bit over the line, I agree. However, maybe they ... More »
University of Houston closed     04/19/2016
@J2911: Not really. I just don't know anyone who, as a JH or HS kid who wasn't in sports eve... More »
University of Houston closed     04/19/2016
Closed just for today or did the board of regents realize that Cougar High was not reaching STAAR st... More »
Crappy in laws.     04/19/2016
I'm single and don't have these issues. Thank God! ... More »
This is so sad!     04/16/2016
Not to sound funny, but why did it say outside his home? Were they afraid the motorcycle accident wo... More »
Black List     04/16/2016
@uneasyrider: Man, you are all racists crackers. Shameful! :happy: ... More »
In Austin. Where should we eat?     04/16/2016
There are some good places to eat, sure, but don't fall into the tourist trap. Franklins is good,... More »
Black List     04/16/2016
Black List? Racists! ... More »
Do I have to get up today?     04/16/2016
Stay in bed. What the F do we care? JK, donna. I know your blood started to boil there. Enjoy... More »
Which season would you choose?     04/12/2016
GOLF season. ... More »
North Dakota are National Champions     04/10/2016
@mom2tenniskyd: I was there from 77-86, including all of my JH and HS years. Lived less than... More »
North Dakota are National Champions     04/09/2016
They won their 8th NCAA title tonight with a dominating 5-1 defeat of #1 Quinnipiac. SIOUX foreve... More »
Movie Review "The Boss"     04/09/2016
She's annoying, not funny and vulgar. But, she's making money, so whatever. I won't spend my money w... More »
Do you Know this dog?     04/08/2016
I think I met that dog at a bar down in Kemah a few years ago. I didn't really know him, though. Sor... More »
Merle Haggard has died.     04/08/2016
Never heard a Merle Haggard song until he passed away the other day. Now I know why I didn't and won... More »
Amazing that I am still alive!     04/03/2016
USAA and police ... More »
No Astros for another year.... Speak up     04/03/2016
@friday1: Blame the owner for making a financial deal with Rock Sports that was better than ... More »
Amazing that I am still alive!     04/03/2016
@BooBear: Yes, yes I can. I will tell my girls what I've always told them if they get in a j... More »

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