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Thank you KDC Gods     01/17/2016
I troll, therefore I am. Something like that. Oh, and no beans in chili. That's just wrong. ... More »
Career Changes     01/17/2016
I went from a gigolo in college to a couples counselor. Now I'm a bartender at Rick's and during the... More »
Death wish     01/17/2016
"If he dies, he dies." -Drago (from Rocky IV) He'll get his eventually, just be patient. ... More »
Go Chiefs!!!     01/17/2016
I like the Patriots, but can see how people don't like them. They win...a lot! 5 straight AFC ch... More »
ACT or SAT or both?     01/16/2016
Up north, the ACT was the preferred test, but it didn't matter...just a preference .... More »
Anyone work at Insperity?     01/12/2016
No...nobody works at Insperity, not a soul. It's a ficticious business and employs absolutely zero p... More »
Ego Tripping Celebs     01/10/2016
Why? Because people write stories about them and make them believe they are worth more than they rea... More »
Texans Pink Slips Going Out Tomorrow?     01/10/2016
McCarron would be an awful choice...just awful. But, the Texans love backups, so I can see it happen... More »
Texans Pink Slips Going Out Tomorrow?     01/10/2016
I'd love for the Texans to draft a franchise QB, but which QB out there is a franchise guy waiting t... More »
Texans Pink Slips Going Out Tomorrow?     01/09/2016
I am not a fan of O'Brien, but he did win the division and make the playoffs with 4 different starti... More »
Sorry about Texans game     01/09/2016
It happens. At least they made the playoffs. ... More »
Mozzarella sticks at McDonald's??     01/09/2016
@donnatella: I was fine until the Texans took the field. Wait, they did take the field today... More »
Mozzarella sticks at McDonald's??     01/09/2016
Why do you care? You don't have to order items you don't want, do you? ... More »
Really???     01/09/2016
They are playing another playoff team, one that has won 10 straight. It's not as though they are pla... More »
Stop playing.     01/07/2016
I can't believe you all react this way to his posts. It's all a joke to get you all riled up and it ... More »
Committed a gumbo sin!     01/01/2016
It's a flava thing, yall. I ain't likin' me some okra, so I don't put none in. It'sa your gumbo.... More »
Woodlands Mall Restuarants     01/01/2016
Freebirds McDonalds PF Changs ... More »
New Year - Juicing?     01/01/2016
If I could ever go through life without eating another vegetable, I would in a heartbeat. I love ... More »
Change     01/01/2016
Hope and Change, remember that? Well, he has changed everyone's hope by killing their spirits. No... More »
New Year - Juicing?     01/01/2016
Oh hell no. I refuse to take steroids. ... More »

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