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Who Exactly Supports Trump?     03/26/2016
I support anyone against the establishment. It should be WE, the PEOPLE, not we, the government.... More »
Did someone lose a dog?     03/26/2016
Noooooo....not in Kingwood! Get a cat. You rarely, if ever, see a Lost Cat post. ... More »
Kingwood Mexican food     03/26/2016
I went to Chachi's once...ONCE! Food is not good, not good at all, unless you've had a few too many ... More »
Pei Wei Closed??!     03/26/2016
I like Pee Wee...that's all that matters to me. You don't? Sucks for you! :cry: Peace Out!!!... More »
As Seen on TV     03/21/2016
Sham-WOW! ... More »
Help me understand Texas sports mentality     03/20/2016
@ET: See, that's another misconception, especially the coaching part. The public seems to be... More »
Help me understand Texas sports mentality     03/20/2016
@BooBear He doesn't need to leave a 2A school for track purposes or to be noticed. That's a lie b... More »
ONLY ONE WORD     03/19/2016
Time ... More »
ATTENTION! ATTENTION!     03/19/2016
I can save you money just by you sending me money to the Jax Poverty Fund. I'll send you information... More »
NCAA upsets     03/19/2016
Michigan State losing doesn't hurt all that much. I had them losing in 2nd round anyway. I had Texas... More »
Trump says riots if he doesn't get the nomination     03/18/2016
The more the media and other "established" government officials bash him, the more I like the guy. ... More »
If you could have Super Hero powers what would they be?     03/18/2016
The power to fix stupid with something as simple as a point of a finger or something easier. Good Lo... More »
Beltway has been crawling with police lately     03/18/2016
Extremely dangerous to be crawling in the Beltway. I recommend they get on foot or in a vehicle. At ... More »
NCAA upsets     03/17/2016
I didn't have Purdue losing. North Carolina went up early, lost focus and allowed the other team to ... More »
NCAA upsets     03/17/2016
Woooohoooo...I picked Yale. Still undefeated for the day, but the day's not over. ... More »
Warning: $2.00 maragaritas are dangerous     03/16/2016
For a mild social drinker, I had WAY too many. Holy Macaroni Grill, those things were strong. Ta... More »
Lab Work     03/16/2016
Funny, since I rarely drink. Hope it's nothing, but afraid it's not gonna be good news. Oh well, ... More »
If you wrote a sitcom about your life, what would you name it?     03/15/2016
Single again...always! ... More »
Miami homeowner shoots/kills teen burglar     03/15/2016
Future Bernie Sanders voters. ... More »
Lab Work     03/15/2016
It sucks, the pain. It has seriously affected my golf game. Arghhhh!!!! ... More »

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