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Psychic     04/25/2015
@donnatella: That was my large tract of land outside Minot. The smaller tract is near Thomps... More »
They told me I would go blind if I didnt stop it     04/25/2015
It kills brain cells, this I know. I'm deaf in my right eye because of it. ... More »
Psychic     04/25/2015
@Stealth83: You got part if that right, Stealth. Mediums tend to deal in cash and psychic... More »
Psychic     04/25/2015
@topcat: I hope you didn't pay for that information. ... More »
Psychic     04/25/2015
@topcat: I'm in Austin area, not Dallas. Close enough, right? For the record, love the j... More »
Psychic     04/25/2015
@donnatella: Yeah...sure there are. I don't believe that for one second. But I don't have to... More »
What Liberals think of the GOP     04/25/2015
@fcabanski: That's just election babble. Bill Gates, a huge financial backer for the democra... More »
Psychic     04/25/2015
@joiebobgirl: Call one using ID blocker. When they answer and ask "And who am I speaking wit... More »
Tat's     04/24/2015
I think they're nasty, but yes, creative. ... More »
Poorest you ever been?     04/24/2015
@lola: Stalking all the KDC women. ... More »
Blue Bell Shutting Down     04/24/2015
@donnatella: You're right. Most of the others are MUCH better and don't come close to the me... More »
Blue Bell Shutting Down     04/24/2015
Just get a different brand. Blue Bell isn't that good anyway. ... More »
Poorest you ever been?     04/24/2015
I went 6 years without a steady job. But...I had a roof over my head, 3 squares a day, free cable, f... More »
The Future of Kingwood     04/23/2015
That's the least of Kingwood's problems. Once that theme park is built, the traffic will be tripling... More »
Breakfast Grab N Good Any good places?     04/23/2015
#1 - Tita's Taco House #2 - Tita's Taco House #3 - Tita's Taco House #4 - Tita's Taco House #5 -... More »
~ On ADC ~ " is rude...anyways i was gonna post on kdc but"...     04/17/2015
I didn't treat him with respect at all. He didn't deserve any. Respect is earned, not freely given. ... More »
Sumthin's going down right now!!     04/12/2015
@Stealth83: It was police vehicles racing down KWD away from 59. Geesh! ... More »
anyone have a smart Tv?     04/12/2015
Can the Smart TV fix all your grammatical and spelling errors? Can it teach you have to properly for... More »
When you are not paid attention to...     04/10/2015
Did y'all say something? ... More »
Anywhere but Texan Dodge!     04/10/2015
@yankeejessica: So, Jessica, what are you trying to say? ... More »


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