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are you getting a flu shot this year?     07/26/2015
Never have so nope. ... More »
Would you do something like this????     07/26/2015
Way to go ladies. Here's the thing: if the lady wasn't cheating on her husband, this wouldn't be... More »
P N E I S     07/24/2015
I hot snipe righy off the bat. Spine is good though. Pines I wouldn't have gotten. ... More »
Sushi Warning     07/24/2015
Well DUHHHHH It's RAW fish. ... More »
Just finished a disgusting breakfast!     07/24/2015
If you didn't go to Tita's Taco House, it was a disgusting breakfast, I'm sure. ... More »
Real people. Not actors.     07/23/2015
Does anyone else get a kick out of seeing this ridiculous statement implying that actors aren't real... More »
Kingwood Progressives     07/23/2015
Good luck to you in finding liberals. I'm certain there are a couple (1-2) out there in Kingwood. I'... More »
Celebrity Breakups     07/23/2015
Kermit and Miss Piggy split was painful to watch. ... More »
Guess What I Found This Morning?     07/23/2015
I thought you were gonna say Tita's Taco House. ... More »
Dirty Juicy Burgers     07/23/2015
The yankees brought the PB on burger concept down here. They like it but they also want bbq sauce on... More »
Now that the Bland video is out...     07/22/2015
You get pulled over, you comply. If you don't, whatever happens next is on YOU. ... More »
I wonder how much she's paying him ?     07/21/2015
I like him. I won't vote for him, but I love what he is saying. It's all true and has made all the l... More »
It took a country to get action     07/21/2015
@Stealth83: Don't you dare try to support his lack of respect for our military personnel on A... More »
Hacked - Ashley Madison web sit     07/20/2015
@Sparkles I have googled Chelsea Clinton and I don't see a title in there as daughter of an adul... More »
They are on the move...     07/20/2015
@Sparkles: I would hope they aren't evil, but what else can you call them? They ignored the ... More »
Hacked - Ashley Madison web sit     07/20/2015
@Sparkles:'s called divorce due to adultery. Spouses and children live with that fo... More »
They are on the move...     07/20/2015
@Sparkles: I think it's a legitimate question, don't you, considering their actions regardin... More »
Hacked - Ashley Madison web sit     07/20/2015
@donnatella: They should have thought about their families before they put themselves out th... More »
Hacked - Ashley Madison web sit     07/20/2015
@Sparkles: Sucks for them. They should have thought of that possibility before they decided ... More »
They are on the move...     07/20/2015
@sooner34: You posted that crap on a public message board so it is my business...and hundred... More »


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