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Haha that'll teach her....     12/16/2015
That kid has good aim. Perhaps he should try out for baseball and not basketball, cuz he threw a str... More »
Re: Texas Plumbers Truck Now in Syria with Isis !     12/15/2015
Sucks to be him.... More »
Re: Beer brewery coming to Kingwood/Porter area     12/15/2015
Great...more beer places for Porter, of all places. Porter is the poster city for toothless alcoholi... More »
ADELE concert on NBC     12/15/2015
Bleh! ... More »
Be a friend....     12/14/2015
Look at the bright side... At least it wasn't a 16 minute lecture. ... More »
Doughnuts are bad?     12/14/2015
So is having sex with a married woman in the woman's bed in their house and you hear the garage door... More »
Texans     12/14/2015
@CBP210: It's not as boring as watching the crappy Texans. ... More »
Glad im a single guy.     12/14/2015
@sooner34: I am ALL about manners. That's how I roll. :doh: ... More »
Glad im a single guy.     12/14/2015
@sooner34: I am ALL about manners. That's how I roll. :doh: ... More »
Glad im a single guy.     12/14/2015
I love it when women pay for the meal on dates. That means they expect me to have sex with them. Oh,... More »
Glad im a single guy.     12/13/2015
Being single has been incredible for me. I have no desire to get married again, but it's great for o... More »
Favorite movie of all time?     12/13/2015
1. It's a Wonderful Life 2. Hunt for Red October 3. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof 4. There's Something Ab... More »
Strike three for Facebook     12/10/2015
I use it and enjoy it. Yes, I have a lot of political posts on my wall, but I'm a big boy and can ig... More »
Steak     12/06/2015
Medium Rare or Medium To each his own. ... More »
Chinese.....     12/06/2015
I have never ordered a Chinese person before so I wouldn't know. Ray? ... More »
Catch the F-in ball     12/06/2015
@analogkid: You would think, but so many GM's and coaches fall in love with a fast guy, inst... More »
Catch the F-in ball     12/06/2015
@Stealth83: Who's in charge of making sure the players are prepared enough to catch a pass? ... More »
Catch the F-in ball     12/06/2015
How many drops did the receivers have today? Draft a QB in round 1 Draft WR's in all other roun... More »
Where is all the smoke coming from?     12/06/2015
@Jake_Bob: That's my sarcastic line. How dare you take that from me. :mad: LOL! ... More »
breakfast meet-up     12/05/2015
So, did anyone go to TTH? ... More »

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