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If I were President...     03/06/2016
@BooBear: You want pics, right, or it didn't happen???? ... More »
Happy retirement Peyton Manning !!     03/06/2016
Thank goodness. It was painful to watch him play this season, as I'm sure it was for him too. He sho... More »
If I were President...     03/06/2016
@mm4731 You're right, it was absolutely written with a deep east Texas hick-style behavior. Now, ... More »
F     03/06/2016
@SandyKnee: I know where I'm going...and it will NEVER be underground, so every morning is a... More »
PM's Received About My Posting Scriptures...     03/06/2016
I'm not exactly sure why I read through all those pages, but I'm left scatching my head. Now my fing... More »
Tired of it!     03/04/2016
Oh how soon we have forgotten: The dude currently in office didn'trelease his birth certificate n... More »
The Texans are purging     03/03/2016
He was great for the Texans, no doubt, but first sign of back-to-back injuries should've raised a re... More »
Fox Dumps Rubio     03/03/2016
@Stealth83: It has been developing and it is disguised as the Trump platform. People are ... More »
The Texans are purging     03/03/2016
How much did the team open up by releasing Foster? BTW - best move they've made in years by gett... More »
19 Year Old Doesn't Know Numbers of Months     02/28/2016
I don't see why it's such a big issue. We have grown adults who can't spell, nor do they know the di... More »
Dinner Advise     02/21/2016
Food ... More »
Dinner Advise     02/21/2016
Food ... More »
Boston terrier     02/21/2016
How do you know it's from Boston? ... More »
The Truth Hurts at Times     02/21/2016
Sometimes a lie hurts at times too. So does getting shot in the leg...or so they say. ... More »
Ford Trucks     02/21/2016
Wait? Cars and trucks break down and deteriorate? Who knew? Show stats on the success/failure r... More »
Getting into someone's computer..     02/21/2016
First thing that came to mind was Damn, that must be a HUGE computer to be able to fit a human being... More »
F.Y.I.     02/21/2016
Really? I always thought it was the size of a Jeep. ... More »
FB Users: Mostly poor women     02/18/2016
Teens don't use Facebook. They are addicted to SnapChat and Instagram. It's a narcissistic thing. ... More »
Just as predicted...     02/16/2016
@KW_88 So you share your opinion. Great! What's your opinion on pet threads? Inquiring KDC mi... More »
Wow! This segment on the Grammy's..     02/15/2016
@Brat You should get a medal for being the only person in the world who watches that nonsense. Pe... More »

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