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favorite restaurant.     05/16/2015
Tita's Taco House... Hands down the best in the KHANCP area. ... More »
Buca di Beppo     05/16/2015
I took my daughters to one on our vacation to Las Vegas about 10 years ago and it was freaking aweso... More »
Strange thing about the Blue Bell Layoffs...     05/16/2015
@buffaloglenn: So you don't believe some gave their time and effort into the business? Wheth... More »
Favorite Bible Verse     05/16/2015
1 Corinthians 9:24-27 24 Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets th... More »
Strange thing about the Blue Bell Layoffs...     05/16/2015
Typical business strategy. I don't like Blue Bell either for many reasons, but I do feel for tho... More »
BBQguy, at your service!     05/15/2015
Need to see some bbq porn from all the cooking. C'mon yall. ... More »
What would your name be?     05/15/2015
Barbiequesalsanna ... More »
5 fire trucks at CVS tonight     05/15/2015
@Retired_Engineer: We should grab lunch and a beer sometime...order crabby patties. ... More »
Re: 5 fire trucks at CVS tonight     05/12/2015
@GoldenGirl: I could be a crabby YOUNG man. Depends on how old the person criticizing me is. You do ... More »
Another homeless dog     05/10/2015
Benji ... More »
5 fire trucks at CVS tonight     05/10/2015
@Orchid: You see 5 fire trucks and a ladder going to the roof of the CVS building and you as... More »
Who wears Red on Fridays?     05/09/2015
I think that's a great way to support our military and troops. For me, though, I'll wear any colo... More »
Can Blue Bell recover?     05/08/2015
Good riddance. It's overrated anyway, but I didnt grow up brainwashed on the stuff either. ... More »
so tell me a lie...     05/07/2015
Girls don't fart. I should've read the other posts before I typed that. ... More »
I'm a crybaby     05/07/2015
Every time I see Brian's Song, I can't help but shed tears. What a great movie. ... More »
Only in Texas     05/07/2015
We already have a lazy ass nation. Why not legalize it in Texas and make millions more? ... More »
Describe your last FART....using ONLY A     05/07/2015
Ahhh...the popular facebook meme is now on KDC. Nice! Clear and Present Danger ... More »
This takes the cake!     05/06/2015
Sweet!!! ... More »
Now why did this not happen when I went to school?     05/06/2015
Double standards will once again be applied, thus giving this lady a slap on the wrist for her crime... More »
Ok, to me, this judge was fair...what do YOU think?     05/06/2015
Odds she does it again? -8:1 ... More »


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