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Go Home     02/07/2016
...before you all are drunk. ... More »
Go Panthers!     02/07/2016
I hope they win! This is hopefully Mannings last game. I hated it when Elway played and now Manning.... More »
Putin ignores Kerry plea     02/04/2016
Did Kerry say please with whip cream and a cherry on top? That works every time ... More »
Time for another game of HAVE YOU EVER???     02/04/2016
$610, but I swear it wasn't me. I have an alibi. ... More »
Gotta big.....     02/02/2016
Uh it cums. ... More »
"HUMBLE"....OH MY     01/31/2016
@beadweaver As a man that is NOT tattooed and wasn't when it was the in thing, have always been t... More »
Minimum wage & taxes     01/31/2016
@deltadawn: Oh dear Lord. He's fooling himself. More taxes slows economic growth. Everyone k... More »
Minimum wage & taxes     01/31/2016
I, too, had to work for my money. It was hard work getting the courage up to ask mom and dad. Whew, ... More »
"HUMBLE"....OH MY     01/31/2016
@beadweaver: Well yeah, it's a bar! Try being at practice football practice and less than... More »
"HUMBLE"....OH MY     01/31/2016
@TEXASGIRLMAMMA: Explain thugs and shady looking people? ... More »
"HUMBLE"....OH MY     01/31/2016
Curious? Why do you think it's unsafe? What gives you that impression, exactly? ... More »
What is there to do in Lake Charles?     01/31/2016
Gamble and Golf. That's the perfect weekend. ... More »
Minimum wage & taxes     01/30/2016
@rugburn: Yes, you will. Should Bernie Sanders land in the WH, you'll end up paying more tax... More »
Minimum wage & taxes     01/30/2016
@deltadawn: I'm curious, what, exactly, do they OWE the community and please explain answer.... More »
Minimum wage & taxes     01/30/2016
Bernie is just saying things the poor and/or uneducated want to hear, that's all. He wants their vot... More »
I may be getting old.....but     01/29/2016
I'm so old, I use to tap on the device after picking up handle and say: "Sarah, can you get me Au... More »
I Side With...     01/29/2016
That was interesting. My candidate was an 89% match. ... More »
NEW HEB     01/29/2016
In Kingwood. ... More »
Looking for DONNAtella........     01/27/2016
@donnatella: Come to my church on Sundays. He's there regularly. ... More »
Looking for DONNAtella........     01/27/2016
Last I saw, she was hanging out at Rick Trevino's hotel just waiting for a chance to stalk him...and... More »

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