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Car Insurance     12/03/2016
@ExBlue: My USAA insurance went up as well. It wasn't a small increase either. ... More »
Tuesday's Contest Winner     11/29/2016
@donnatella, we're you offering sexual pleasures again? :nono: ... More »
Kingwood Dot Com Forum Contest     11/29/2016
I win. You all lose. LOSERS! :happy: ... More »
Terrorism Suspected In Attack At Ohio State     11/29/2016
Of course it's terrorism...he created terror within that community. We really need to change the... More »
.....I Almost Got Scammed, Dudes.... HOME SCAM     11/27/2016
Dammit, Herron, you should've just sent the $$$. I really need that money, dudette. I'm mad at yo... More »
Tita's Tacos     11/27/2016
@SwaggyG: I'm right for me. Give em a try. Tell Jose it's your first visit. He'll take g... More »
Tita's Tacos     11/27/2016
@SwaggyG: You're wrong, but that's ok. America was wrong to vote BO into office, not once, b... More »
At what age do you stop letting your kids win games?     11/27/2016
See, it's not the's the parenting that causes these issues. ... More »
Tita's Tacos     11/27/2016
@donnatella: Why? They are the best breakfast tacos EVER. :happy: ... More »
My BF shopping experience     11/25/2016
@donnatella: No such's me. How about that special consideration? Does that extend ... More »
My BF shopping experience     11/25/2016
@donnatella: You just now figured that out? Slow learner, are you? ... More »
My BF shopping experience     11/25/2016
Brutal, just brutal. I went to the auto parts store in Georgetown, purchasing windshield wipers. Now... More »
NYC hotel suggestions     11/25/2016
Waldorf-Astoria ... More »
Why is the NFL Losing Its Audience     11/24/2016
They are NOT tired of football. Teams are selling out every game...even the Browns. They are losing ... More »
Why is the NFL Losing Its Audience     11/24/2016
They are losing audience for a number of reasons and NOT just because one. Me thinks the primary rea... More »
Where to go??     11/24/2016
@0207ang: If I were in KW, I'd invite all KDC single souls to my place for some food, footba... More »
Happy Turkey Day you turkeys     11/24/2016
@friday1: Not at all. Out thanksgiving dinner will consist of: -ribeye steak -baked tate... More »
Happy Turkey Day you turkeys     11/24/2016
Wishing you all a blessed Thanksgiving. May today be a day of true thanksgiving, remembering, laughi... More »
Maybe he thinks she's suffered enough     11/22/2016
If the Clintons just go away, AMERICA wins. Buh Bye Clintons...buh bye!!!! ... More »
Whats the best in Kingwood List     11/22/2016
Best Tacos: Titas Taco House Best breakfast: Kingwood Bagel Best burger: Pete's Best pizza: RC's ... More »

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