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Polenta Pasticciata and plum caprese salad     06/16/2015
I have a friend who makes a great tomato pie .@Fofa...when is your birthday? I'll make it for you!... More »
Did you see the gal     06/16/2015
Wonder if her husband knew she wast black? :wink: Only her hairdresser know for sure. Remember... More »
Did you see the gal     06/16/2015
I read she has a few black adopted step siblings. What does that mean? Her mother or father adopted ... More »
Re: TS Bill update     06/16/2015
@analogkidIs your knowledge of weather related to your job or hobby or both?Either way, thanks!... More »
Wait....what????     06/15/2015
Hey, I'm close at Mckinney/Fannin Tejas grill has good breakfast tacos! ... More »
I'm a new mommy!!!     06/14/2015
@topcat First twins now triplets!? ... More »
Cozumel Cruise     06/14/2015
Check out cruise critic. Find out lots of info there and get to meet some people on the same cruise.... More »
New member of the family...     06/14/2015
Get her scanned for a chip. Dawn liquid soap kills fleas. Thanks for saving her!! ... More »
Traveling solo     06/14/2015
Is it Contiki? They have group for 18-35 year old babies. My first trip to Europe was with them. ... More »
Traveling solo     06/14/2015
Anyone ever travel alone? I'm going to look into joinging a single's group travel club. Is there su... More »
Are you happy?     06/14/2015
@BooBear: That's normal. ... More »
60 Minutes doing a story on dogs     06/14/2015
Are they talking about my dogs?... More »
Are you happy?     06/14/2015
You've never been on your own?... More »
Check Out My Gems!     06/14/2015
@SenseOfHumor: Not m-f between 8-6. Some of us work!... More »
Sunday dinner plans     06/14/2015
I'll be there at 730!... More »
WTF @Target!     06/14/2015
@mm4731 Did we meet at an auction? We've spoken to each other?... More »
Hidden gems in Texas     06/14/2015 ... More »
WTF @Target!     06/13/2015
I think I saw WTF at Target. He even spoke to me and he didn't know it was me. Well...I'm not 100%... More »
No friends!!     06/13/2015
@sparkles Have we met?... More »
Took my crew to Johnny's Pizza     06/13/2015
I like the Sweep!... More »


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