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Fostering dogs     07/04/2015
@CBP210 I like the flavor of a little fat just like most people but I wouldn't give it to dogs, n... More »
Good turnout!     07/04/2015
So, there were fireworks last night and parade today. No fireworks tonight? ... More »
Dumb dog question     07/04/2015
Take pictures of her. BTW, none of your questions are dumb! Here is some info you should know.... More »
Dumb dog question     07/04/2015
Does she get scared when it thunders? If not, she might be ok. It's a lot of stimulation for a dog. ... More »
Fostering dogs     07/04/2015
If you give dogs bones, they should be raw. Cooked ones splinter. ... More »
Fostering dogs     07/04/2015
The white dog had a tag with two numbers. The finder left mesages and finally spoke with the owner. ... More »
Beautiful Colorado     07/04/2015
Nice! I missed something. Where are you going?... More »
Happy Dance....     07/04/2015
I have some ribs I can bring over & I'll dance with you!!... More »
Here are your BENIFITS     07/04/2015
Cuteness never wears off. [img] More »
My Green K Sticker Dilemma     07/04/2015
Yes, park at the school.... More »
Fostering dogs     07/03/2015
... More »
Fostering dogs     07/03/2015
Thank you so much! I'm sure he misses the other dog. If you think it might help, and you are willi... More »
The finder says the number on the tag was called. Owner is out of town and says he can't get hold of... More »
Sun-San sandals     07/03/2015
Put some water and soap in the sink and swish them around in the soapy water. Rinse. What's the wors... More »
Starting the long weekend off with     07/02/2015
@Retired_Engineer: My parents have been living there almost 2 years. Now it's just my stepfa... More »
Lost Cocker Spaniel!!!!!     07/02/2015
Uh oh. It wasn't wearing a collar? Note to all: put some i.d. on your dogs even if 'they never g... More »
Starting the long weekend off with     07/02/2015
I had some BBQ chichen and sausage with a margarita and live music at the Rosemont assisted living f... More »
Found white females gsd     07/01/2015
Not the same; nose color is different. Very depressing. In our area alone, we hear about unclaim... More »
Found white females gsd     07/01/2015
Could it be this one? ... More »
Found white females gsd     07/01/2015
Yep, she needs to get out but will need a foster. Help scan the classifieds, craigslist, lost and f... More »


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