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FOUND DOG     12/19/2015
@rustic So many dumped dogs around this time of year. People leave town and don't want to pay for... More »
New Van     12/19/2015
Merry Christmas Mrs. Fofa!! ... More »
yankeejessica     12/19/2015
Got a vase. I think it matches this bowl we got one year. Both are super heavy. [img]http://www... More »
yankeejessica     12/19/2015
@yankeejessica [img][/img]... More »
~ TOP OF THE MORNIN', Home-Dudes ~     12/19/2015
@yankeejessica: I'll have to take a picture of my annual Tiffany gift!... More »
NOT a happy camper!!!     12/19/2015
Why didn't you schedule an after 12 appt?... More »
HELP! Survival Question Here....     12/19/2015
Don't move!... More »
~ TOP OF THE MORNIN', Home-Dudes ~     12/19/2015
Getting my gray covered this morning :)... More »
I love my PawPaw..     12/18/2015
Looks just like you!... More »
I love my PawPaw..     12/18/2015
Who is the little girl?... More »
Re: Baking pan question     12/18/2015
@deltadawnare you trying to change the subject?... More »
Re: Who on charge of this page?     12/18/2015
@bubbleyes72: you are easily amused  :tongue:  see that?!! ... More »
Re: Anyone want a free dress     12/18/2015
@beadweaveryou slept under a bridge? during winter? wowBless your heart.... More »
Re: Need advice     12/18/2015
Put a sign up in your yards & attach a plastic bag to it.If your dog poops here, pick it up and ... More »
Lost German Shepherd     12/17/2015
FB post says owner on her way to the clinic.... More »
Re: Lost German Shepherd     12/17/2015
I sent a pm and an email (they had an old classified). Hoping it gets their attention. Thanks eve... More »
Lost German Shepherd     12/17/2015
Lady with the dog at clinic says it's the same dog. Need to contact the owner. Phone number??... More »
Lost German Shepherd     12/17/2015
@Mpsg0605: Phone number??? If the dog hit on Bassingham is your dog, it's at the emergenc... More »
Re: Missing Asian mom/grand mother?     12/16/2015
Earlier I  tried to post on this thread and couldn't.wing nutnounnoun: wingnut1.a nut with a pair ... More »
Re: Donnatella     12/16/2015
crickets... More »

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