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Re: Looks like a week off in Galveston!     08/07/2015
does this mean you'll be too busy to post?:fishing:... More »
My disney moment     08/07/2015
Yea. Ok.... More »
Re: Coyote     08/05/2015
Alrighty then. Thanks for saving the dogs!... More »
Re: The Good, the bad and the ugly     08/05/2015
@TacticalGuy: I was gonna compliment the shorts but now I won't. :smile: ... More »
Re: Nervous - Changing Jobs     08/05/2015
@bearfinI'm downtown. Corner of Fannin and McKinney.We can do lunch sometime.Good luck! I'm excited... More »
Re: Coyote     08/05/2015
@TacticalGuy: Was that necessary? Do you want that to go viral?  :lol: ... More »
Re: Coyote     08/05/2015
@CBP210: I don't get it. inside joke? ... More »
Re: Mission Impossible, The Rogue Nation.     08/04/2015
Thanks, now I'm scared to go see it.Tom Cruise is great in the MI movies. He doesn't age!... More »
Re: Date Night....     08/04/2015
How did you get him to agree to a date night?  I suppose you had to tie him up and blackmail him  ... More »
Re: Cancelled: Posting Contest - Heal With Natural Herbs Party     08/04/2015
I was looking forward to it.:smoke:  :hippy:... More »
Re: Running out of time     08/04/2015
@Retired_Engineer and his wife are awesome!If we only get a foster from this, we will be grateful.As... More »
Re: Running out of time     08/04/2015
WAHT? WAT? WHAT?Sending you a PM  :dog:... More »
Re: "Chain" Gang out early this morning     08/04/2015
that's awesome!... More »
Re: Running out of time     08/04/2015
bump... More »
Re: + Heartworm diagnosis :(     08/04/2015
@beadweaver: yea, wish we had that here. :evil:... More »
Re: + Heartworm diagnosis :(     08/04/2015
@thegoodwifeWhere are you moving?... More »
+ Heartworm diagnosis :(     08/04/2015
@HollyHobby: 'indefinitely'? Advantage Multi, Iverhart, Heartguard, etc. are used as tre... More »
+ Heartworm diagnosis :(     08/03/2015
I wouldn't do the hard treatment. She is young. Didn't he explain the other options? Google doxy... More »
Running out of time     08/03/2015
I don't know if he is calm. I do know he will be so grateful to be in a/c!! He just might do a litt... More »
Re: Frustrated with Humble ISD and my G-kid's school     08/03/2015
@magnoliamam: What do you mean what is left to do?  You've got a lot to offer! Volunteer somewh... More »


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