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Anyone been to any of these restaurants?     03/28/2016
@fofa Birthday? ... More »
Have you checked on craigslist lost and found?... More »
Re: Before and after .....     03/28/2016
He is so cute!!Thanks for adopting a black dog - they are usually passed up.... More »
Re: Friday's Contest Winner!     03/28/2016
congratulations!... More »
Re: 2 Lost Dogs     03/28/2016
@IvannaSoto: You don't need to wait until she is out of heat or determine if she is preggo first... More »
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BBQguy!!     03/25/2016
You are appreciated!!! ... More »
2 Lost Dogs     03/24/2016
@thegoodwife: Here is one: ... More »
2 Lost Dogs     03/24/2016
What do you mean, 'be careful around male dogs'? Dogs are dogs and if there is a dog in heat, male ... More »
Wednesday's Contest Winner!     03/23/2016
I was headed there to get pot pie to go & take to a friend who has not been well. Good thing I calle... More »
Re: Wednesday's Contest Winner!     03/23/2016
I REALLY want pot pie!... More »
Re: Wednesday's Contest Winner!     03/23/2016
Now I want Pot Pie!Does it have lots of crust? I like crust :yum:... More »
Re: National Puppy Day     03/23/2016
@dotti573Your daughter is so cute. How could you say no?!... More »
National Puppy Day     03/23/2016
My oldest, Lola. [img][/img]... More »
Re: National Puppy Day     03/23/2016
I see most of these dogs are wearing collars (& ID?)...thank you!Let's make today - PUT SOME I.D... More »
Re: Drainage ditch     03/22/2016
@FofaAre you rolling your RRs when you say Forrest Cove?:giggle:... More »
Long shot..........     03/20/2016
@cindysthpw: It's to cover the cost of the vaccines, spay/neuter, and in some cases, microch... More »
Long shot..........     03/20/2016
Please consider providing a temporary home by fostering a dog. You would be helping save it. Espec... More »
Long shot..........     03/20/2016
Did you check with a pom rescue? ... More »
What is everyone doing?     03/19/2016
I don't want to be a Debbie downer so I'm not saying. Please say a prayer for peace my stepfather... More »
I missed you guys!     03/19/2016
@GeorgiaBoy: Can you foster a dog?... More »

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