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Boyscout trash bags     05/07/2016
I replied. See you later!... More »
Under attack by Mosquitoes, inside!     05/06/2016
Reminder to everyone with dogs...give them a monthly heartworm prevention. It's a MUST with the mosq... More »
Boyscout trash bags     05/06/2016
Do you have 3 rolls I can buy? I'll be in Kingwood tomorrow from 1-4 @ the Twyla's Friends meet u... More »
Stolen pitbull     05/06/2016
Please the info the the number on the flyer. They can send someone who knows the dog. ... More »
Nature, is a mean B**ch     05/05/2016
Some snake had a good breakfast. :snake:... More »
Re: Strange subject, but...     05/04/2016
I recently went to a wake where they played some Elvis songs - by request of the deceased (before sh... More »
Re: FREE XL dog crate     05/04/2016
@XpatQN: @Hanni is right...we (Twyla's Friends) could use this crate.Please let her know where/w... More »
Update...     05/02/2016
Praying for you. Be strong but lean on your peeps if you need them. We all need peeps. ... More »
Found dog on 4/24/16     05/02/2016
@Acmullens: Beautiful. Are you able to foster? Please contact Twyla's Friends. Twylasfriend... More »
Y'all I need some major good vibes and prayers     05/02/2016
Definitely praying. I'm sure you've done all you can. Let God take over. ... More »
texturing a wall     05/02/2016
@Jpgurl: Interesting. Got photos?... More »
Art Opening - tonight (Sat)     04/30/2016
I won't be in the area or I would. ... More »
Martin Galleries - such a fun date night!     04/28/2016
Are you going? Is there a charge?... More »
Re: traffic     04/27/2016
traffic lights are out A cop finally showed up at Woodland Hills and 1960 and it really helped.... More »
Re: ***WANTED***     04/27/2016
@Safety44awwww!... More »
Vet Help!     04/26/2016
The 'hard' treatment is expensive and restrictive to your pet's activity. Ask your vet if he is fam... More »
Martin Galleries - such a fun date night!     04/25/2016
I just bought one. ... More »
Re: Martin Galleries - such a fun date night!     04/25/2016
@AnnieThere is a groupon for this place.... More »
Re: I obviously don't pay attention to things around me     04/25/2016
@WJo: Kentucky or Tennessee? ... More »
have a question     04/24/2016
@squirtismyboy: :spank: Why didn't I think of that? We are working together from now on!... More »

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