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Wednesday's Contest Winner!     03/16/2016
The winner of the Posting Party, for a Custom Facial at Massage Heights ~ Kings Crossin... More »
Welcome Sugar!     03/16/2016
@Sugar - Welcome to the Forums! ... More »
Re: ADC website not working     03/16/2016
FYI, all is back up and running now! -J... More »
Re: ADC website not working     03/16/2016
@inkpad123: The server guys did an upgrade last night and messed it up. I'm working on it ... More »
Re: Did we have a glitch?     03/15/2016
Yeah, having some bots hit my site pretty hard, I'm working on blocking them, but may pop up from ti... More »
Welcome KB27!     03/15/2016
Welcome @KB27 !! ... More »
Sponsored Contest - 3/15/16 - Massage Heights     03/15/2016
Hello everyone! The forum posting contest today is sponsored by Massage Heights ~ Kings Crossing and... More »
Re: Front door restoration     03/15/2016
Clarification:Advice is fine.But, Promotion of your business on the forums ( business name, web site... More »
Welcome to jeneva!     03/15/2016
Welcome @jeneva !! ... More »
Welcome to the message boards dirtroadgirl     03/14/2016
@dirtroadgirl - Welcome to the Forums! ... More »
Re: BOYCOTT Marble Slab near Randall's - poor service and intentionally/admits overcharges     03/14/2016
I don't think so, @allymansfield -- a coupon / web site / mailer might have that disclaimer, but a s... More »
CasaDeRamirez, Welcome to!     03/13/2016
Welcome to @CasaDeRamirez! ... More »
v1kings28 - Welcome!     03/13/2016
Welcome @v1kings28 !! ... More »
Re: I got a stalker on my hands     03/12/2016
@mm4731 -- Cut it out.... More »
Welcome to the message boards anivita78     03/12/2016
Welcome @anivita78! ... More »
Welcome Scooterbug !!     03/11/2016
Welcome to the message boards @Scooterbug ... More »
Leah Makes It To Final Round     03/11/2016
Remember the little Kingwood girl who y'all helped vote into the HLSR Rodeo Rockstar singing competi... More »

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