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This happens     10/07/2016
X... More »
they were out of white doves     10/07/2016
Soooooo [img][/img]... More »
is he ???     10/07/2016
Wrong........ More »
right after the weddin women     10/07/2016
think........ More »
wedding pic that did not make it in     10/07/2016
the album....... More »
You be gitten a ham sammich tnite     10/07/2016
she said....... More »
just spent the last hour     10/07/2016
going through almost 10 years! of messages on this forum. Dang, I been on here a while now........ More »
Re: Any Scots on here?     10/07/2016
@ForeCPA90: Yup, before that we were in Great Yarmouth and Gorleston on Sea, Norfolk where I att... More »
Re: classic car restoration     10/07/2016
May I humbly suggest doing it yourself. Thats 99 percent of the fun. Nova's are especially easy to w... More »
Re: Do not even try     10/07/2016
1... More »
Re: Is anyone on here a malpractice attorney?     10/07/2016
Dont get mad, get even... More »
Re: Any Scots on here?     10/07/2016
I attended Hazlehead Academy as a young un in Aberdeen. Fond Memories.... More »
Re: 9 new puppies !     10/04/2016
Pictures!!!!!... More »
Re: Posted engagement ring for sale     10/04/2016
I lost that argument in this house.....both of my gals said it's to be kept........ More »
Boobs     10/04/2016
Morning.......just thinking out loud here....😎... More »
Alzheimer's Quiz:     10/03/2016
Alzheimer's Quiz: To see if you are developing Alzheimer's, quickly fill in the missing letters ... More »
Re: Posted engagement ring for sale     10/03/2016
@ET: I like it better the first time when you said he croaked. ... More »
Cleavage     10/03/2016
 I learned today thatCleavage is like the sun. You can only glance at it for a second. But i... More »
Recent Texas A&M Leadership Study     10/03/2016
A Texas A&M Study Calls Obama the 5th Best President in American History! This is ... More »
Re: islamophobia...     10/03/2016
islamophobia..oh good lord no such thing..some ahole wants to kill us in the name of a pedophi... More »

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