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SOmething you dont see everyday     08/24/2016
how about that! Rare picture of bee having a 'wee' ... More »
Another reason why my kids graduated from A&M     08/24/2016
and why I sent them there. this crap below is ridiculous....Sex Toys and Gun Laws Collide on Campus ... More »
Headhunters calling me     08/24/2016
Nice to  be wanted...........even nicer to be RETIRED!... More »
Crap     08/24/2016
You can earn $13,000 a year selling your poop   Mary Njenga processes d... More »
weird cheese sex     08/24/2016
The Fungus in Your Cheese Is Having Weird Sex It turns out that the fungi in cheeses like b... More »
Who know how to do corn rolls??     08/24/2016
I need my back done...... More »
Donald Trump called me just now....     08/24/2016
or his machine did. I feel blessed! ;)... More »
Celebrate today     08/24/2016
d... More »
DoughNUTS     08/23/2016
Jul 25 Woman stabs husband becau... More »
The "Perfect" Woman     08/23/2016
What The "Perfect" Woman Looks Like In 18 Differ... More »
Re: manicure & Pedicure.....     08/23/2016
yeah I figger its time I go get one....... More »
Re: Time for a bit of creative fun...     08/23/2016
Is this a pimple?... More »
Re: woodkworkers woodie     08/23/2016
@donnatella: He did it twice??;) ... More »
woodkworkers woodie     08/23/2016
Ohio man facing charges for having sex with a picnic table   Art Price / Courtesy Bellevue Po... More »
Re: Tapatalk     08/23/2016
@ZMAN: ... More »
Kicked Boyfriend In Face     08/23/2016
When her boyfriend refused to have sex with her, a Florida woman repeatedly kicked him in the fa... More »
Re: Reeves Furniture...     08/23/2016
Well they did get a nice sendoff with the money received from go fund me.... More »
All up in his grill!     08/23/2016
On Tuesday evening, cops in Dayton, Ohio received a 911 call about a man "pulling his pants down a... More »

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